He wouldn't be at peace for many years. After the incident and a few calming words it had been said throughout the process of power it is true that Inferno had now become a pure immortal, an Element. He had used his element wisely, although despite the fact his brother had been killed, the gods gave him internal life. Kachina had spoken with Samael, after so long, she'd sent Nereza's souls to him and he banished them to the deepest depths of hell. She also found out, due to mind reading that Nereza was her sister, she felt sick but managed it. Quan and Onatah had returned to their homeland to revive the peace. Zsa, who unforgettably was worried about Inferno decided to stay with the pack a little longer to help the mourning. It had been decided, that Inferno was returning to the Underworld. He said he would work alongside Samael and perhaps become a god one day. But for now, peace was settling over the atmosphere.

The Underworld hadn't been disturbed at all, everything was perfect. The volcanoes still erupted everywhere, the sand was unbearably hot and the souls settled. The gate to the Red Meadow existed to the west of the Underworld. But the question was where exactly the Underworld is? They asked, but Inferno couldn't answer, it was out of bounds. Some said that it was in the Sahara in Egypt, some said it was on another planet. Perhaps one day the truths will be unleashed. For now, Inferno grew bulkier and lived as an element, his flaming wings forever sprouted, his horns sharper than before and his body, redder than blood.

1380, many years later. On the Vask day, the day where the levels dropped and everyone rested, Satan himself visited. He was the human ruler of hell. But combined, many other demons visited the sands of the Underworld that day. All languages understood, they feasted and conversed, and fought. It was also a chance for things, according to the Romanian legend; on the Vask day if people wanted to change one thing, they could with the help of the demons. Today, this was Inferno's chance.

"Change me." He growled abruptly, the purple flames flickering around his paws. They all stared.

"What?" Satan blinked. Inferno drew in a breath and focused slightly on what he wanted.

"I have come to a decision; I know previously I longed to become a god but things have changed." He paused.

"Go on Inferno." The werewolf dipped his muzzle.

"I want to be mortal." There was silence as he shut his eyes. He waited for an uproar and exclaimed comments, but nothing. He reopened his red optics and glanced about; all of them had enraptured expressions. He sighed. "Please?"

"Inferno you're crazy," one of them smiled. "Why would you want to become mortal?" The fire element tucked his wings by his flanks and stepped forward.

"This life, it isn't for me. I want to roam the lands of my brother and seek home."

"This is your home. This is your life." Samael stared.

"And you can't still be mourning over your brother, seriously?"

"Shut up!" he snarled, hackles raised. The demons submissively backed off, even though some were stronger.

"Look, I don't care if you think I'm a puppy that loves everyone. At least I fucking care. Some of you may have never had a family, or fell in love," he glanced at Samael, throwing him an apologetic look. "But still, we should have to chance to either be immortal or not." Again there was an awkward pause, everyone shot bewildered expressions. Finally Satan stepped forward, lowering his spear and frowned.

"It's impossible for an immortal to become mortal."

Inferno cried, his legs buckling and frustration seeped over him.

"But wait," another demon shouted. "It has been said that if one bounds his soul to another then his soul is split. That isn't a mortal effect; but if that other dies then part of your soul dies with them. Then you're mortal, sort of."

"Sort of?" Inferno looked up, his eyes sparkling with hope.

"Well like, when you do split your soul you will still have your powers, but much weaker. And when the other dies, it has been said you go to the red meadow with them or live alone with your powers."

"So either way, I can basically die?"

"Sort of."

Inferno chuckled.

"Sorry, we can't make you immortal." Satan said finally. The wolf kept a straight face.

"Fine, then I am going back into the real world." That was when the uproar came.


"You can't do that, we need you here!

"You're an element wolf, this is your life."

"You'll be an outcast."

He didn't care. This is what he wanted. He walked away, his cranium held high and a spark in his orbs. Finally, he could get the peace he needed.

(Part two: contemporaneous)

It felt profoundly isolated to be on Earth again. The weather seemed distinctively cold, even though it was merely summer; it would take a while for him to get used to the climates again. It had been over three hundred years since his brothers' death, and he will never forget it. Only when he set foot upon a dried up lake did he remember that everything was different. His pack was now dead, with the exception of new wolves. Everyone he knew was dead, apart from the Elements. He decided not to speak with them, not just yet.

The flames spat and he became conscious of his state, plus he was in an open area where anything could see him. Quickly he fought with all his will power to change his body after so many demonic years; the stiff extravagant wings mutilated into his skin and disappeared completely, he managed to extinguish the flames totally cooling his body. Also his eyes and pelt, the vibrant colour of dahlia he softened them to a warm burgundy-brown. He could do nothing about his beefy structure; he would travel the lands being the tallest varg. The change was successful and accomplished.

For days he travelled as a lone wolf; getting used to his surroundings and learning the ways of the Putnar and Lera, by watching a fellow pack by the hills. He dared go down there; he wasn't ready to be seen. It was severely intimidating watching two vargs pursuit on a hunt, one female one male, but not Alpha. These two seemed to roam alone although, (the word Kerl came to his mind) they weren't actually alone. Often they would see another pack that recognised them and shared a feast. Then they would move on and scout the mountains. He wanted to badly to speak to someone or something, but he had no courage left in him.

On one cloudy day the wind blew strong. Inferno padded across the valley keeping a keen eye upon the two wolves when the female stiffened. Her ears automatically erected and her coat bristled. The older male felt her fear and froze beside her.

"What is it Kai?" He grunted, looking around.

"I don't know Aeb, the wind is strong and I keep catching strange scents." They began walking again but even from a distance Inferno could feel the fear within her blood. He followed the border again, spiriting like a free varg and came to a stop. In front of him was a tall wooden fence, he knew this because even the Underworld purchased these. But this wasn't the Underworld and even though nothing should threaten him, he felt like he should warn the other two wolves. This was a human camp. Clawing the ground, he sped down the valley towards the wolves. They froze as they saw him coming and began to snarl. Inferno stopped dead in front of them.

"Don't go further." He warned.

"You have a strange scent, Kerl." The femme snarled. Inferno shook his head.

"No time for that. You're trespassing a human camp; I've seen their pack boundaries up ahead. Turn and climb the Southern Peak."

"Are you crazy?" The elderly wolf grunted. "Every Lera knows not to travel the Southern Peak unless you wish to die." Inferno flinched.

"I am not of these parts." He looked away. The two wolves watched him for a moment and Kai relaxed.

"I'm Kaizumi, but call me Kai." She smiled as Inferno pawed the ground.

"And I am Aeb; I walk the lands with my niece."

"I am obliged to see you welcome me." The red wolf twitched. "My name is Inferno."

The grey wolf almost looked disgusted then, his nose twitched and he let out a low growl. The others noticed this and turned to face him.

"Aeb, is something wrong?"

"You are the Inferno of time ago?" he frowned.

"I am."

"Then you are a demon."

"That is correct."

Aeb hissed.

"Enough Uncle!" cried Kai as she raised her head. Inferno sunk low and frowned upon the history. His brother was dead because of him. "What has this wolf done wrong?"

"He is no wolf," Aeb began to twitch. "He is a demon which roams the Underworld. He destroyed our homeland years ago."

"That was Nereza! Do you not know the legend?"

"Nereza?" The old varg whispered. "That dark beauty? I heard that you were the Red One that called the elements to destroy the path of nature."

"Wrong!" Inferno howled. "I was called upon the Gods and taken to places that were unstable. I had found the truth upon Nereza's dark heart and put an action towards things. I called the elements, we stopped the war." He sat desperately on the ground. "But I have killed my brother in the process."

"Etan?" Kai cooed. Infernos ears pricked.

"What did you call me?"

"Etan..." The she-wolf began to lick his paw. "I know you; I've seen you in my visions."


Kaizumi nodded and explained to him how she had been gifted with Tor's Vision.

They continued a many awhile and it took time for Aeb to overcome this welcome. It took persuading and evidence to prove Inferno was no abomination. He was a lost hero that searched the world, but for what? It had been hundreds of years since his family lived; he was now in the future. Who would he turn to? What if there was another war? Would he still read minds? They were the questions that ran through his head. However, one ran through his heart; would he ever find love?