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Summary: Starts from the end of the second season but Max, Isabelle, Michael and Tess have left in the pod. What Liz didn't know is that she is pregnant with Max's child. 5 years late, how has Liz coped? And will Max and the others come back before it's too late and save the earth?

Max's goodbye (Liz POV)

Flashback (outside the Crashdown the night before max left)

Max stop the car and turned looking in to my eyes" Liz I love you, no matter how far away I am my heart will be with you. I don't want to leave you but I have to for my son, you have to understand that" He leaned forward pressings his lips to mine, even if he hadn't said those things before this kiss showed me everything I needed to know that he truly love me. It seemed like the kiss last forever and only a few second all at the same time. I saw flash of us together of when he saved me and when we first kiss, our lives together in only a few seconds. Max moved away pressing his forehead to mine.

"Max... if it truly is your last night on earth I want you to spend it with me. I saved myself for you and I can't let you go without us being together. I want you Max... I love you... you are my soul mate" i whispered.

Max looked me in the eyes seeing if I truly meant what I said." I want that as well Liz. Let's live your whole lives together as it should have been tonight" After kissing me once more, Max started the car and drove in to the desert. I knew where we were going to the place we first slept together.

We stop and both got out of the car, Max got a blanket from the car and laid it on the ground. Max grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor.

"Are you sure Liz, I am leaving in the morning, we may never see each other again" Max ask. All I could do was nod, I was nervous but I knew this is what I want. As so a i nodded Max pulled me to him and kissed me...

The next thing I knew Max woke me, kissing me on the nose "Liz, we have to go. I have to pick everyone up after I take you home". Taking my hand he led me back to the car and drove me home.

We sat outside the Crashdown like we had done last night. "Liz, I love you so much and i always will but I want you to get on with or life, go to college like you want to. Make sure you look after yourself and... find... someone that loves you as much as I do, you deserve it" he whispered before kissing me. It was a goodbye kiss that I tried to print in to my memory; we didn't have to say anymore to each other, this was our goodbye. I got out of the car and walk towards the door opening it, before I went inside I turned to max feeling my tears fall on my face I mouthed "I love you" and went inside.

(Liz discovered that Tess killed Alex)

Maria, Kyle and I got to the pods just in time to see Max the only man I will ever love fly away to a planet I had no way of getting to. My heart broke with the knowledge that I will never see him again or never share another night with him.


I woke with my alarm ringing in my ear, why did I keep having this dream? Max had been gone 5 years now and a lot had happened since then. Just as I was getting out of bed to go and have a shower, Sky ran in to my room.

"Mum, everyone is waiting for you and your breakfast is getting cold, I helped make the toast and it won't taste good if you don't hurry. Okay!" she said jumping on to my bed. I smiled looking at her, she was such a mixture of me and Max, it was like she was make up of all of our best attributes. With long brown hair and big green eyes, I know it is cheesy but she is the light in the darkness to me and nearly everyone in the camp.

"Now who are you talking to like that young lady? Ummm?" I said with laughter in my voice. She was one of the few people who could make me laugh. "Tell everyone I will be there in a minute and that I am just having a shower, okay baby?" I hugged her before she skipped out of the room.

I had a quick shower and headed down the hall to the meeting room, where I was greeted by Maria and Kyle before taking my seat at table.

"So what's going on?" i said to everyone at the table