The next morning Hermione joined Harry for breakfast, Hermione had on a small smile remembering what happened last night and what was going to happen this morning.


"Now Ginny, I know you where making Love potions to git harry to like you, so this is pay back" said Hermione.

Ginny did not say anything.

"Ginny pee your pants" Hermione said with a smile.

Harry watched as a wet spot appeared on the front of Ginny pants and slowly run down her leg.

"Payback time" said Harry finally getting what Hermione wanted done.

Hermione walked over to Ginny and took her hand.

"Now be a big girl and strip naked for mommy" said Hermione.

"Ok mommy" said Ginny as she took her shirt and pants off, then her bra and panties, Ginny was standing there naked with her small breasts and round bum.

"Now come with me and let's get you diapered" said Hermione pulling Ginny to the changing table.

Ginny climbed up onto the table, Hermione got out a diaper, opining it she slid it under Ginny and taped it into place.

Ginny giggled, but on the inside Ginny was starting to panic, she could not control her body at all, or her mouth, Hermione was talking to her like she was 2 and how did she find out about the love potion, Harry was hers and no one elts.

Now she was laying there naked but a diaper...a DIAPER...oh I hope I can get back to the dorm with no one seeing me.

"There, now let's get you in your crib" said Harry as Hermione lifted her up and plunked her down in the crib.

"Now if you have to use the bathroom...well that what the diaper is for"

Hermione waved her wand over Ginny.

Ginny felt something worm between her legs and she realised that she was wetting herself again.

Ginny watched as Hermione stripped naked as Harry lay down on the bed.

"Make Love to me Harry...I need you"

*what...Harry your mine, dont touch that bitch* Ginny thought she said but what came out was "Gab baa gaga"

"Oh look the baby wants to talk, you know baby talking is for big girls not babies" smiled Harry as he climbed onto the bed.

Harry was lying completely naked, spread out on the soft and plush bed. Harry didn't even have to say a word to the young horny witch. Hermione disrobed herself of her heavy sweater and ugly skirt in short order, before peeling off her bra and panties seconds later.

'God Dammit Hermione… Why the hell have I waited this long? Oh… Leave those sexy glasses on!' Harry moaned as his semi-hard cock stood straight up in attention. As if in response to Harry's arousal, Hermione walked over to the end of his bed, crawled onto the covers and made her way slowly and sexily towards his five inch hard shaft. Seconds later, Hermione's bushy head of hair was over top Harry's cock and balls as she got ready to engulf the pulsing hard prick.

Hermione pounced on Harry's cock. Her bushy head of hair enveloped his lower waist as her mouth moved up and down on Harry's cock coating it with her warm saliva and eliciting moans of pleasure from the recipient of her loving blowjob.

'I'm sure glad you're here Hermione… that red hair baby there can't do anything like you!' Harry muttered as Hermione continued to work away on his throbbing hard pole.

Baby Ginny watched as the bitch sucked on Harrys cock, that thought only made her wet her diaper again, and thinks to the spell she could not talk or get out of the crib.

'Mmmmmmm' Hermione moaned in agreement onto Harry's dick, nearly making him cum right then and there.

Hermione moaned after having climbed on top of Harry. With just the tip of Harry's five inches now being engulfed by Hermione's horny pussy, she was already moaning

She was still as tight as ever. Harry had to work hard for over five minutes before her tiny pussy began to loosen enough for him to drive his cock into her a little harder and a little faster. 'Spank my ass Harry… Spank me hard!' Hermione moaned as their tempo started to increase.

'SMACK… SMACK… SMACK!' Harry's hand left several large hand shaped red marks on Hermione's ass as she continued to ride him even faster. Harry didn't even have to force Hermione to be such a horny little slut and ask for a hard spanking; she was coming up with it all by herself. As Hermione continued to let out her inner-whore, Harry flipped her over onto her back with his cock still slamming in and out of her. Hermione let out a gasp of shock as Harry began to pummel his cock deeper into her now quivering pussy. The change of position and Harry's deep penetration was all Hermione needed to hit her first powerful orgasm.

'OH MY GODDDDD!' screamed Hermione, as her body shook and the powerful sensation of an orgasm trickled through her body. Harry could feel Hermione's pussy clench his cock and coat it with her warm sticky fluids.

'You're too tight Hermione' Harry groaned his savage thrusts became far more urgent and aggressive.

'CUM ALL OVER ME HARRY!' Hermione moaned as Harry slammed his cock into her one last time and pulled out in the nick of time. Standing up on his soft bed over Hermione, Harry began to rub his shaft as quickly as possible to reach his sticky end.

'UNGHHHHH… UNGHHHH!' he grunted, firing several thick loads of hot cum all over Hermione's stomach, breasts, face and her sexy pair of librarian glasses.

'Mmmmmmm… Tasty!' Hermione moaned, as she licked the cum left on her lips.

Hermione grabbed her wand and did a spell that made all the cum go into a glass, then drank all the cum.

"Mmmm, Harry that was good"

Hermione walked over to baby Ginny, Hermione was still naked.

"Now dont you think your getting off by just watching" she said and grabbed the GW coin.

"Ginny, when I let you out of the crib, I am going to do a spell that will make it so if anyone see you before breakfast they will see you in your normal uniform and not the onsie, once you enter the great hall, you are going to go up to Ron and ask him to change you and feed you right there, if he dont act like a kid until he did"

Ginny was screaming inside, she wanted to go change but now she felt her body move on its own, back to her room and into bed, her diaper crinkled all the way.


Harry was glad that Hermione was helping him than working for Dumbledore or the Weasley's, also he was happy that he did not need a potion to get into Hermione panties, and she loves him for Harry not the Boy-who- lived.

As Harry was tucking into his Eggs and bacon the doors to the Great hall opened and in walked Ms Weasley...or should I say Baby Ginny.

Ron did not look up as he was shoving food into his mouth as fast as he can.

"Ron, is that your sister" said Neville tapping Ron on the back.

Ron looked up and his eyes went almost dropped out of their places, Ginny walked up to him, her hair was in pig tales tied with a ribbon, she was wearing a baby onsie with a Pacifier hanging around her neck, and around her middle there was a bulge that told Ron that she had a Diaper on.

"Ronny...Me hungery..." said Ginny in a baby voice sitting down beside him.

"Ginny...what happened..."said Ron.

"You did not wake me up, or change me, me all stinky and need change" said Ginny holding up a baby diaper bag.

"Come on Ginny, let's get you to the medical wing" said Ron trying to pull Ginny out of the hall.

" Ronny" shouted Ginny.

"Well well...I see Weasley dont grow up, well where your diaper and outfit Weasley, your sister is ready to be changed" snickered Malfoy from behind Ron.

"Shut it Malfoy" Ron said.

"Hay Granger, why dont you breast feet Ron here" smiled Malfoy.

"I will do it" said Cho getting up and walking closer.

"I always wanted a big baby to look after" she said

A few min later Ron had went along and changed Ginny right there in the great hall, as she would not leave with a wet and messy diaper, and would not let Cho change her.

Harry and Hermione where trying to hide giggles as they watched Ginny get changed and Cho pulling them out of the hall, Harry could some of what Cho was saying.

(I think a Red onsie will look good on you Ron, It will match your hair, and Ginny I have some toys for you)

Hermione whispered to Harry.

"Mischief managed"

Well it Looks Like Cho is going to baby both Ron and Ginny...for now that is, Ron and Ginny are going to try Revenge, Ron is going to find that it was not the Twins that Pranked Ginny...

The next task is going to be a Maze; also the things that were saved from the lake are going to be needed in the maze to help the champions

There is going to be some sex and some fetish sex in the maze, just so you know.

Next chapter up soon