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James and I forced to sit opposite one another at the table, my sister and her fiancé side by side on my left, my parents sat together beside Potter. All in all, a truly disgusting position to be in. Mum's delighted by the engagement of course, she's chatting away to Tuney about arrangements and curling up next to my father all lovey-dovey -seriously, why don't they just throw us teenagers out and have sex on the table? On second thoughts that would be gross beyond words and I could happily use an obliviate charm right about now… Anyway, Mum's happy, Dad and Vernon are talking drills so Vernon seems happy and my darling daddy is trying to keep the peace of course. Leaving me and Potter to eat in silence. Fun.

"Lily dear, we'll go shopping for a pretty dress for you tomorrow," Mum trills, clapping her hands together. Even Petunia isn't glowering at me like normal. In fact, I'm not sure Tuney's heard anything the last hour or so, she's been zoned out like me, like we always do when Mum goes off on one. Godfathers, she hasn't even grasped the fact there's another 'freak' in the house! Is she ill? Poking her tentatively, I receive a slap on the forearm and glare. Yup, Tuney's still alive. Ring out the bells! On second thoughts, don't. I don't want weird little kids with her hair and his lack of neck coming up to me and yelling 'That's freaky aunt Lily!' It just doesn't bear thinking about.

"Mmm, sounds good," I lie, recognising the glare settling on mother's face. Better to be like Dad and keep the peace then risk a full Evans blow-out in front of Potter. The whale's already been subjected to one and barely lived to tell the tale, which meant Tuney went off on one saying I ruined her life again, until I managed to beg the stupid beast back to her. I mean, really! I spend half my time trying to get rid of the stupid thing, and the other half trying to get them back together.

Potter's smiling at me.
Potter is smiling at me.
Potter is smiling at me.
Potter is smiling at me.
Potter is smiling at me.
And now he's not.

So maybe the kick wasn't necessary, but damn it felt good. Wincing, Potter stands and refuses to sit, instead taking the dishes into the kitchen and earning even more respect in my flipping mothers' eyes. She's getting ridiculous. Daddy grins at me and we mime gagging as Tuney and Vernon leave to tell Vernon's precious parents the news, so Mum throws a towel at us and demands we wash up while she talks to Potter. If there's a God up there, he really hates me. No, she really hates me. Hestia is on a feminist kick and demands everything stereotypically male is referred to as female. Naturally this led to problems when I was trying to teach her French for the holiday her grandparents are taking her on next week. She refused to see that le table could not be called la table without earning a few glares.

After what seems like a lifetime of washing, drying and replacing various plates and cutlery, I dash into the lounge and find Mum sat next to James with wide eyes as he tells her about his last Quidditch match. Okay so maybe his last goal had been pretty spectacular, with the entire opposition team focused on knocking him off his broom which distracted them from the seeker, but still! There was no need for him to brag.

I'm being unfair.
He isn't bragging.
And that bothers me.
Why the hell isn't Potter bragging?
He should be.
He should be behaving like the arrogant twat he is.
So why isn't he?
And why do I care so much anyway?

Utterly confused, I drift back into the conversation in time to hear my beloved mother exclaim, "You've never been abroad?" Oh god no, please don't let this be heading the way I think it might be heading. "Oh you simply must go to Spain, it's so beautiful! The views are spectacular and the people are so friendly. Go on dear, tell him!"

Dad obediently picks up the baton with a simple, "Spain's gorgeous." And Potter does his stupid puppy dog expression as he looks at me and breathes, "I know something much more gorgeous."

Mum giggles and simpers and coos, and I can just imagine her slotting James into a suit, me into a puffy meringue and us having a double wedding with Tuney and the thing. "You could come with us to Spain! There's plenty of room and we'd be happy to have you. Petunia is bringing Vernon, and Lily needs someone her age to keep her company," Mum grins, her expression one of total innocence. Yeah right, as if she hasn't been planning this since the moment she first saw him stood on our doorstep.

I look at Dad, silently begging him to refuse, but he's nodding. "Yeah, our Lily-flower needs someone to keep her entertained," he smiles. "Besides, I want to hear more about Quidditch. Our Lily tries, but she's not really the sporty type are you love?" Great, so much for family support.

"I'd love to come. My parents are out of town anyway," Potter beams, and I can practically see the little light bulb above his head. He obviously thinks if the family like him, he'll be liked by me in return. Tough Potter, you're not ruining this for me. I have been longing for this holiday for months, and there is no way you're spoiling it. Come, fine. Just keep your hands to yourself.

Potter flinches, almost like he's a legilimens and just heard all of my thoughts, but I think the flinch is more to do with the kick I just landed on his shin. Who was it that said Evans women weren't violent? Some great grandpapa no doubt. Oh well, he never met me then.

Mum and Potter talk flights and prices while I visualise the many ways I could murder Potter in Spain. I wonder if they allow crimes of passion? You know, where you kill someone and get away with it because it was an impulse. Mmm…. Potter hanging off a cliff while I hurl the stupid quaffle at him….

"Lily, James is going to come back tomorrow and then you two can go to the leisure center together," Mum announces. It's the Cadden scenario all over again.

"Really Mum, I don't think he'll want to hang out doing muggle sports," I reply, desperately shaking my head at Potter who simply grins.

"Now Lily-flower, you know I've been longing to learn muggle sports," he smirks, the stupid grin widening as I wince at the endearment.

"It's. Lily." And he's dead.

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