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Chapter 1: Mary Sues

Hi guyyyssss1!1 My username is ILIVPERCABETH and I just published my frist story. It has a bunch of OC's so heere are my OC's so u will be familiar with them when I start and I don't have to introduce them. :D:D:D:D:D:D Okay. SO Here they are: Jessice: half-vampire, half-demigod, half-princess. RyceZ: he's 1/3 sorcerer and 1/3 wizard and 1/3 demigod. Then theres Sparkle and shes the princess of the underworld. And after that is Janeta she is half vampire half-werewolf and even though shes only 12 she and Poseidon have a thing hehe….. there all really beaitufil and everyonhe loves them even though secretly they are like a cult. XD p.s. they are all children of percy and annabeth and REALLY powerfull. Anyway plzz read but don't flame! Tell me if I should continue!

See that awful, horrid, disguising paragraph up there? See it? Yeah. Well I saw a fic like that once. The characters were part vampire and part something else and all that other crap. Not only were they Sues/Stus, but un-realistic as well.

Sues. Mary-Sues.

What are they, you wonder. What do they do? What do they mean? After all, we must learn what they are first before we can terminate them

A Mary Sue, or sometimes just 'Sue' is a term in literary criticism. Particularly, in fact, Fan Fiction. Yep. You heard me. Even Wikipeida knows that Sues are greatly scorned in this world. They have overly-perfect mannerisms, look, powers, and the whole pizza. They miss pretty important flaws, and sometimes act as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the crap writer. They are too ostentatious for all the reader's taste, which basically means that they're too showy, rich, wealthy, and all that. Usually the writer favors the Sue too much, and pushes how wonderful the Sue is on the readers.

Now stop and think for a moment. Do you have a Sue? Really, think hard. Can your character be described as one from the above paragraph, or the fan-girl paragraph? If so, do you push your wonderful little Sue and shove it in the readers face?

I would hope not. This leads us readers to dislike or even resent the Sue very quickly. Hmm . . . Sues can also be thought of as 'author's pet.' Yep. So basically, you should try to stay away from Sues.

And now, having had just realized you've got a Sue on your hands, an icy feeling is setting in your body, which feels out of proportion and quite nervous. Not because of that Spanish final tomorrow, but because it's really time to face it. You're a suethor.

Now I know what you're thinking, which is denying ever putting that horrible idea of an OC out on the web. Or you're not thinking that… but whatever, you get what I mean. Or you don't know what I mean, 'cause I don't even know what I mean. Anyways, back to the point.

In all seriousness… a lot of people out there have Sues. Or Stus. Or some sort of variation. You would think that authors consider their OCs more, and put more thought into the action of people not liking their character.

Except they don't. The suethors, I mean. I know I think about whether or not my OCs are likeable… and well, real.

Ya know?

How NOT To Make an OC

Let's slap a name on there, shall we? A unique name… a name that'll make me sound intelligent for thinking it up or remembering it as a possibility. One that shall make me seem worldly and cultural.

How about… Josefina Andrea Perez de Angelo. Or we can add something unrealistic on there too, that makes the parents sound cool and shows she comes from an interesting family. Like… Sky. Or Sparkle.

…And there we have it. Josefina Andrea Perez Sparkle Sky de Angelo.

She also has to be pretty interesting for reader appeal. They won't wanna read 'bout some boring normal dude with normal hair.

She has to be unique… unlike anyone else… to make the readers curious about her. They want to know where she got all these powers and stuff.

Also, seeing as everyone lurves Edward and no other boring human, I should at least make her half-vampire. At least.

But wittle Sparkle Sky should also be the greatest of them all… with unknown powers that will one day lead the rest of them to look for her for guidance…

Readers love a plot like that…

They don't wanna read about some ugly person either, so I should make her fairly beautiful. And every story out there needs a savior hot guy for all the girl readers to swoon over. I know I would never read story without hot protective men out there.

So I'll give her a boyfriend.

Of course, though, the more the merrier. So maybe I'll give her another BF. Or—even better! Boys fighting over her!

Of course she can't be older than 13 because she needs to be finding out she's a demigod in the story, but I'll work something out…

WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG! There ya have it, folks. That was How NAWT to make an OC.

How To Make an OC

Let's make an OC, shall we?

Okay. So the first order of business is that we can't name our OC something like, 'Sparkle Shiny Pants.' And yes, I am being 100% truthful when I say that someone PMed me asking me to beta their story about 'Sparkle Shiny Pants.' Dead serious.

The name doesn't have to be as common as, let's say, Hannah, for it not to be a Sue. Just try to refrain from using words (yes people, they are NOT names. Face it.) such as Sparkle, Sprinke, Sky, Button, or really uber pretty long beautiful girly names that shock people half to death and sound like they belong to a princess from the 15th century.

Just don't do that, mkay? Don't.

Then there's the aspect of perfection. Listen, guys. Everyone has flaws. And OCs—yes, even OCs, can't lack flaws. So it's really not that hard to throw some flaws in there—whether it's physical, mental feelings, or both. Just add something to make your OC feel and seem like a real person. Not some made up fantasy or wish-fulfillment for you.

Let's call our OC Jim. He's a guy. He's in his 20s, and is a demigod. (Son of a minor god.) He's had a good child hood, but is very poor and has fallen into the wrong crown more recently. He's gotton himself into some tough situations and has made rational and uncalled for actions to get out of them.

He has no special powers. At least, not outside the lines of his ancestry. He's not exactly the looker either… but is in pretty good shape, and is really healthy too.

Hmm… will that cut it? This guy was made on a whim in about two minutes. No copying, my fellers. I may use him for something…

Overall, Mary Sues= Epic Fail. So just stay away from them as much as possible. Mkay?

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