Saw this promt on the KakaNaru community on Lj. I was way to late to participate there but the idea took hold and manifested itself as this. So here it is! And I'll probably post this on my Lj site too and the KakaNaru community later on even though it's way too late -very much guilty of shamelessly posting her stories everywhere to hoard more reviews-

"So, here's the challenge: 500 word limit. The prompt? Let's do a reunited scene between the guys after one of them was written off as M.I.A. when a mission goes bad. Weeks pass before the shinobi in question finally returns to the village - after having to nurse himself in the wild- and by that time people have written him off as dead, well, all except for one person in the village. It can either be Naruto or Kakashi that is written off as M.I.A."


Kakashi, despite having gotten more lenient about them after Obito, had always been a stickler for the shinobi rules, just so long as they didn't endanger his teammates.

Therefore, when Tsunade told him that Naruto was M.I.A. after his latest mission Kakashi didn't say a word. He just nodded his head, drew out his Itcha Itcha book and then stared at the same page all the way home and long into the night. Because shinobi were forbidden from showing emotions.

And if Kakashi took part in nearly every search and rescue mission sent out to find the young man no one did anything to stop him.

When four weeks had gone by and every search team had come back empty handed Naruto was officially pronounced dead. At the memorial service Kakashi stood tall and rigid in the place of honor as the deceased next of kin, staring blankly ahead with dry eyes. Because shinobi were forbidden to show tears.

And if anyone heard the sound of furniture breaking in Kakashi's little apartment that night and if no one saw him step out for two weeks no one said anything about it.

Six and a half weeks later Naruto himself stumbled through the gates of Konoha. Kyuubi had by then healed most of his wounds but he was suffering from malnutrition after living off of nothing but berries and plant roots on his slow trek home. When Kakashi met him in the middle of the main road all he did was stop and look at him, slowly making sure with his sole eye that the boy was ok before he closed his eyes and let himself take one deep breath. He wanted nothing more than to grab the boy and hold him but Shinobi were forbidden from showing attachment.

But that was alright. Because Naruto didn't give a fig about the rules and just hugged him anyway.

And if Kakashi held him just that tiny bit closer to make his hands stop trembling no one mentioned it.

Because even though shinobi were forbidden from showing many things no rule had ever said that shinobi weren't allowed to feel.