Why . . . Hello! For some reason of your own you've decided to click on this story. And I have to say . . . I am scared right now. Not because you might be some freaky stalker, but because, unlike my usual policy, I told no one about this fic before publishing. And I have no way of knowing what people will think of it . . . if it will end up well-done or scorned upon . . . zilch. Also because this is only the product of extreme boredom. I just went on Word and started typing . . . with no intent whatsoever of turning this into a writing guide. Yep. You heard me. Now seeing as I have nothing else to add, I shall end this incredibly annoying AN by letting you know that PJO is not mine, nor the rest of the world. :C

An Introduction to a Guide

We all know how much you hate uber mean flames. And you can't help but wonder: Why? Why do you get these evil reviews? Why do those mean people hate your story? It's a great story!

At least, you think it's great. But is it? Is it really? Take a moment and think. Does your fic have chat speak? Did you use spell check, or just post on a whim? Are there red and green lines on every word? Hmm . . . maybe it's your characters. Do Percy and Annabeth act like in the books? Would Rick Riordan write them like this? Or maybe you have an OC . . . is your OC beyond perfect? Do they have a unique name and a horrible past? I hope not. Because if so, there's your answer right there.

You: Why? People don't mind that. Fan Fiction is for amateur's, ya know.

I know, I know. But listen, dear, we can't pollute the site with work we know we can improve. In fact, why don't you go on and read the guidelines of the site, which clearly state to put a full effort into making your fic as well done as possible. Yep. That's basically something it says.

By now you're getting pretty pissed - who am I to tell you what you can and cannot do on the site? Right? Well I'm not gonna answer that. Instead I'm gonna tell a story . . . a true story. You can skim past it, if you want. Be my guest. ;P

There was once a very young eleven year old girl whose life was Harry Potter. She discovered a website on Google one day, when she typed in 'Harry Potter,' and then, by mistake, an 'f' too. Curiosity having got the best of her, she slowly clicked 'Harry Potter Fan fiction.'

And thus, the girl was thrown into a world of good and bad. At the time, as she later on admits, she had been the bad; ruthlessly publishing crap Harry Potter and Twilight stories. Yet one day, she felt like coming up with something unique—unlike any other. And so the girl sat down with her notebook, wishing very, very much that she had a laptop. She wrote, and wrote . . . and wrote! And in science class she wrote even more! Eventually she had written out a full 5,000 word prologue. Then, for once, she decided to read it over. Well, she always read her work over. But this time would be different; this time she would try really, uber extra hard to fix stuff in her work. Now, I know that concept may sound rather strange to you, but just like this girl, you have to get accustomed to reading over your work for improvement. Why, may you ask? Because. Because this young, eleven year old girl read over her prologue many, many times in excitement for her new fic. This one, she had a feeling, was the best. Finally, when it was thoroughly edited, she published, with a feeling that this was her most well-written story yet.

Now you may or may not be wondering what happened. If not, I'm still gonna tell you that this new HP fic was her best yet. She got tons of reviews . . . and favs . . . and alerts . . . the girl was very happy. And when she went to update her crap!fics, which she'd kinda left alone for a while, she had to read them over to catch up her memory of what was happening. The girl was appalled to see how suckish those fics were . . . she wondered how she could have ever written something so bad . . . without even trying to fix it.

And that's where I'll stop.

Hopefully, something miraculous like that will happen to every author out on Fan Fiction . . . PJO particularly. But let's face it my lovelies… that's nawt gonna happen.

We can try, yes we can try. But in the long run , on just the first page of PJO Fan Fiction you'll find an average of at least 5 to 10 shit!fics, out of 25. I should know. I used to do daily scans. :L

And why? You wonder. Why does someone publish a story if they know it's bad? Well, to put it simply, the answer is the same reason you hand in the homework you rush-completed on the bus this morning.

Because you want to get it over with. You want feedback.

Yes, you knew that the scribbled paragraph on The French and Indian war sucked, and was very untidy because you were sitting in the back of this bus. But you also know that your History teach doesn't care. She's just gonna look at it to make sure it's done.

Do the shit!fic authors know their work sucks? Maybe. Maybe they just want to post anyway . . . want the satisfaction of getting new emails every second full of reviews and people alerting and faving. And finally publishing stuff . . . getting it over with. It's why I used to publish work I knew was crap. And yes, darling, that girl from before was most definitely moi, in case you were wondering.

But don't they ever get that feeling of doubt? That feeling that maybe . . . their story isn't really that awesome-ful? That maybe their character Anastasia Sprinkle Sparkle Puff is kinda annoying?

I would hope so.

Look, guys. We all know that at some point in our lives, maybe even now, we were suckish writers. And if anyone ever tries to deny it . . . I doubt that in Kindergarten we went around typing stuff up and posting it online. Exactly.

And you come to wonder: why? Why does everyone call me a bad writer? Why are they so mean?

For those of you who wonder the above, and apparently don't know that your story sucks like you should have known, here, my dearies, is a guide.

Yes, a guide.

I know what you're thinking. Why the hell does this person think she can go around making guides? What makes her good enough to do that?

Or maybe you're not thinking that. But whatever. I'm about to answer. And what I'm saying in my answer is that you may call me vain, or egoistic, or a wannabe Verita . . . but I don't care. Because when I read a bad fic that makes me wanna pull my hair out, I know why. Yes. You heard me. I am able to look at something and read it and understand what is wrong, and what is making it as crappy as it is.

Sometimes it's grammar . . . sometimes it may be a crappy OC, or a Stu, or Sue, or OOCness. It may be flow . . . syntax, punctuation, or just how well-written it is over all. There are a lot of things that can be wrong with a fic.

And I'm not saying that my writing is free of those things either, for the record. But at least I try hard to edit my stuff . . . get a beta . . . and find room for improvement. Sometimes in my AN's I ask, yes ask, for CC and flames. Because how else am I gonna know how to fix things . . . and what to fix? And when someone does drop of a wonderful, CC filled review, I'm thankful. And if you want you can go scroll down to the bottom right now and review with everything you think is wrong with this fic. Be my guest, dear.

I'm not saying my writing isn't confusing, or bad, and I'm in no way calling it perfect. But I know that I put in effort, and that counts for something. And boy, I know that I know what bad grammar, Sues, and other suckish aspects of writing are classified as. And I know to stay away from them.

So perhaps I'm sharing my secrets in this story? Yes? Is that what you think of it?

Well, then.

Look. If this whole fic turns out successful, and I don't end up deleting it for farther editing, you're looking at what will one day be a 10 chapter fic with each chapter donated towards a certain annoyance it writing.

Yep, you heard me.

And now I plead you farewell, wondering why I randomly decided to start this guide anyway and typed this all up. And no, for the record, I do not have a beta for this fic. It's all me, babe. And no, I am not telling anyone the alternate account of mine where I first published all those crap fics, oh so long ago. Maybe one day I'll tell the world . . . but not today. Or tomorrow. So if you were planning on asking, save yourself the trouble.

And so we come to the end of the beginning. This is an introduction, after all. Goddamn the day Spanish finals kill me, but bless when Sues die in Tartarus, for alas! It may happen! And remember . . . this is only an intro. There is more to come! So add this to alerts . . . come on now. You know you want to.

Yes. I did just go there.