Chapter 1

One day Jess walks into the Dragon Fly Inn and looks around and Lorelai comes out to the front.

''H...Hi may I help you?'' Lorelai asks him

''Lorelai?'' he questions her

''Je...Jess?'' she questions him

''Yeah Wow Hi Lorelai it's uh good to uh see you.'' he tells her

''you look more grown up and more beautiful than ever.'' he tells her

''thank you you uh look good too.'' she tells him and smiles

''so wha...what are you doing back here in Connecticut?'' she asks him

''well I'm here to promote my book to some book store's and do some book signings.'' he tells her

''wow!'' she says in a surprised and shocked tone

'' uh wrote a book?'' she asks him

''yes..yes I did.'' he tells her

''wow so what's it about?'' she asks him happily

''well it's a sequel actucally.I can get you a copy to ready if you would like?I have one out in my car.'' he asks and tells her

''okay yeah sure I would love to!'' she tells him and smiles at him

''okay be right back he says.'' he says

''okay.'' she says and smiles and watches him walk out and gets giggly and smiley

Jess goes out to his car and gets her a copy of his book and brings it back in and gives it to her.

''oh here let me give you something for it.'' she tells him and goes to pull out some money

''oh no it's yours keep it.'' he tells her

''you sure?'' she makes sure

''yea.'' he tells her

''okay well thanks I will definitly read it.'' she tells him

''good.'' he says and smiles at her

they watch each other for a few minutes.

''wow so what inspired you to write a book?'' she asks him

Jess doesn't say anything for a few minutes.

''Rory.'' he tells her and smiles

''what?'' she questions him

''yea all those crazy books and stuff she pushed on me I actucally came to my sences and told myself if I could just stop shaking it around and I could do anything I wanted so I sat down and I started writing and I did something and now I'm publishing a sequel.'' he tells her

''Wow!'' she says surprisingly

''I'm just really impressed with this Jess this is amazing!'' she tells him

''yea thank you it really is.'' he says and smiles at her