First off, I did not abandon my other story, "Darkness Before the Dawn" but this idea came to me and it begged to be written. So, I have to get it out of my head before it is forgotten.

I know there are many varying themes of the same general plot but I think this one is a bit different. In short; During New Moon- Bella does jump off the cliff but not in an extreme sports way. She is actually trying to kill herself. Alice does see her jump but does not see Jacob save her. Alice returns to Forks. Edward finds out about Bella's "death" and makes a stop in Forks on his way to the Volturi to say his last goodbyes. Written in various POV's. Reviews welcome and I hope you enjoy.

Bella POV

It was all too much. I couldn't keep up the fa├žade of normalcy anymore. The hole where my heart was gone after Edward left me that fateful day in the forest kept getting bigger and bigger until it threatened to consume me whole. The pain and the effort of just waking up in the morning knowing I had to face another day, another moment without him was more than I could bear. I tried every day to keep my promise to him though I didn't know why I bothered any more. He kept none of his.

Poor Charlie and Jake and Renee, I thought as I made my way to the edge of the cliff. They all tried so hard to help and maybe they did, for a little while at least. But that just delayed the inevitable. I just couldn't live without Edward. It was just that simple and maybe just that complicated.

I took small solace in the fact that I had written all my goodbyes. Even a letter to him, though I did not know if he would ever receive it or even read it for that matter. Maybe if he cared, even a little bit, he would. But I could not think about that now. My path had already been chosen the minute he left me in the forest, maybe even before that, maybe since we first met.

"Your number was up the first time I saw you." He had said and I couldn't help now but think that he was right.

What a stupid lamb, I thought.

I heard the crash of the waves beneath me and could feel the spray of seawater hit my face. The violent white caps of the waves rolled toward the shore beneath me and for a moment I felt dizzy looking down at what would ultimately be my watery grave. Closing my eyes, I breathed deeply of the salty air.

The voice, his velvet voice, came to me then. Of course it did. I was waiting for this. I was begging for this.

"Bella, don't do this." The Edward of my hallucination whispered pleadingly.

I smiled sadly as I approached the very edge, feeling my sneakers teeter precariously on the dirt below my feet.

"You promised." My imaginary Edward whispered again.

"You wanted me to be human, so watch me."

I jumped then feeling the upwards wind blow through my clothes as if it were trying to push me back up to solid ground. The water hit me hard as I landed and it came crashing over my head without remorse. Part of me wanted to fight the current and I felt my body begin to rise to the top as my mind kept trying to push me back down.

"Fight Bella Fight! Don't you dare give up" He was frantic now in his pleading, desperate and angry.

I don't want to fight the pain anymore, I thought.

"Please, Bella. For Me."

How fitting, I thought as I was losing consciousness, that the last words I would hear were Edward's.

Jacob POV

I was wandering on the beach looking for any sign of that leech, Victoria. She was the reason that Harry Clearwater had a heart attack and died in the forest, I was sure of it. Instead of going back to the reservation with the others, I had to do something to feel useful. I smelled nothing but the sea.

Looking up, I scanned the area looking for any sign of red hair amongst the green around me. That's when I saw it, a lone figure on the cliff's edge, preparing to jump. Not Victoria, but who?

I recognized her them, fear shooting through me like an arrow. Bella? What the hell was she doing up there? I started running down the beach keeping my eyes her. I couldn't yell out to her, my throat clogged with panic and I didn't want to scare her to the point where she would fall.

Then to me amazement, I saw her jump. Her body hit the water and it swallowed her like a snack.

"NO!" I yelled, changing course and diving into the ocean. I couldn't think of anything else but finding her. There was a storm approaching and the violence of the water predicted that. With the current so strong, I doubted Bella would be able to survive.

What if she doesn't want to? A little voice inside my head whispered. I shook off the thought. No, she was getting better. Wasn't she? Maybe I was just too blinded by my feelings for her, my hope of what could be, to see it clearly.

That damn leech stole everything when he left reducing Bella to a shell of what she once was. I dived under the water, frantic in my search.

Nothing, I saw nothing under the murky depths that resembled the girl I had come the love; the girl that could not love me back. I came back up for air and dove down again.

There, wisps of brown hair! It was Bella. She wasn't fighting, she was floating, her body still with the exception of the movement of the water making her body sway with such bittersweet grace. I wanted to howl in pain.

Grabbing her, I pulled us to the surface and swam quickly to the shore. She was so still and her lips were blue, but I had to try. Bella could not die today too. One death was enough. I took a deep breath and blew into her mouth while trying to pump the water from her.

"C'mon Bella. Breathe! Just Breathe for me, damnit." I pumped harder, praying I wouldn't add cracked ribs to the extent of her injuries. "You don't get to die on me, not on my watch."

I breathed into her mouth again. Suddenly I heard it. A gurgle in her throat before the water rushed out of her mouth. I bowed my head in thanks to the higher being that allowed me to bring her back.

She looked into my eyes then with such pain in their brown depths.

"Why couldn't you just let me go?" she whispered hoarsely.