Wassupp? So, after taking some time after finishing The Award, I wrote a couple of one-shots, but I'm really in the mood to start another story (= I've always wanted to do a fanfiction based on the song 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift, so here you go, and I hope you like it!

Sonny POV

You're on the phone with your girlfriend,

she's upset.

Going off about something that you said

She doesn't, get your humor like

I do

"No, come on! Julie, it wasn't like that! It was a joke, Jules, a freaking joke!"

Chad's angry voice drifted down the hallway and into prop house, where me and the rest of the So Random cast was lounging around. Tawni paused applying her lipstick, and Nico and Grady looked up from their video games. Even up in the vents we heard Zora stop shuffling around. I sighed and exchanged a look with Tawni, before flipping to the next page in my magazine.

It was another argument with his girlfriend, Julie Ramos. Typical Chad girlfriend: Small, petite, skinny, a model, where's tight clothes and high heels, drives a blue convertable VMW Bug, and has the most annoying voice that makes you want to slap someone. Oh, but I forgot to mention that she's rude. Very rude. She makes poor Chad miserable, but he would never admit it. Out in public, sure, they laughed, kissed, hugged, whatever. Chad was an actor. Inside the studio, Chad was never happy anymore. On a good day, it was rare to get him to smile.

I looked at my magazine and ironically, it was about Chad and Julie. I scanned the article and found that it was all the usual stuff. Pictures of them going out to dinner, statistics on how long they were going to be together, quotes on how adorable 'Chulie' was, but what surprised me the most was in the righthand corner there was a box with some type of percentage in it. Reading it, I saw that it read: 67% of fans like Channy better than Chulie!

Channy? Who the-oh.

There it was, a picture of me. I rolled my eyes, of course. Before I had time to talk about how ridiculous that was, Chad's voice interrupted our thoughts.

"Okay, fine. Whatever." I glanced at the entryway of the prophouse, hearing footsteps, harsh and Chad stormed by, pausing to lock eyes with me, then continued with a huff. "Poor Chad," I whispered sadly.

"Sonny!" Tawni drawled from her end of the couch. I looked up, my eyebrows raised. "No, I will not go on another wild-goose chase to find you're lipstick, which, oh yeah, didn't exsist!" I said dryly, remembering a prank the cast pulled on me yesterday.

Nico and Grady cackled and highfived, making me roll my eyes. Tawni flipped her hair indingnantly, "No, what I was going to say, is that you need to go talk to Chad." I groaned, "Why is it always me?"

Nico actually paused the game to stop and stare at me, "Um, cause you two are like, best friends." He said, as if it were obvious. Which, admittedly, was kind of obvious. After the months of bickering, something kind of just . . . clicked. We started to hang out, in a friendly way of course. Chad was like my big brother, I could always rely on him for advice, and vice versa. I was always a shoulder to lean on whenever he was going through a difficult relationship (Like now). Of course, it took a while for the press to accept that we were just friends. Chad always made that very clear, admitting to me once that he did like me, but thought it would be best if we stayed friends.

So thats what we did. And I shoved down my feelings for him, and had to grin and bear it, because what Chad needed was a friend, not another girlfriend.

Though I desperatley wanted that.

I sighed and set down my magazine, "I'll be back in time for the show," I said, walking out of the prophouse. I walked down the hallway and across the parking lot to the abandoned set. Chad always went there to be alone and to think. I opened the door and sure enough, Chad was sitting in the corner with his face in his hands. He didn't look up when I walked over to him, nor did he when I sat down next to him. A pang of sadness hit my heart, it hurt me to se him so sad.

I wrapped my arms around him in a hug and leaned my head on his shoulder, knowing that he just needed some comfor and that he wasn't ready to talk yet. I heard Chad take a a ragged breath, making me squeeze him tighter, wanting to cry at the pain he was going through.

We stayed like that for a while. After a long time, Chad lifted his head. I drew back my arms and let him sit up. Chad stared at me, his blue eyes wide with sorrow, "Thanks, Sonny." He said quietly, "I needed that."

I rested my head on his shoulder, "Wanna talk about it?"

That was all it took. Chad dove into this explanation about a joke he said, and how Julie blew it all out of proportion and how she always over-reacts, and acts like such a diva. I was silent through it all, muttering an occasional "yeah," From my spot on his shoulder.

"And she even has the nerve to tell me that she still wants the dinner I planned for her tonight, even after she called me yelling at me! The only reason why she's dating me is the press." Chad finished, fuming.

"Well, like always, you know my opinion." I said softly.

"I can't just break it off when things get rough, Sonny! God, you just don't even know."

Ouch. I stiffened, and Chad must have realized what he said, because he quickly began talking. "Oh, crap, Sonny I'm such a jerk, I didn't even mean it like that."

I removed my head from his shoulder and stood up. This seemed to freak Chad out even more. "Please, Sonny, don't be mad. I need a friend more than ever right now, please don't be mad at me!" He pleaded, his eyes gazing up at me.

I rolled my eyes and held out my hand, "I'm not mad at you, genius."

Chad let out a sigh of relief and took my hand, hoisting himself up. We began to walk back through the empty set, "Thanks again, Sonny, and I really am sorry." Chad said once we reached the door. I nodded, "Don't worry about it, Chad. Have fun in your, uh, date."

I leaned forwrd and wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug. Chad snaked his hands around my waist and squeezed me tightly, "You have no idea how good you are to me," Chad whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

I smiled, opening my mouth to reply when I heard a shrill, "CHAD!" cut through the studio.

Chad and I jumped apart like lightning and saw Julie herself marching across the set in a tiny black dress that was more like a tight t-shirt and tall black stilettos. I heard Chad groan softly beside me.

"Chaddy, baby, where were you? I was looking everywhere!" Julie whined, walking up. Her gaze fell on me and she froze. "Oh. Sonny."

I forced a smile on my face, "Julie, nice to see you again." Julie ignored me and glared at Chad, "I walk in and you see having a freaking cuddle fest. How do you think that makes me feel, Chad? Huh?"

Chad groaned, "Julie, come on, you know Sonny! She's a friend! It was just a hug, I-,"

"Save it." Julie growled, grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the studio, turning only to give me an icy glare, then slammed the door to the studio, making me jump.

I stared out the window at Chad and Julie and sighed sadly, "You belong with me," I whispered into the silence of the studio, a secret that would be locked up in my heart forever, "I love you."

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