Title: What Will the Future Hold: Family
Sequel to: My story "What Will the Future Hold?"

Category: Romance, Family
Season: Future (2008)

Spoilers: None that I can think of, with the exception of my own story.
Pairing: S/J established
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, sexual insinuations and situations.

Summary: short sequel that shows a bit of what happened after "What Will the Future Hold?"
Disclaimer: see profile

A/N: I don't have a beta, so any mistakes are my own. I always appreciate feedback and/or constructive criticism or just a comment to let me know why you (don't) like it.

A/N 2: I advise you to read my other fic (because of its monstrous size it's been dubbed "WTF") because I don't think it would make any sense whatsoever if you haven't read that one. This sequel has been written after several requests for future snippets by readers of "WTF" and I hope you all enjoy this. If you do not feel like you will be able to read WTF (which is understandable considering the size) or think you have forgotten some things, just PM me for a more thorough summary, I can probably write you a more detailed one than what's been given for the original story.

"Jack," Sam drawled out his name and tried scowling at him.

He chuckled at her facial expression; it was obvious she was trying to be serious, but he could see the corners her mouth quirk up. "What?" he asked in his most innocent tone, forcing himself to keep his eyes on her face.

She squinted at him. "Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Looking at me like that," Sam mumbled, ducking her head to hide the blush creeping up.

"I thought you liked it when I was looking at you like that," he waggled his eyebrows and couldn't contain his smug smirk as he got up from the bed.

"Not now," she replied through gritted teeth.

"It's not my fault, Samantha," Jack whispered in her ear as he wound his arms around her from behind and pulled her back against his chest.

"Yes it is," she tried scolding him, but was having a hard time when she was enjoying the embrace.

"No it isn't," he insisted, nuzzling her neck. "You shouldn't dress so provocatively…"

"I'm not-"

Jack smirked and pulled on the towel wrapped around her body, dropping it to pool around her bare feet. "Dressed, that's right. Very good, Colonel."

"Jack!" Sam yelped, trying to fend off his roaming hands, but unable to contain a giggle. "I can't…"

"Yes, you can," he murmured in her ear, feeling her resolve break as he cupped her breasts in his hands. He still had a hard time believing she was finally his to touch, to hold and make love to, and knew he'd never get enough of it. She mumbled something unintelligible when he kneaded the soft mounds and flicked her hard nipples with his thumbs, enjoying the softness of her silky skin.

"No," she shook her head slowly, trying to remember what she wanted to say. "You can't-"

"Oh," Jack chuckled, "I most definitely can," he replied as his hands moved down to her waist and pulled her against his erection.

"Plane," Sam mumbled, as he rubbed himself against her ass in slow, erotic movements, her arousal flaring at the intimate contact. "Jack," she gasped when he sucked on the sensitive skin of her neck, "the plane."

"You can reschedule," he growled against her throat, one of his hands exploring the soft expanse of her stomach while the other remained on her hip.

She grabbed his wandering hand to still it when his calloused fingertips touched the small triangle of blonde curls between her legs. "No, I can't," she pulled his hand away and quickly took a step forward, breaking the contact between them before she'd get lost in their passion again. "They're expecting me," Sam elaborated as she turned around to face him. "Mark is expecting me and he won't be happy if I don't get there in time," she shrugged. "He's a bit of a control-freak."

"Must be a genetic thing," Jack remarked as his eyes roamed her beautiful body as she was standing there, naked in front of him with her hands on her hips. Probably to emphasize her point, he mused, but it was doing something completely different to him. "Oh, c'mon, Carter, you're killing me here."

Laughing, Sam shook her head and walked over to him and pressed a quick kiss on the lips. "You're such a guy," she replied and turned back to the task at hand; packing her suitcase.

"Sam," he whined, slightly frustrated that she could walk away that easily. "I'm sure your brother would understand if you'd explain."

"What?" She turned, eyes wide, to face him. "I don't think Mark would take it very well if I told him I had to reschedule my flight because my lover, whose existence he doesn't even know about yet, wanted to have sex, again."

"Fiancé," Jack commented, frowning at her choice of words.

She shrugged and placed the last item of clothing in the case and closed it. "Look Jack," Sam sighed and plopped down at the bed. "It's going to take a lot for Mark to understand that I've moved on after Pete, not to mention with you and that we're getting married so soon."

"I was thinking of it being Christmas," he replied as he sat next to her on the bed and handed her the underwear she had placed there.


He shrugged. "That you were late because it was Christmas, it's usually pretty hectic on the airport around the holidays."

"Oh," she blushed at misinterpreting his earlier words and grabbed the lingerie he offered.

"Now get dressed before I throw you on the bed and take you, plane or no plane," he grinned evilly as he got up. "I'll be in the shower testing my personal hypothesis of whether cold water actually relaxes certain muscles…"

Sam giggled at his muttering and quickly got dressed, before she would change her mind and join him.

Scanning the crowd through her sunglasses looking for her brother, Sam impatiently strode towards the central meeting area carrying her suitcase. Jack was right; the airport was filled with idiots on Christmas Day! Huffing her annoyance, she glanced at her watch once again. It was snowing outside, like it had when she left Washington DC, so perhaps Mark was delayed due to the weather and traffic…

It hadn't been that long ago that she had returned from Atlantis, only a little over two weeks ago when she visited Mark, but he had insisted she'd come by for Christmas. She didn't want to, she wanted to spend the holidays with Jack and the kids, hell even Ilse and her family, but Mark had explained to her that he didn't want her to be alone with Christmas now that she was back from abroad and divorcing Pete. She'd nearly bitten her tongue as she almost blurted out that she was happy with Jack and tried to convince her little brother that he didn't have to put up with her. Of course, he had persisted, probably thinking she didn't want to bother him.

She knew him better than he thought, even the years they had been estranged hadn't changed him much with the exception of having a family and an even more outspoken opinion about the AF, and knew that there was no way she could convince him without telling him the truth. The only problem with the truth was that Sam wasn't sure Mark could handle it, especially not if she told him by phone. Instead, she had talked to Jack and they'd agreed she would go visit her brother on Christmas Day and get back the 29th, her birthday. The kids had been upset that she was leaving but they'd cheered up a bit when they realized that they got to open their presents in the morning already! She chuckled to herself when she remembered their happy faces while unwrapping presents and how they had made her promise to be back soon.


"Mark!" She dropped her suitcase and hugged him. "I was lost in thought, sorry."

"It's okay," he grinned, squeezing her arm before stepping back.

"Laura, it's good seeing you again," Sam greeted her sister-in-law.

Nodding, Laura stepped forwards and gave her a quick hug. "You too, Sam."

"Where are the kids?" She asked, peering around her brother and his wife.

Leaning down, Mark grabbed her suitcase and shrugged. "At home, we figured we could leave them alone for a bit. After all, Ryan is already sixteen and Amy is just two years younger, they can manage."

Sam agreed but was surprised Mark did too, considering how he'd always been saying that their father left them alone too soon and often after their mother had died. Not wanting to remind him, she kept her mouth shut and followed them to the car, all the while trying to come up with a way to tell them about Jack and the huge changes that were happening in her life.

"How was your flight, Sam?"

Startled, she looked up to see Mark's questioning eyes directed at her. "Ah, it was fine."

"Are you hungry? Tired?"

"I'm fine, Laura," she rolled her eyes at her brother, who snickered. She stepped in the car and watched the scenery, enjoying the quiet. Every now and then Mark would glance at her via the rearview mirror or Laura would look over her shoulder, but apparently they both understood she didn't feel like talking much at the moment. Grabbing her cell phone, Sam quickly turned it on again and texted Jack that she had arrived in San Diego and was on her way to Mark's place.

Shifting in the passenger seat, Laura turned around to look at Sam. "I already made the bed in the guest room, so if you want you can rest a bit. I'm sure you could use it after traveling for five hours."

"We'll see," Sam mumbled, frowning. "I doubt I can get any sleep now. Besides, I don't want to ruin Christmas Day by sleeping through it."

"Amy was happy to hear you were staying for a few days," Laura continued, dismissing her argument with a wave of her hand. "We've already told Ryan that he isn't allowed to spend time on his computer, because it's Christmas and that is for family, right, Sam?"

"Yeah," she nodded, thinking about the family she had left behind in Washington DC. It would just be for four days, she kept telling herself. Jack had said he understood she had to go spend time with her family, especially because he wanted her to tell her brother about them. Still, she didn't want to leave them. They had only returned from their little trip to the cabin last week and she was still getting used to spending time with them, at least until her reassignment was finalized. She knew it was ridiculous, but she was already missing Jack and the children…

"I'm really happy you decided to come over, Sam," Mark chimed in, trying to lock gazes with her via the rearview mirror. "It's important to be around those you love and we hardly ever see each other."

Shaking her head, Sam protested. "Mark, we just saw each other a few weeks ago!"

"Yes, after you dropped off the face of the Earth for two years," he replied, unable to keep some of his frustrations – over her not telling him that she was leaving or where she had been – to himself.

"I already explained that…"

"I know, I know," he glanced at her, before looking back to the road.


"Yes, honey?"

Maddy walked into the bedroom and crawled on the bed, next to his suitcase. "Ready."

"Good," Jack smiled at her as he rearranged some of the items in his case. "I'm almost done too, what about your siblings?"


Closing his case, Jack held out his hand to his daughter. "C'mon, let's grab your things."

Maddy eagerly jumped off the bed and grabbed his hand, while he held the suitcase in the other. "Are we going to see Daniel and Teal'c?"

"No, they couldn't make it," he shook his head as he placed his suitcase near the stairs and walked into Nathan's room. "All done, buddy?"

"Yeah," he grinned, stepping aside to show his duffle bag. "Milou too."

"Great," Jack grabbed his bag before going into the girls' room, taking their bags as well. "Why don't you go downstairs and grab some juice for in the car," he suggested as he took their bags to the car.

When he got back into the house all three children were looking at him expectantly.

"Okay, bathroom first, then we'll get in the car." He herded the kids to the bathroom.

"Daddy," Milou spoke up, a small frown on her forehead. "How long until we get there?"

"We'll go to the Pentagon first," Jack explained, "then we'll beam to London and take a flight there." The President had insisted on him getting beaming technology at his house in the Netherlands, but so far it hadn't been installed yet. Something he planned on having done the day after tomorrow, just in time before Sam would come over. The IOA representatives were getting beaming technology at their offices as well, to make it easier to attend meetings and such. London was one of the first to have it properly installed, something Jack was going to use for his benefit, considering it would be less than an hour to Holland from there.


Jack made sure they were all strapped in properly in their seats once they were done and locked the house, before getting in the car as well. Sam was still in the air, he thought as he glanced at the time on his dashboard. She would land soon though, probably before they made it to London. He wasn't sure how her brother was going to react to the news, nor did he know when exactly in the next four days she was going to tell him. Knowing his lovely fiancée and the way she dealt with personal feelings, he doubted she would tell him right away. After all, Sam had a habit of evading feelings and everything that came with it, which would probably also be the case with her brother out of fear that they would have another fall out. Jack knew she didn't want that after it had taken the Carters years to make up and he wouldn't want her to lose her brother again… So, she would probably tell him the morning she was leaving.