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Lessons of Fatherhood:

10) A father's job is never done:

"You're a pathetic weakling! You do not measure up to your fathers' expectations and great legacy. Unworthy to be their heir! Go home!" Reborn mercilessly delivered his judgment after the end of their personal training session. The blond ten-year-old boy stared at him in shock and badly concealed pain.

Sweating under the waning sun, he blinked back the tears and turned around toward exit of the Vongola Italian Base. At the end, he found Romario waiting next to a sleek black car to drive him home. The normally cheerful boy did not speak for the duration of the ride. Instead, he stared out at the passing sceneries and recalled the past week of training with Reborn. The week had been nothing short of a painful and discouraging experience, but he kept it to himself for fear of disappointing his Daddy and Tou-chan who were both excited when Reborn offered to train him.

When the elegant car reached the Cavallone mansion's entrance, the boy stepped out and gave the concerned right-hand-man a weak smile before heading inside the imposing building. It was a Saturday afternoon, so he knew Tou-chan would be waiting for him as well. Still, the thought of telling his fathers about Reborn's assessment deprived him of all the comfort and joy such a family gathering should have brought.

On the luxurious white-marbled porch, Dino and Kyoya were lounging leisurely together on a large cushioned swing. Their son walked toward the villa in hesitant steps with a lowered head. When he was close enough, the kid quickly greeted them with detached politeness that would have been appropriate if the three of them had a cold and distance relationship. However, being the kind of overly protective and affectionate parents that they were, the pair stared at the boy in bewilderment as he uttered his robotic responses and broke into a run through the front door and up the stairs to his room.

The Bucking Horse and skylark reached the second floor just in time to hear the sound of door slamming from their son's chamber. Hibari frowned slightly and the Cavallone boss heaved a soft sigh as they deliberately approached the closed door.

"Honey, we're coming in…" The Italian knocked on the wooden surface before twisting the silver knob and following in after his partner.

The boy was gazing dazedly at the carpeted floor when they sat down on either side of him on the spacious bed. Dino put an arm around his slumped shoulders and tried to ease his discomfort.

"Why don't you tell us what happened today?" Kyoya began as he lifted the kid's face and captured twin pools of blue-gray with his sharp ones.

"…Reborn said that I am not worthy of your efforts. I'll never measure up to anything… Hic…" The boy refused to meet his gaze and choked back his sobs. Dino pulled the smaller blonde tighter against his chest.

"I'm sorry, Tou-chan… He told me not to cry… Men never cry… I don't deserve any of this, Daddy! Just let me be… I won't be able to meet your expectations anyway… hic hic hic…" The ten-year-old tried to push the don away from his shaking body.

"I'm just a weakling! Maybe… perhaps… You and Daddy should have another kid who is better than me…" The boy sniffled and attempted to wipe his nose with his sleeve before the Cloud gently pressed his purple silk handkerchief into the smaller blonde's hand.

"That's the most nonsensical thing I've ever heard! I know you're no weakling. We showed you how to fight and defend yourself before. You excelled in those basic techniques and exceeded my expectations. Did we not tell you so? Do you honestly think I am disappointed in you?" Kyoya exclaimed impatiently before tousling the kid's hair affectionately.

"Also, you are doing really well in school. You did way better than I did when I was your age. I think you're smart enough to understand that we would never replace you with another." Dino fondly wrapped his arms around the young heir.

"But I could not complete the tasks Reborn asked me to do like catching fish, starting a fire or how to survive on my own… I don't think he wants to train me anymore after this week… Hic hic…" Their son looked guiltily into the former prefect's eyes and the boss' patient orbs.

"Reborn always has ridiculous training regimes and outrageous demands. I'm sorry I didn't warn you ahead of time. I guess we just got carried away in all the excitement… Don't mind him. I'll talk to him tomorrow and sort things out, how does that sound?" The Cavallone don replied and kissed the innocent kid's wet cheeks.

"If he stops training you, that's perfectly fine since we'll be more than qualified to teach you ourselves. And, know that you can always come to us with your problems, my little carnivore." The Cloud confidently asserted while smiling at the blond boy.

"Now, let's go out for dinner! I'm starving!" Dino announced after stretching his back and the happy kid bounced off the bed to take a shower before their trip.

"You're doing the right thing, Dino." The skylark turned to the Italian don, whispered softly in his ears and kissed surprised lips invitingly.

The next morning, the Cavallone boss arrived at the Vongola Italian Base and sought out Reborn. Facing his former home tutor from across the round table, Dino looked solemnly into unfathomable onyx orbs.

"Reborn, I do not approve of what you said to my son during last week's sessions. Although we both think highly of you and appreciate your skills, you are not allowed to treat the boy badly. As your former student, I could forgive and forget whatever hell you put me through. I am thankful for your time and efforts, but I will not tolerate your doing the same things to our son. Destroying his self-esteem and belittling his abilities are unacceptable. His life and well-being are important to us. If you wish to stop teaching him, we will not hold any grudge against that. We understand…" The don's statements were cut short by the shorter listener.

"Dino!" The blond boss did not flinch at the stern tone of his former home tutor, choosing instead to face Reborn's gaze directly.

"I suppose I should not treat you like a good-for-nothing student anymore. In a sense, you have finally graduated and overcome your fears and dependence. I am proud to have met and tutored a great man like you, Cavallone Decimo. Think you and Hibari can accept my apology, Dino?" Reborn's dark eyes gleamed with pride as he bowed his head slightly toward his former student.

"Ha ha, for second there, I thought you were gonna shoot me… But, yeah, sure!" Dino grinned cheerfully as the tension drained from the patio where they sat.

"I'll keep training the boy if you still trust me. No more funny business, of course!" Reborn offered the smiling don while sipping on his black coffee. The two spent the rest of morning discussing the past and how things were planned for the future. Later on, Tsuna joined Dino in comparing Reborn's unorthodox methods of training.

"Oh, enjoy this time when you still can. Beware of puberty, Dino!" Reborn advised with a smirk as they bid goodbye.

"Daddy, will you teach me how to drive?" His teenage son asked him while standing confidently in his study. Dino stopped writing for a moment and stared at his heir, silently regretting not instill some sort of fear into this boy. Whatever happened to the healthy fear one should have when standing in front of a dangerous and revered Mafia boss?

"Have you asked your Tou-chan? I'm sure he can spare one of his luxurious Japanese cars for your purpose." The Cavallone boss answered warily as the teenager approached his mahogany desk and leaned over the smooth surface.

"I asked and Tou-chan told me to quote him directly: You have proclaimed yourself to be a fine teacher, an excellent tutor and a wise mentor, surely a great educator such as you will not shy away from the opportunity to enlighten our son in the skills of driving." The blond youngster delivered the explanation with the kind of attitude that carried the Foundation leader's dry sarcasm off nicely. Dino suddenly remembered the reason or person actually who prevented him from becoming the scary sort of father worthy of the Godfather archetype…

"One last thing that I almost forget, Tou-chan wanted you to know that if you don't teach me, he will bite you to death." Dino sweat-dropped at that, the tall teenager was Kyoya's heir after all.

"So, Daddy. Can I drive the new Ferrari you just bought last week?" Their handsome heir asked excitedly.

Dino woke up from his bad dream just in time to find an arm carelessly flung upon his chest. In the bed space between Kyoya and him, their still ten-year-old son was sleeping soundly. His limbs freely spread in all directions. The skylark's blue-gray orbs caught his warm amber ones from across the bed and Dino knew that things would not be so bad, puberty or not. So, he went back to sleep, filled with hopes and sweet dreams for his small family.

Last note: It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. ~Johann Schiller

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