I threw this together quickly, because there was no way I wasn't participating in Royai day. I, like so many others, read the last chapter in English yesterday. It reduced me to a puddle of tears. So, here's to having been following the series since 2004! That's a pretty good chunk of my childhood devoted to Fullmetal. I refuse to let it die.

I don't own anything.

"Did you hear, Sir?"

Roy looked up from his stack of paper work. "Hear what?"

Riza, who had spoken without looking up from her own paper work, paused. She glanced up at her superior officer, and husband, and offered a small smile. "The Elric's are expecting again."

Roy blinked. There was something that slightly bothered him about Edward procreating. Never the less, he allowed a small smile to grace his features. "Well then. We'll have to send them our congratulations."

Riza said nothing, as she turned back to her paper work. She finished writing, then collected her entire pile. Standing, she looked back at Mustang as she made her way towards the exit. "Yes, we should. Children are special." She paused, her hand gripping the door. "It would be nice to have some around here."

All Roy could do was stare at the spot his wife had just been at.