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Hibari, Tsuna and his friends are roughly 29-30 when they have kids in this story. How they have their biological kids are up to your imagination, no need to get too specific (my own theory is mentioned in Summer of Love). I just want to write about my favorites characters in their fatherly roles. This story is a tribute to D18 with inspirations from Calvin and Hobbes and various parenting websites. One chapter/ lesson per day, counting down to Father's Day. Here's the first of ten.

Lessons of Fatherhood:

1) Spend quality time with your kid:

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Milan. Unfortunately, Dino was trapped in his office, studying important documents and calculating risks in major investment proposals. Somewhere down the hall, the sound of nursemaids calling for his son echoed into the quiet chamber.

Slowly, his office door was pushed open. Without looking up, the blond boss already knew who had just entered the room so stealthily. The pitter patter of his son was muffled on the lush carpet. The three-year-old boy rounded his mahogany desk's corner and climbed onto his laps with little difficulty.

Once settling down comfortably, the toddler's chubby fingers grabbed the don's free left hand as the curious child tried to peek at the paperwork he was reading. Holding the kid back with one arm, Dino forced himself to concentrate on the demanding pages. Growing bored of the silence, his son turned around and poked him lightly.

"Can we get ice cream today, Daddy?" Innocent eyes stared expectantly into his dark amber ones.

"No, honey. I'm sorry, but Daddy has to work today. How about this weekend, when Tou-chan came over?" Avoiding the pleading look, Dino ruffled the boy's blond mop gently.

As if on cues, the two nursemaids knocked on his door, stepped inside and offered to take the boy to his bath. But, said toddler seemed to have another idea when he slid off Dino's laps and made a mad dash for the corridor. A few seconds later, the surprised caretakers excused themselves to chase after the energetic boy. Heaving a sigh, the blonde promised silently to make up for his son's request later.

Before he could refocus on the boring documents at hands, the running and pounding of feet outside his office came to an abrupt halt.

"Tou-chan!" The fleeing boy exclaimed excitedly. More tearful babblings ensued as his son had undoubtedly demanded the Cloud's full attention. Meanwhile, Dino strained his ears, trying to catch the mood changes in the hallway. Kyoya must have finished his mission early this time. The blonde could only hope that Kyoya would not be too harsh with their son, knowing how much patience the Japanese man had in other matters. No smacking sounds, no angry voices, no wailing noises… Dino ventured to believe everything was indeed resolved.

As the nursemaids silently retreated farther from his study, another set of footsteps approached his opened door. A fully suited Cloud walked casually into Dino's chamber, carrying the toddler protectively in his arms. The Italian boss gave them both a tired smile as the aloof guardian stood in front of his desk. Leaning his right side against the wooden edge, Kyoya softly whispered into Dino's left ear as warm breaths caressed the blonde's face.

"Deny my kid one more time and I will deny your existence. Do you understand me, Cavallone Decimo?" Kyoya effortlessly pulled himself up after making his statement. As the Cloud straightened, their toddler wrapped his arms around the skylark's neck and smiled happily at his dads.

"Dinner will be at six, right after our bath. We are going out for gelato later on this evening. Get ready or I'll bite you to death!" The Vongola guardian caught Dino's eyes and firmly announced the plan on his way out. Content in Kyoya's embrace, the miniature version of Dino waved at his Daddy; his blue-gray eyes twinkled with joy and excitement. Watching his lover and their son with an indulgent grin, Dino suddenly understood that his paperworks could wait till tomorrow.

Chapter Quiz: Who would always get his ways with Kyoya? Hint: Not the Italian boss.

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