My new LeeSan SongYeon fic!:D. Take your time reading this.



SongYeon was looking outside the window, observing the clouds biting the moon. There was going to be a storm, she was sure of it. Now the royal consort Ui-Bin was not scared of storms, no. But she wished that his Majesty, her now-husband, Lee San would come to her.

They've been married for almost 3 months now, the leafs were already starting to fall.

San was in his study when he heard it. A thunder disrupted the peaceful atmosphere. He got up and decided to go to SongYeon's chambers. He wanted to spend some time with her, since lately he has been very busy.

He walked until he reached her door, servants behind him. He told official Nam that he was going to spend his night with SongYeon.

The door was opened by ChoBi, who upon seeing his majesty quickly walked out, leaving the two of them alone. SongYeon has been changing clothes, that much was visible. She blushed as she started retying the ribbon. San smiled at her and gripped her small hand in his bigger one.

A smile of her own followed as rain started falling. The King pulled her into a hug as both sat down on the floor. Hours passed as they talked about everything, nothing, something and anything to distract themselves from the storm raging outside. Morning came soon and the king decided to remain where he was. The storm had lost it's intensity but rain still fell as he left to fulfill his duty as leader of his nation, knowing well that soon he would be back again.

This was done to calm the spirits after my last horror fic. Cute fluff & nothing more.