Title: Daddy's Little Girl

Author: Nicluv1787
Rating: K

Genre: Introspective, family


Prompt: Space

Characters: Ryoji "Ranka" (Haruhi's Dad) & Haruhi

Words: 453

Summary: Ryoji muses on his daughter's changes.

A/N: set in late Manga Canon but there's no obvious spoilers.

Ryoji rapped lightly on the sliding door to the bedroom.

"Haruhi, dinner," he cooed.

"Not hungry, dad," Haruhi replied.

Sighing, Ryoji slid the door to Haruhi's bedroom open.

"You sure?" he asked melodically, "it's pretty delicious."

Haruhi glanced up at him, her hands behind her back -she was hiding one of her romance magazines from him, again, he could tell.

"I'm sure, just eat without me," she assured, not meeting his gaze.

His expression fell, but he recovered quickly. "Of course dear, let me know if you're hungry…" Haruhi waved him off with her hand before turning to face the opposite direction. He hung back in the doorway a few minutes. "Don't study too hard."

"I won't."

Ryoji stumbled back from the door, sliding it closed. He walked back over to the kitchen, falling onto the matted floor. He stared dismally into his plate. 'My little girl is pushing me away…'

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Ryoji shook his 'd seen the signs -the message written on the wall- Haruhi was growing up, falling in love. His little girl wasn't his little girl anymore. She'd always been independent. Heck, more often than not she'd been the one to take care of him. The problem lied in the space she had been putting between them. Ever since they'd lost Kotoko him and Haruhi had been there for one another. They were like two peas in a pod -at least that's how he liked to think of them- She'd always shared with him before. And now, now, he didn't know what was going on in her life at all.

Ryoji dropped his hand to the table spreading out his digits against the lacquered wood. When had she changed? Had she grown up without him realizing it? Was it because of the Host club? He glanced over to the door. From what Kyouya told him she'd done more than her fair share of changing them, but maybe they'd changed her as well?

Balling his hands into a fist he slammed it into the table. "But, I don't want my little girl to change!" He bellowed.

"Dad, can you keep it down. I'm trying to study in here," Haruhi called.

Ryoji shrank back at his daughters scolding, "Sorry sweetie, Daddy just got a little carried away is all," he fluttered, waggling his wrist towards the door.

Haruhi made an agitated noise in the back of her throat in response.

'That's my girl.'

Leaning back onto his arms, a half smile pulled at his lips. She was growing up it was true, he would have to learn to deal with that fact. But, she would always be his little girl; no matter how much she changed.