A/N: This was written as a birthday gift to FloridaChickie. I jokingly mentioned this idea for a fic a year ago, and she has waited patiently while I brought it to fruition. Enjoy Carniward!

I stepped out of my trailer that was parked under a giant oak tree. Stretching my arms up above my head, I felt my back pop back into alignment. No trailer bed was ever long enough for my six foot frame.

"Dude, let's roll," I yelled banging on the door.

"I'm comin'. I'm comin'," my friend, Jasper, calls as he half stumbles on the step of our trailer. He pushes back his blond hair from his face, and pulls on his cowboy hat. "Let's find some grub."

"There is a Bob Evans booth over there," I pointed. "I think we can talk that sweet thing in there to whipping us up a couple farm boys*."

"Excellent," Jasper said almost drooling.

So, we found ourselves sitting on a painted white picnic table eating our sausage sandwiches, and watching the rest of the fairgrounds come to life. I had been working for JCJ Amusements for three years now. Jasper and I started about the same time. He was looking to travel and I was looking for anonymity. Our friendship was an easy one where questions didn't delve too deep. We split the cost of a used trailer, the truck to pull it, and we were on our way. We sweet talked our way into most of our meals and all of our conquests. About the only thing we did pay for was gas, booze, and condoms.

We finished our breakfast, and walked over to our section, Kiddie rides. You might laugh at our choice, me with my black t-shirt and black baseball hat. The only sleeves I wore were the tattoos that snaked up and down my arms. I hardly advertised "kid friendly". Jasper was all honey sweet southern with his sleeveless button down with the frayed sleeves. So why did we work the kiddie section, instead of the big rides. Because every female that visited our section was almost guaranteed to be consenting adult age and we knew they put out.

I was just looking for a release, going for those that gave off the vibe that they were just looking for an hour or two of a good time before they had to get back to their shitty life. Jasper, on the other hand, was more of a monogamist, if you can call it that. He had a lady for every stop of our summer tour. Same chicks, every summer. He never left them with any promises other than to return the following year. Right now, we were in Kentucky, and that meant Alice. Alice, I liked. She was easy going and fed us enough to last us months. She owned a descent sized horse farm, and was always at the local county fairs with her horses and students. Jasper wouldn't be around much this week. He always stayed with Alice when we were here.

Now me on the other hand, I couldn't be bothered going back to a woman's place, or even walking her the 30 feet to our trailer. Nope, I was more of the in the shadows of the dart game booth up against the wall type. There were plenty of dark corners and loud noises to suit my needs. I didn't want the misunderstanding of this being anything other than what it was, a fuck. There would be no cuddling or talking before or after. There would be no trading phone numbers, not that I even had a phone. There wasn't even names. It was you and I getting off, and moving on. There would be no more commitments for me...ever.

So our day began. My pics usually don't come from the early crowd. Typically teenage baby-sitter for the summer and stay-at-home moms. The first I am not into, and typically the second category is too sweet for me. They actually take the time to look at me, which is always discerning for someone hoping to be looked over. They want to see who it is that is making sure their children are safe. Despite my rough appearance, they always smile at me, as well.

The dinner crowd usually brings those just off of work women. They don't see me at all. Of course, they don't really seem to see their kids either. I sampled a few from that buffet, but they are counting the minutes even faster than I am. I like fucking, not frigidity.

Now, the after hours crowd is just to my liking. Those that come out after the sun begins to set. They are relaxed, and most likely, this is the only chance they can get out and socialize for a bit. Also, they tend to travel in packs, so I can nip one off, and her kids still have someone looking after them.

That is when I spotted her. I nudged Jasper with my elbow and nodded in the direction of tonight's winner. He smiled a knowing smirk at me. She was a skinny thing in cut-off shorts and a tight 1980s U2 Tour shirt. Her hair was obviously dyed black, and her eyes were made up darkly. She walked along with a blond who had a gaggle of kids about her. She was taking a drag off of her cigarette when they came to the Kiddie Cars we were manning. We got the kids loaded on, and just as we were getting ready to start the ride, a big ass piece of a man came up grabbing the blond in the ass.

"Hey, Bells. Can you watch the kids for a sec while Rosie and I ride the Ferris Wheel?" he asked my prospect.

"You are such a toddler, Emmett," she huffed, but then resigned. "Go ahead."

The two ran off like two teenagers, and "Bells" took another drag from her cigarette occasionally waving to the kids as they past by her, with one occasionally screaming "Aunt Bella" in her direction. None of the kids are hers, even better. She would on occasion look my direction, and I would flash her my half smile that I knew was my golden ticket. Bella just shook her head a bit and gave a small huff of a laugh before turning her attention back to the ride. I looked down at my watch and saw that the kids rides were only due to be open for another 30 minutes. Plenty of time for me to seek out this girl, because it looked like they just got here.

I kept track of Bella and her family's progression through the kiddie rides, and saw them amble towards the midway when the kiddie rides began to shut down.

"I got this," Jasper said as we began to close up shop. "Go hunt down your piece of tail."

"Thanks, man," I said and I was off.

I caught up with them over by the games. The big guy was playing the darts game. Two of the kids were asleep in the wagon they had with them and the oldest was cheering on her dad. The blond was making eyes at her husbands display of machismo. Quietly, I walked up behind Bella, who was standing a small distance from her family watching, and for the love of Christ, was sucking on a corn dog.

"You are making every man in a ten foot radius very envious of that corn dog," I whispered quietly. I expected her to jump, but what I didn't expect was her to just smirk around the tip that was grazing her lips.

"Is that a fact?" She said quietly in reply. "They can all purchase one for themselves right there." She said pointing over her right shoulder with said corn dog.

"Let me rephrase, every man is wishing those plump red lips were wrapped around them," I said bluntly.

"Are you including yourself in that crowd of jealous men?"

"No." She looked shocked for a moment, until I continued. "Because in about 15 minutes, I am going to have you begging to put my dick where that corn dog is."

"You seem pretty sure of yourself."

"I just know I am right."

With that, I turned and walked down the midway back towards the darkened Kiddie ride section. I pulled my pack of cigarettes from my pocket sliding one between my lips before casting my face in a yellow glow from my lighter. I made my way back over to the cars, and pulled out one of our folding chairs, and had a seat, propping my feet onto the fence. Soon, I saw a silhouetted figure walking towards me with the red tip of a cigarette as the only color on the figure.

"You came," I grinned.

"Not yet," was her reply.

I stubbed out my cigarette, and took her hand. Lifting her up over the fence, I hopped over behind her and led her to the darkened side of the ride. I lifted her up to stand on the metal platform and it made us almost eye level. I reached forward then, and undid the button on her shorts.

"Why this ride?" She asked as my hand slid down her stomach and through her slick folds. Jesus, she's a waxer.

"One," I said nibbling her neck while my fingers began to slide and retract slowly. "There is some privacy and space between the cars."

"Two," I continued as I plunged as many fingers into her and she whimpered. "There are a lot of handles to grab onto depending on how we do this."

"Finally," I said as my thumb raced back and forth across her clit while my fingers curled, "this bitch doesn't squeak one bit, so I can pound into you, and only if you cry out will people know any better."

With that, she shuddered and her mouth fell open in a silent cry. As she leaned over and grasped hold of one of the backs of the motorcycles so her knees wouldn't buckle. I took that moment to pull a condom from by back pocket and undo my pants.

"How do you want to do this?" I asked her. She tilted her ass towards me, and looked at me over her shoulder.

"I want to see how deep you can go just like this," she said.

As I ripped open the condom, pulled myself free of my pants, she had her shorts and panties around her ankles. I took a step forward putting one hand on her hip and the other on my dick before burying myself in her. I had to bite my lip from crying out, and it sounded like she was doing the same.

"I hope you're holding on," I said before I pulled out and slammed back into her again and again. She felt really good. She was no virgin, but her shit wasn't loose either. She quietly took everything I was giving her with the occasional exhale of pleasure escaping her lips, or a quiet "yes". Just as I felt my balls tightening, I felt her body clamp down on mine before throbbing around me and bringing me to my release.

I fell forward, with my arms caging her as I sought stability on the fake motorcycles' seats.

"Jesus, that was fantastic," she muttered. I quietly laughed and kissed her shoulder before I could stop myself. I had to get out of here. I pulled out, and disposed the condom in the trash can that was just over the fencing. By the time I turned back around, and was buttoning myself up, I saw that she was already completely redressed, and lighting a new cigarette.

"So, thanks for that," she said giving me a little smile. I walked over and lifted her up, placing her on the other side of the fence, my hand lingering on her arm. She looked down at it in question, before pulling away. She gave me one last smile, and walked away.

As I watched her go, for the first time in a long time, I wished someone had asked for my number.