Title: Levels of Caring
Fandom: Nurse Jackie
Characters: Zoey Barkow, mentions of Jackie Peyton, Eleanor O'Hara, Gloria Akalitus, Fitch Cooper
Spoilers: Season two until the finale. You've been warned.
Word count: 360
Rating: PG
Summary: Some say Zoey cares too much, others say she doesn't care enough.
A/N: For xpandapoo who prompted Some people say Zoey cares too much. Some say she doesn't care enough. I found it really hard to write Zoey in this so I hope this doesn't suck too much.
A/N2: No beta and it's late so I'm sorry for all the mistakes.


Some say Zoey cares too much. Some say she doesn't care enough.

She finds that pretty confusing.

Her mom thinks she should care more. More about her family that isn't an example of perfection, more about her father who is stuck in jail, more about her brother who isn't as determined to have a nicer life as she is.

Jackie, on the other hand, has warned her more than once about caring too much. Not the smartest idea, always get you into trouble, she said as Dr. O'Hara nodded in agreement, her eyes twinkling in that way they do when she looks at Zoey.

Because she takes to heart the stuff Jackie and Dr. O'Hara tell her, she tries to keep that in mind so she won't do something too stupid, but it's pretty difficult; and again confusing, when they chastise her for caring but at the same time they do just what they tell her not to.

Like when Jackie took good care of Sam when he started with the drugs again, risking her job even though she never really liked him, or when Dr. O'Hara gave her those lovely flowers(that she kept in her house for weeks and only got rid of them because her mother started complaining) when she cared way too much and saved that little boy's life.

Maybe they were just playing with her. They like doing that sometimes.

Dr. Cooper also happily gave her his opinion on the matter once, telling her with a big smile that there is no such thing as caring too much.

But he is kind of an idiot so Zoey doesn't really listen what he says.

As the days go by and Jackie stops showing up to work, as Mrs. A seems more rigid than usual and Dr. O'Hara stops smirking and walking like she owns the building, Zoey feels a pang in her chest for all of them, and realizes that is kinda late to worry about caring too much.

She just works harder and hopes for Jackie to come back, so things can come back to normal.

Zoey hopes for the best. Totally caring the whole time.