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Chapter 5

It was the middle of the day and Hin Hyuga was sitting in her room, typing away in her computer when suddenly her phone started vibrating. Without taking her eyes off the computer she reached for her HTC and glanced at it.

She went back to typing when suddenly her eyes went wide. She looked back at the phone and gasp. She jumped off her bed and sprinted out of her bedroom with no shoes on.

She ran for three minutes until she saw the person she was looking for. "NARUTO!" She yelled getting the blonde males attention. Naruto was currently relaxing on one of the leather couches that sat on the common room, watching TV. His blue eyes looked up and saw Hin running towards him. Sometimes he forgot that she was a girl… that is until he saw her and his heart started to beat faster. "My dad is coming to visit me!" She whispered as she landed beside him.

"What?" Naruto asked confuse.

"My dad… he's coming to visit me" She repeated. "He doesn't know… about this!"

"Oh…" Naruto said.

"He takes 5 minutes off his work to see me but I'm not me… I'm someone I invented to get his attention" Hinata said, her eyes wide with fear.

"Do you think he'll notice?" He asked.

Hinata narrowed her eyes. "He's self centered not blind!"

"If you get caught… you get booted" He informed making Hinata rolled her eyes. "and I'll never see you again"

This made her blush as they looked at each other in silence. Part of them wanted to kiss right there but they were aware of their surroundings.

"What am I going to do?" Hinata asked, shaking off Naruto's words out of her head.

Naruto shrugged. Hinata then gasped once again making him jump. "I've got to shave my legs!" She yelled in horror and ran to her room.

Naruto stared at the hallway where Hin had run off to. "That is something I didn't want to know" He said to himself as he settle himself to watch Tv once again.

The next day Hin called Naruto into her room so he could tell her what she was wearing was ok. Naruto sat in her bed, his eyes covered as she changed.

"Ok… you can open your eyes now" She said. Naruto tooks his hand away from his eyes and stared at the woman in front of him. There stood Hin, with her long black hair flowing free in a purple sundress that hugged her curves.

"What?" She asked.

"You look… wow" He mumble making her giggled.

"Really?" She asked, as she turned to see herself in the mirror. "This is the best I could find" She shrugged.

"Wow" He mumbled again making her giggled. She turned and showed him a night lilac necklace.

"Good?" She asked holding it out.

"Yeah" he said dumbly as he stood from the bed. She smiled and hanged it around her neck.

"Last week, the only time I thought I would see you in a dress was at a gay club" He chuckled. Hinata laughed as she shook her head.

"Yeah well… my dad like to see me in a dress" She said applying some lipstick on her lips. "He says that's the lady way"

"I had a dress like this once… when I was 6" Hin said. "My dad send it to me when he was at Paris leading some company. I waited for him to come to put it on but by the time he came back… I had out grown it" Hinata shrugged.

"Yeah… nice story" Naruto said. "Come here" He said as he mention her with his finger to come closer. Hin smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lips.

Suddenly nothing else mattered, just them, kissing.

"I have to go" She whispered as they parted away. She gave him one last smile as she picked up her lilac heels and climbed out the window.

Once she was on the floor she placed her heels on her feet and made her way to the girls side.

Once she was there she saw her father getting out of his car whilst talking on the phone. "Wouldn't be my father if he wasn't on the phone" Hinata murmured to herself. Lightly rolling her eyes.

After a couple of minutes of being in the phone her father hanged up. His eyes stared at her making her uncomfortable.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing… it's just that you've grown so much" Her father said. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug. Hin smiled, no matter what, she was always daddy's little girl.

"Shall we go inside?" He asked as soon as they stepped away. "I want to see what kind of room they gave you. I paid good money so my little girl can be comfortable" He said, passing Hin. Hin's heart stopped for a minutes as she ran after her dad trying to stop him but a male voice stopped them both.

"" Said the voice. Both Hin and her father turned around to find Naruto standing behind them.

"Yes?" Her father asked.

"Welcome… I'm Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said as he stepped closer and shook Hin's fathers hand. Hin stared at Naruto before smiling and giggling to herself. "The dean asked me to show you and Hin…"

"Hinata" Hin quickly corrected making Naruto stared at her. He smirked slightly.

"Hinata" He repeated. "Oh" He said. Hinata blush slightly at his smirk. "Hinata around campus" He finished.

"Good" Her father said. Naruto started to walk along Hinata's father as she followed behind.

Naruto showed every corner of the school, just like he had promised. The sun was already setting when Naruto guide them back to the car.

"Naruto…" She said getting both of their attention. "Thank you. For everything" She said. Naruto smiled and shook her hand.

"No problem" He winked making her smile. He then turned to her father and shook his hand as well. "It was nice meeting you sir"

"It was nice meeting you too" He said. "Say Naruto… why don't you accompany Hinata tomorrow. Her mother is coming have some lunch with her and I'm sure she would love to meet you as well"

"Tomorrow?" Both Hinata and Naruto asked at the same time looking at each other.

"Yeah" He nodded. "At noon"

"I can't. I have a boating competition at the same time" Naruto said.

"Uhh… I heard about that" Hinata said. "Dad maybe you can tell mom to make it maybe later… like at 2 or something" Hinata pleaded.

"Hinata… you know your mother… she won't back away"

"Right" Hinata sigh.

"Well… I'll see you around sir" Naruto said. He stared at Hinata for a couple of minutes before walking away.

"He like you" Her father said.

"What?" Hinata blushed. "I don't even know him" She said. Her father rolled his eyes as he got on his black Mercedes.

"You're blushing" He stated making Hinata blush even more.

"Be good with your mother tomorrow" He said. As soon as he closed the door his cellphone rang.

"Bye dad" She chuckled. She went to the entrance of the girls dorms and waved at her father as he drove away.

She made sure he was already a few feet away to run to her real dorm.

"Give me a sec Roger" Hinata's father said as he stopped the car to find a pen. He looked outside his window and saw his daughter making her way to the guys dorms.

"Where is she going?"