Raaah. I'm afraid this one turned out a little shitty. Theme: Disability

"So it's true."

Ryou stated, trying to peer at Bakura's face even as the other was determined to avoid looking at anything else than the living room wall.

"Shut up Landlord."

"You really can't see with your right eye."

A smile twitched at the corner of Ryou's face as the look on Bakura's face transformed into a full blown grimace. The growled out response was barely audible.

"Be. Silent."

Ryou was just about to open his mouth to torment his other more when Bakura whipped his head around, white hair flying, and hissed his next words out, every one of them dripping with venom.

"I do not wish to be reminded of my shortcomings thank you very much!"

As soon as Bakura turned his gaze back to the wall, the smile finally spread on Ryou's face.

"Your scar looked wicked though."

He said after a small moment of silence, thinking out loud.

"For God's sake will you- What?"

Ryou blinked stupidly, not yet realizing his mistake. "What 'what'?"

"Did you just call me good-looking?"

Bakura's grin was positively unholy, and Ryou was quick to sputter out a correction to his earlier statement, shaking his head and hands to magnify the force of his denial.

"What! No I-"

"I think you did." Bakura crept closer to the sofa where Ryou was sitting, practically purring the next word he let out. "Landlord."

Ryou didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

"No I did not! Stay away from me you-" His sentence was cut off as Bakura pounced on him, pinning him to the sofa by holding onto his wrists.

"Target restrained." Bakura growled playfully as he sat on Ryou's stomach and leaned forward to be right above his lightside's lips as he whispered:

"Who's disabled now, Landlord?"

Ryou burrowed into the sofa in vain, trying to get away from the one who was currently breathing right into his face. He gave an unsure grin, uttering out a small, "...Me?"

and waited for the expected leer to spread across Bakura's face before headbutting his aggressor with all the force he could muster in his position.

Ryou burst into laughter as he ran away from Bakura, who had, after howling in pain, fallen to the floor in a heap, all the while holding his now tender nose.

"I changing my answer!" Ryou yelled in between chuckles. "It's you who is disabled! Even more now than before!" With that he ran away to hide in the confines of the house, before Bakura had time to gather his bearings and give chase.