"I'm breaking up with you."

Raven was shocked and all she could do was stare at the green man. He wasn't looking at her, but over her shoulder at a spot behind her. Refusing to meet her eyes. She didn't understand. Had she done something wrong? Of course she had done something wrong. She was the daughter of Trigon, the incarnation of evil. Of couse it had only been a matter of time before he realised that she wasn't good enough for him.


Raven turned and left the room. She walked as quickly as she could, not being able to phase because her emotions were in turmoil. At least not without doing great damage to the tower and the people in it. Was that the reason? Did he break up with her because she lived her life apparently emotionless? Because she couldn't show her love for him as clearly as other girls? But he had to know. Even if she hadn't shown it so much, he had to know. Raven entered the roof, meaning to meditate. To get her emotions under control. All she could do was sit down and weep.

Beast Boy looked at the other team members. He didn't have the most fine tuned social antenas, but he knew what they were feeling. Shock, anger and disbelief. Cyborg got to his feet.

"Are you insane?"

"I'm leaving and it wouldn't be fair to her to keep her locked to me while I'm gone."

More shock, more disbelief. Beast Boy was so calm and together as he stood there. So unlike the corny boy they had grown up with. There was something pained over him. Robin got to his feet.

"If your in trouble, B, we can help you."

"I know Rob. I'm fine. I'm just leaving."

He looked out of the window as a plane landed on the water.

"And there's my ride."

He walked across the room, picked up his bag and left without saying anything else.

Four years later a green hawk landed on the roof of the titan tower and ruffled it's wings. Garfield morphed back, but froze as he saw the man point a gun at him.

"Hands up."

The man with the gun was dark, a bit hispanic, short hair. Musculare. Almost too quick to see Garfield morphed to a cheeta and in two jumps landed on the man. The gun went off and Garfield dug his claws into the man's chest. He screamed. Then, suddenly, Garfield was forced off him. Not by a person, but by dark energy. He landed on his feet, as all cat-like animals, and morphed back. He grinned too the woman, who was just looking at him. She was as beautiful as the day he had fallen in love with her, more even. Something different about her, that just made him even more attracted to her. When he didn't get the response he was hoping for, or even a welcome back, he rubbed the back of his head and his smile shrank. He knew she, of all of them, would be most angry at him. Who had the most cause to be angry with him. But he'd thought he would get a hi at least.

"Nice to see you, Rae."

"Are you okay, Hunter?"

He sat up and shielded Raven. Garfield didn't look that different from the boy that had left, yet to Raven he looked like a completely new person. She helped Hunter to his feet.

"Hunter, this is, Beast Boy. He's an old titan."

"I'm not that old, and it's, Garfield, now."

"Sorry about the gun."

Hunter reached out his hand and Garfield took it.

"No big."

The men retracted, like animals ready to attack one another. Hunter laid his arms around Raven and the signal couldn't have been clearer if he had peed on her. Raven tried to ignore the tension between them as her pointing it out would only make it worse. Especially since she hadn't told Hunter that Garfield was her ex-boyfriend.

"Dick didn't say you were coming back."


"Robin. His name is Richard Greyson. You know, the Wayne industry heir."

Garfield whistled impressed.

"So what else is knew?"

"Star went back to her old name, Kori. Cy, is now, Victor Stone. He's dating, Karen. Bee."

"Yeah, he told me last time I talked to him. What about you? What's your new name?"

"I'm just Raven."

She turned around.

"The others will be so glad to see you again."

She started to walk down with Hunter still very close, and Garfield suddenly realised what was different about her. She was pregnant.

Richard and Victor were playing videogames and didn't even turn when the common room door opened and the three walked in.


"One minute, Rae, I just have to beat, Dick's sorry butt."

"Don't be so hasty, Vic, I'm in the lead and I won't let you get passed me."

"I'll play winner dudes."

Richard and Victor turned and looked on their green friend, then they jumped up, forgetting their game, and greeted him.

"Gar, why didn't you tell us you were coming?"

"Yeah dude, we would have cleaned up a bit."

The three men looked at one another before bawling. Raven sighed as Hunter just grabbed her shoulder even harder. His fingers digging into her skin without the owner of them knowing. Raven moved it a bit, hoping she could get him to losen up without pointing it out since it would only make things worse for him. But it was too late. Garfield turned and looked at them, at her, the shoulder. He frowned, but when she shook her head just a little he turned back to his former brothers in combat. Not because he was satisfied, but because he trusted her. Or didn't want to make her more angry with him. Raven didn't even know if it was possible for her to be more angry with him than she already was. The door opened and Kori came flying in and straight to Raven, which made Hunter loosen up his grip. Raven smiled, half to her friend, half because she was now free.

"Raven, the most joyous news. I have..."

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her former room mate and squealed like a dying animal. She flew over and wrapped her arms around him and then squeezed him. Garfield managed surprisingly well, and only two of his ribs complained by the treatment. He hugged Kori back.

"Hi, Kori."

"Oh, Beast Boy, you have returned. How wonderful. We must have a feast to celebrate your return. I will cook up a welcome home dish from my home planet, and a-our-group-is-now-finally-back-together-after-four-years dish from my home planet."

She let him go and he smiled.

"They have that."

"Oh yes. It is not as sweet as the five year dish, but much salter than than the three years. Because four years is more years. Oh, Beast Boy, how you have been missed."

Garfield smiled as he always did, but Raven could see how his smile was a tad stiffer. She felt a small part of her resentment diminish. A very small part. Because she could feel how guilt and pain was tearing him up inside. He met her eyes, before looking down at her stomach, then turning back to the others. Raven wasn't really surprised he knew. He was a lot less daft than he pretended to be most of the time. She just hoped he wouldn't tell anyone yet, since she hadn't.

"So when is the baby due?"

Raven opened her mouth in shock, but then realised the question wasn't directed at her, but a very clearly pregnant Kori.

"In two weeks, four days and five hours."

Garfield looked interrogative at Richard, who just shrugged.

"It's a Tamaranean thing."


Garfield smiled and looked his normal self again. Raven gasped for air, the image of him taking her breath away. Then she realised everyone was looking at her.

"I think I need some air."

"I have to go anyway, Sunshine, will you walk me out?"

It wasn't really a question, but Raven did. Without a word they walked down, and when he was at the door he kissed her cheek.

"Are you okay?"


But Raven knew he didn't believe her, just as much as she knew it wasn't true.

"I'll talk to you later. Okay, Sunshine?"

"Of course."

Hunter smiled, then went back into his boat and drove off. Raven folded her arms before turning and walking into Garfield. She froze and just stared at him. He, who had caused her so much pain. He, who had just left her.

"What do you want?"

"I'm sorry, Rae."

No man had made her feel as much as the man in front of her. He had made her laugh, made her cry, made her scream and curse his name, but also whisper it softly in the night. He was the most dangerous person she could be with and yet all she wanted was to feel his arms around her. Fell his skin against hers, his warm breath in her ear. She wanted him to make her laugh and smile and feel like only he could. Like only he had. The windows shook and cracked. She buried her emotions deep down, her desire, her wish, her pain, all deep down like she had before she had met them. She just couldn't risk it.

"You're pregnant."

"Yes and please don't tell anyone since I haven't told, Hunter, yet."

Garfield screamed of jealousy despite not a word leaving his lips. Raven was torn between being revengefully happy or lovingly pained.

"I won't tell them."

"Thank you."

Raven walked by him, wanting to get to the roof to meditate. All the energy she was using wasn't good for the baby. Garfield grabbed her arm and the two of them just looked at one another. Then he sighed and let her go. Raven wished he hadn't.

"I truly am sorry."

"I know."

Then she turned again and continued to walk, wishing his every emotions wasn't as clear to her as her own. Wishing he hadn't come back when she was finally able to move on.

He pulled away, gasping for breath.

"Beast Boy?"

He got to his feet and walked to the other side of the couch.

"I'm sorry."

Raven looked down, her cheeks burning, the windows shattered, her lips burning.

"I'm not."

She looked up and met his eyes. They were glowing.

"But, Rae, I can't lose you. I don't think I can stand losing you."

Raven moved over until she was standing next to him.

"If you don't want me you can just be honest. I mean it's not going to be easy. I won't be able to show my emotions like other girls can. Not to mention Robin is going to kick your butt."

Beast Boy grinned.

"Doubt it. Might make me go an extra round through the obstacle course, but he's not that protective."

Raven just raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, so he's that protective. Not to mention that, Cy, will probably have a round with me too."

He sighed and grinned. Then his smile vanished and he looked at her.

"I can't lose you, Rae."

He crept closer and his hand slowly caressed her neck. All she did was welcome it.

"I can't lose you."

His other hand joined in, snaking its way around her waist pulling her as close as he could without actually devouring her.

"I can't lose you."

Their lips met again as the sofa broke in two.

Garfield looked down at his exposed arms. He was glad the scars had healed so nicely as they had. He sighed and pulled down his sleeves again. Then he turned and looked back up at the tower. He didn't regret his desission. He couldn't. If he started questioning the sacrifices he had done he would go insane. What was done, was done. And the woman he loved, the only thing that had keept him going through the night at times, was with another man. Was having another man's child. He turned his head and looked out over the ocean. Maybe he should just leave. Start somewhere new... But he knew he couldn't. Not as long as she was here. He would never have the strength to leave her again.


It was only a soft whisper. A feble hope. He got to his feet and started wading into the ocean. Morphing had often helped him when he needed it, and like so many times before he would ask the animals inside him for help. His body changed in a way that would have freaked out most people, but was second nature to him. As an animal he could forget where he wanted to be, if he wanted to. As an animal, he could be without her for one more night.