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By: FuzzySlipper19

Genres: Drama/Romance

Pairings: Jackie x Hyde; Eric x Donna (a little);

Rating: M (Mature) for:
Adult topics
Sexual implications
Some mild and some very strong language

WARNING (WITH SPOILERS): Contains a few strong cuss words; contains violence; contains rape;

Setting: Sometime after Season 8;

Short Summary: She'd had it all – her dream job, a loving boyfriend, dignity and the simplicity of a perfect life. In less than 6 hours, she'd ultimately lost all four. Jackie x Hyde Full summary inside!

Full Summary: After Season 8, Jackie broke up with Fez, and soon after, Jackie and Hyde got back together. Everything was going very smoothly – they were in love, they were happy, and they even had their own apartment now. But when Jackie's job sends her on a business trip to Chicago for a couple of weeks, her life falls apart. Tragedy strikes, causing her to lose everything: her job, her boyfriend, her confidence and her dignity. Everything she knows and loves has collapsed around her, robbing her of her innocence, her happiness, and her sanity.

This Fanfic was inspired by and is very vaguely based on the song "Haunted" by Evanescence (Disclaimer: I do not own the song "Haunted" by Evanescence. It was merely an inspiration).


She was screaming. She was running down a dark road in the dead of night. He was following her. He was yelling at her and there was a knife in his hand and a gun in his pocket.

She ran faster, screaming more and more as her attacker slowly caught up. She shouted for anyone that could help her – anyone, anyone. Even though half of the people that she yelled for weren't even within a hundred miles of her.

Her mind was racing and her breath was coming in short gasps. She had to get away.

She screamed again as she stepped on her shoelace, tripping her and causing her to smash her elbows into the ground. She cringed, cussing under her breath at the pain. She felt weight on her back and then she screamed once more.

"You thought you could get away," he laughed maniacally, "but in truth, Jackie Burkhart, you will never escape me. You can run and you can hide, but I will always catch up to you. I will always find you. Because you are mine."

Jackie woke up screaming for the third time that week. And it was only Monday.

She sat up, clutching her head and blinking back tears. It had happened at least seven weeks ago, and she still couldn't forget about it. He was still there. She could feel his slimy hands around her throat and she could feel his hot breath on her cheek.

She'd tried to forget about it. She'd tried to repress and deny. She'd tried to just calm down.

But she never could.

She had to get out of here, but she was too afraid to move.

She was being ridiculous, she knew. But she couldn't help it. She felt defeated – helpless – haunted.

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