Chapter 1-Challenge Issued

Hercules walked down the halls of Mount Olympus, finding the day to be particularly boring for him, and wished to do something that would test his Godly abilities. For too long the Son of Zeus felt a hunger in him to challenge his skills against someone worthy of his station. Unfortunately, no such person existed on Mount Olympus he hadn't already defeated, and one can only fight the same person repeatedly before it became boring.

"Have you heard about Superman again?" said Athena just down the corridor to Hercules right currently talking to Aphrodite in almost whispery voices.

"The handsome Kryptonian from beyond our realm of control? Of course I have! I hear he's been very active this past year ever since the Amazon Princess had to temporary leave the Justice League they are a part of due to her pregnancy," said Aphrodite with a hint of smugness in her voice for being the Goddess of Fertility and Diana being blessed by her to have offspring.

"Yes. Just recently he's stopped a massive building from falling over onto the people of that city he defends called Metropolis. It's interesting to see someone like him with the strength that seems to equally match Hercules," said Athena, as she saw Aphrodite now smiling sensually in thought, and missed Hercules moving slightly back out of her line of sight from his hiding spot to hear the conversation uninterrupted.

"Yes. Such strength is quite impressive to say the least. I imagine it played an important part in their intimacy and Diana being very satisfied. I know I would be," said Aphrodite, as she saw Athena scowl at that, and had to hold back the blush threatening to appear on the Goddess of Wisdom's own face.

"Bite your tongue Aphrodite. You have Ares to keep you warm in your bed and to further prevent him from becoming too rambled in the ways of war. Besides, the Kryptonian will not look at any other woman, even if one such woman just so happens to be a Goddess of Mount Olympus, and one of Diana's own Patrons. His mind, body, and possibly his very soul belong to her and hers to him to that same effect," said Athena, as she had seen many women of the world trying to tempt the Man of Steel away from Diana, even more so after the Amazon Princess was pregnant in the belief that having a beached whale for a wife would turn the man away, but Superman's eyes never looked at another woman the same way he did Diana, and the Goddess of Wisdom silently thought Zeus could learn from him about such devotion.

"I know. Shame really. Just once I would like to have the Kryptonian in my bed rather then Ares. The God of War can be so...narrow minded at times. I just wish he would actually refocus half of his ambition in trying to create war on the Earth towards one night of satisfying me in bed. Oh well. A Goddess can dream," said Aphrodite while giggling in a sultry way that would have made normal mortal men weak in the knees.

"Make sure Ares doesn't hear such words Aphrodite or you may not have him lying in your bed at all," said Athena, as she knew the Goddess before her needed Ares just as much as Ares needed Aphrodite to keep the balance, and breaking their lustful union was not an option.

"As if I would let him know I think of the Kryptonian at times when we're in bed. I am not that shallow to find a way to entice Ares. Besides, we both know what would happen if he learned of this conversation, retaliated as only his mind could let him, and the wrath he would bring down upon himself," said Aphrodite knowing how it would enrage Ares and make him act out on it whole no doubt targeting Diana in her pregnant condition thus preventing her from defending herself.

Then again, Ares for all his power would not dare try to go after the Amazon Princess in her current condition knowing full well what the end result of such a stunt would cause, and even the God of War wasn't so arrogant to cause such a thing to befall his person.

Hercules however, did not know of such things, and did not seem to care to know what it was that even the God of War feared in trying to hurt Diana. What he cared about was getting a certain matter in comparing him to a mere mortal with power that rival the son of a God. It was unthinkable!

'For years I have heard from all the Gods from all over whispering about this Superman! From Athena to Odin to Jupiter I have heard them speak of how his power rivals mine. Mine! The Son of Zeus being considered an equal to some mere mortal from another part of the Universe. Something must be done to settle the issue once and for all! But what?' thought Hercules, as he came up with an idea, but had to speak to his Father in order to get approval, and make sure no one could stop him.

The Son of Zeus made his way to his Father's golden throne where the King of the Gods on Mount Olympus sat with the rest of his kin to each side of him according to their station. Hercules of course waited until such things were over before he went to address his Father and speak to the King of the Gods in private.

"You seem angry today son. Why?"said Zeus, as he walked with his son through the halls of Olympus, and had seen Hercules acting differently.

"It's this thing with that mortal down on Earth the people love Father. The one they call Superman. Over the years, the Kryptonian just seems to make me so infuriated, and all the Gods speak of him like he's one of us. They constantly say his strength rivals mine! Your own son's power is rivaled by a mere mortal from another area of the Universe beyond our touch. It is insulting! Not just to me, but to you being my sire, and I wish to set things in motion to prove I am better then this Superman," said Hercules, as he saw Zeus stop, and narrow his eyes back at him with Lightning shooting through the God's orbs of sight.

"Set things in motion? You mean issue a challenge to fight him in a skill of power? From my understanding of this one, he is not the kind of mortal to simply go into a fight, and is very patient with those around him. There are not many like that on this planet much less the Universe as a whole and I doubt you can goad him into such a fight like others would be in his place. It is even rumored the man does not even fight his enemies with his full strength because such blows would kill them," said Zeus, as he saw his son scowl at that, and knew it hurt the man's pride.

"Then I will make him fight me the only way I can think of. By taking Diana away from him," said Hercules before he was struck by lightning from Zeus into a wall and saw his Father was angered by such an idea.

"You would sink so low to use such a means to bring this mortal onto a battlefield of your choosing? I expected as much from Ares, butyoumy son...I had hoped wouldnevertry to use such a means, and on one of the Amazons who prays to the Gods of Olympus for our help when warranted. Even now the Amazon Princess prays for the healthy birth of her child!" said Zeus, as he had heard Diana's prayers, and so had the other Gods on Mount Olympus.

"I won't hurt her Father. I just need to have her taken away from Superman long enough to make him agree to fight in a battle of strength against me," said Hercules, as he got off the ground, and saw Zeus thinking this over in deep thought with concern clearly seen on the God's face before letting out a sigh of disappointment.

"Very well. I will allow it. But, know this my son, and know this well. Diana is not to come to harm or the child she carries. If either one happens to her, as a result of this contest, I will bring down upon you a fury so great...that even Ares, and Hades will beg me stop from smiting you," said Zeus, as he saw his son nod in understanding, and left to make the arrangements.

"You play a dangerous game my King," said Hera, as she appeared behind Zeus, and was not pleased with her husband's actions.

"What would you have me do? Tell him no? Knowing my son, he would have tried to provoke the Kryptonian regardless, and gone after Diana knowing it is the only way to make this mortal fight," said Zeus, as he knew his son better then man himself, and knew Hercules would get what he wanted to make this contest happen.

"So you let him have it with the punishment for hurting Diana or the child knowing the risk the two would be in if he tried without your approval. Even still, I would think you of all the Gods would have been more firm with him on this contest against the Kryptonian, and the level of anger the man will unleash upon Hercules. You know just as I do that a man with that much patience for the world has an equal amount of anger if provoke in such a way which causes him to unleashes it," said Hera, as she had seen how patient Superman had been with the world, and with Diana's current hormonal instability from the pregnancy.

The man loved Diana like no other. To lose her and the baby would unleash a fury that could bring down even Zeus himself.

"No harm will come to Diana nor the child my wife. I know what lies deep within that man. I have seen that rage before to a slightly lesser extent when fighting Darkseid and know even that Dark God fears it so," said Zeus seeing Hera's frown of confusion on her face for letting Hercules have the means to spark such rage to life.

"If you know this, then you also know that the Kryptonian will destroy your son, and yet you are letting it happen! I don't understand why you are letting Hercules do this and not simply put command him too like you have done so many times before with the rest of your family," said Hera, as she saw him turn fully to face her, and smiled with a look in his eyes she could not read.

"Because unlike Hercules, we know what kind of rage lies deep within that mortal, and yet not many wish to believe it exists within him. The Kryptonian's patience is legendary to the mortals below all the way up here on Mount Olympus even, but not his anger is not, and such a thing needs to be seen. It needs to be unleashed for all the Gods to see and understand what it means to push the Kryptonian too far," said Zeus before heading back to his throne with Hera looking worried about this course of action.

(Themyscira- Healing Isle-At the Moment)

"How are you today Princess?" said Epione, as she came into Diana's room to see the pregnant woman looking somewhat happy, and yet slightly angry at being held down by the child inside of her body.

"I'm fine all things considering. Even if I do feel like I've been conceiving a fully grown centaur inside my stomach!" said Diana, as she was on her back, unable to move her body much, and wishing she had weapons to throw at the man responsible for getting her like this.

"I'm sure your loving...husband will be glad to know that when he returns soon from his time," said Epione, as she was still new to the idea of the Princess being with a man, and calling him that title.

"I bet Kal is. He's out there in Man's World battling Lex Luthor or the Injustice League while I'm stuck in a bed unable to even get out of it under my own power. The instant this child is out of my body, I am going to show my appreciation to Kal for putting me out of action, and see to it he is incapacitated for that long," said Diana, as she was thinking of various ways to return the favor, and all them involved sharp magic laced weapons.

"I'm sure you will and I look forward to seeing it. Until then, I suggest you stay put and relax since we don't want to endanger the life inside of your body. Your Mother has been nervous about this ever since you two came to the island to have the child," said Epione, as she remembered that day well, and how Diana had come with the Man of Steel to tell the Queen of the life growing inside of the Amazon Princess's belly.

If it weren't for the fact Hippolyta knew and approved of their union the Man of Steel would have had an army of Amazons attacking him.

When Epione left the room, Diana let her head fall back against the pillows that helped support her upper body to prevent further discomfort along her back. Blowing some hair off her eyes, Diana looked down at the belly holding her child, and winced when it gave her stomach a hard kick. The Amazon Princess glared at her belly in the hopes the child would sense the look and stop kicking her stomach like it was a practice dummy.

'No such luck. Damn it Kal. I don't know whether to thank you for the life I have inside of me or slice you in half with my Mother's sword for the discomfort the monster's giving me every so often,' thought Diana, as she really loved Kal, and the child inside of her womb despite the fact the latter was getting free body shots.

Before she could contemplate the child's actions inside of her body, a light appeared in the room, and Apollo along with Hercules appeared in the room. Apollo looked unhappy, but Hercules looked happily at the Amazon Princess, and Diana wanted to know why the two were here.

"Hello Princess Diana. Forgive me, but I have come with an important task by Hercules in the name of Zeus himself, and been ordered to take you away from here to Mount Olympus for a short time," said Apollo, as he saw Diana look at him, and then at the smiling face of Hercules.

"With all do respect Apollo, can you please tell me what this task is, and why it pertains to my person while in this state?" said Diana, as she was trying to hold back her anger from the pregnancy, and hoped Apollo would forgive her if she did act out.

"Hercules wishes to challenge your husband, the one called Superman in outside world in a battle of strength, but given his humble nature, Zeus's son does not believe he will even accept, and has convinced Zeus to let him use...other means of persuasion," said Apollo before glaring at Hercules and wished to smite that damn smirk off the other man's face.

"You mean kidnapping me," said Diana, as she now put her hands instinctively over her womb, and saw the compassionate look in Apollo's eyes.

"The child inside of your womb will not be harmed during this time nor you by the order of Zeus himself. After the contest is over, you will be returned here to Themyscira, and give birth to your child," said Apollo, as he knew the loss of the child inside of Diana would not only fill the Kryptonian into an even greater frenzy, but also unleash the rage of an Amazon Princess, and Zeus dared not risk such wrath upon anyone.

"When will my husband learn of this challenge?" said Diana, as she glared at Hercules, and wished she could move to smack him around for his stupidity.

"Soon. Your Mother will be informed shortly and then she will tell him. The battle will take place in a coliseum on Mount Olympus and if you will be allowed to see the fight yourself," said Apollo, as he saw Diana scoff at the word "fight", and began mumbling about Kal-El making Hercules wish he'd never even done this.

"Very well," said Diana finally, as she did not want to leave home with her baby possibly being in danger due to Hercules stupid actions, and the anger Kal would no doubt unleash when he got his hands on Zeus's son.

"For what it is worth Princess Diana, I have told Zeus this is a mistake, and asked him not to allow this to happen. Sadly, my words did not reach him, and I'm sorry," said Apollo, as he saw Diana look at him with compassion, and understanding that made Diana who she was.

"I know Apollo. Thank you," said Diana, as she waited until light grew around her, and held onto her bulge of a stomach to soothe the child inside that had no knowledge of what was happening.

It was only 10 minutes later when Epione walked in to check on Diana again did the alarm soon sound and word of the Amazon Princess missing from her bed.

(Watchtower-Sometime Later)

Clark Kent. Kal-El. Superman. The Man of Steel. Those were the names he always went by when out in the world whether protecting it people or living in it to observe them while under disguise. However, there was one name he was not called by, but would be within a few short Months, and it brought a glowing smile to his face.

That name was...Father. He was going to be a Father soon. The very idea of being one made his heart swell with pride knowing he had helped create a life descended from his bloodline. A union between the Last Son of Kryptonian and the Amazon Nation's First Princess creating a child that would one day help bring peace to the world.

"You seem happy," said Batman, as he saw his secret best friend looking down at the Earth through the window, and knew why the Man of Steel seemed to glow like the sun right now.

"You don't have to be the World's Greatest Detective to figure out why Bruce. Even Flash knows why I've been so happy the past couple of Months," said Kal, as he saw Batman smirk at him, and stand beside him while looking out the window too.

"It took him long enough to realize it. By the time he learned she was pregnant, over half of the Watchtower knew before he did, and even then Diana was already on official leave from the Duty Roster for over three weeks after she showed the physical signs. Though in few short Months, you'll soon be a Father, and will have to take time off too. Almost hard to believe when you think about," said Batman, as he knew how Lois had been quite a significant roadblock in the Man of Steel's life, and was only overcome when Superman had ended it.

Lois wasn't exactly thrilled by this, which wasn't surprising given how the attention, and social status it gave her in being "Superman's Girlfriend" had helped skyrocketed her reporting career. Doors opened for Lois to speak to people that normally kept their doors shut out and only spoke to the reporter out of fear they would invoke the wrath of the Man of Steel for insulting her.

That event that was the breakup had brought about a lot of choice words, most of which Kal-El had heard before by Lois's Two Star General Sam Lane in regards to the hero of the world, and knew now that being with the woman was a mistake. Even more so when Lois, in her anger had irrationally accused him of being unfaithful in their relationship, and sleeping with Diana behind her back. It wasn't true of course, but Lois didn't believe it for an instant, and Kal-El had just about enough of the woman's actions.

Lois, if you think I'm cheating on you, and don't trust me to be faithful then I see no point in even tryingto save what is left of our friendship. Goodbye Lois.

Superman left Lois Lane and never looked back.

"What about you? I'm hearing your in quite a predicament yourself. Rumor is your seeing Catwoman and Zee at the same time. Care to comment?" said Kal, as he added a bit of his reporter side to the conversation, and Batman grimaced while cursing Flash for being the rumor spewing loud mouth he was on the space station.

"Remind me to kill Flash later," said Batman, as he saw his friend laugh at his expense, and hated the fact he couldn't use Diana's pregnancy against him.

Before anymore banter could be exchanged, Flash came in looking at them with worry, and it was clear something important had come up.

Something bad.

"Hey Blue, I just got word from the Comm. Station! The Amazon Embassy is on the line and Hippolyta herself needs to speak to you in person ASAP! Its about Diana. Something happened on Paradise Island and from the way the Queen was demanding to speak with doesn't not good," said Flash, as he saw Superman look at him for only a second, and then was gone faster then even the Fastest Man Alive thought possible.

"What exactly did she say?" said Batman going into Detective Mode right now.

"That she needed to speak to Superman right away. That Diana was gone. Some serious issue about the Gods on Mount Olympus taking Diana. I didn't get the full story. All I know is the Amazon Queen wanted to speak to the big guy about this and told me to get him right away," said Flash, as he was nervous in regards to Diana being gone, and the fact the kid she was going to have being at risk.

He wanted to be an Uncle damn it!

"I see," said Batman, as he looked away in thought, and then his eyes widen slightly like a horror had just been realized before they became cold again behind his mask.

"You see? Bruce, I don't know if you realize this, but Diana was taken from Themyscira by the very Gods she worships everyday, and the worst part is that she's STILL pregnant with Blue's child. Do you know what that means?" said Flash, as he was worried for two friends, and the child in one of them.

"Yes I do Flash. It means those very same Gods are going to regret angering Superman for whatever reason they may have when they took Diana from the island," said Batman, as he walked to a nearby room, and sat in a chair deep in thought over this with Flash zooming up to him with worry.

"You can't be serious? Blue's endanger! Even if he managed to get to Mount Olympus, he's no match for those Gods, and their powers. Magic hurts him! Just like Kryptonite! The power they wield is the equivalent to that!" said Flash, as he saw Batman shake his head in disagreement, and turn his masked face to his friend.

"Do you know why Clark shows so much patience with people? Even to the point where its not going to do a little bit of good?" said Batman in a quiet voice.

"No. I just thought it was his whole Boy Scout routine," said Flash getting a headshaking no for a response.

"Hardly. Clark is patient because of what lays beyond the breaking point of his patience if pushed to the brink in a certain way. I ran a simulation once of what would happen if I fought Superman while he was angry in a way I've never seen him before. I ran it with myself having all the tools needed to weaken if not kill him. I had Kryptonite, my suit would emit a faint energy output equal to that of a red sun's energy, and the Martial Art skills I learned over the years to break a man's body in multiple places. All of which was designed for the sole purpose to stop Superman. Do you know how short the battle was in that simulation?" said Batman seeing Flash shake his head.

"You're the one that went toe to toe against him in your Sim. Not me," said Flash seeing Batman smirk slightly.

"The fight lasted all of 5 minutes Flash. By the end of the battle simulation, my body was not even recognizable anymore, and Superman had barely a mark on him. Maybe a small cut on his face, but that was it. One small cut on the face that would soon heal while my body wasn't much of a body anymore," said Batman, as he saw Flash's mouth want to detached from the rest of him, and was utterly speechless at hearing possibly the Dark Knight's ultimate confession.

He could not beat Superman when the Man of Steel unleashed his rage no matter what he tried.

"And now the only person keeping that rage from coming out was just taken away from him and the child too," said Flash, as he was now scared, and wondered what Superman would do.

"I don't know why the Gods would do this to Diana or to Clark. What I do know is they will soon regret awaking the sleeping giant that should never have been awakened in the first place," said Batman, as he let out a tired sigh, and Flash was rubbing the back of his masked head with worry.

(Amazon Embassy-Moments Later)

When Superman was teleported from the Watchtower to the Embassy, he was instantly greeted by Queen Hippolyta, and her Royal Guards in full battle armor. None of them looked happy and quite frankly neither was the Man of Steel at the moment though the Last Son of Krypton would probably need the Lasso of Truth to convince the Queen of that fact.

Even after all this time, the Queen didn't truly embrace his marriage to Diana, and only tolerated because to do otherwise would anger her daughter. The fact Hippolyta was going to be a Grandmother was also a factor in allowing the union to last as long as it did.

"This is your fault!" said Hippolyta making it known how she felt about what this event.

"What is? What happened to Diana?" said Superman, as he frowned at the accusation of Diana missing, and it was starting to already tax is already stress nerves.

"She was taken by Apollo to Mount Olympus. On the order of Hercules with Zeus's blessing! Apparently, the Son of Zeus feels a need to challenge you in a test of strength because Hercules does not feel your power is equal to his, and felt the only way to make you accept the challenge was to take Diana away. Now do you see how this is your fault?" said Hippolyta, as she saw Superman looking very angry, and thought his eyes flashed red for a second.

"Queen Hippolyta, you know fully well this is not my fault, and you are only using this as an excuse to make it mine. Second, the reason Hercules took Diana was to make me engage him in a stupid challenge to satisfy his own ego, and should be the one your angry with," said Superman, as his voice was darker now, filled with anger, and the desire to get Diana make on the forefront of his mind.

"A likely excuse I'd expect from one such as you. The great Superman can't even admit this is partially his fault if not all of it. Why Diana even loves you I will never understand for as long as I live!" said Hippolyta, as she saw the anger within him grow, but was still being kept in check, and saw his hands clench into fists.

"And the same could be said for you too Hippolyta. Ever since we got married, you have been acting more like a Queen of the Amazon rather then a loving Mother to Diana, and you can't even stop think straight about this situation to realize it," said Superman before he got a slap to the face by Hippolyta.

"How dare you! If it weren't for the fact that you had to go to Mount Olympus to fight Hercules for my daughter, I'd thrust my sword into your gut, and take off your head!" said Hippolyta, as she was so close to losing her own temper, and try to kill Superman right now.

"Once again Queen Hippolyta, you've proved my point through your actions, and your words being icing on the cake. Don't be surprised if we don't name our future daughter after you. I'd rather not name my little girl after her temperamental Grandmother of an Amazon," said Superman, as he walked around a shocked, and still angry Hippolyta to head for the nearest balcony to grab some fresh air.

He also had to save his anger for Hercules. Taking it out on Hippolyta would get him nowhere with the Amazon Queen and even less with Diana when it was over.

Even if Diana would have agreed with him that Hippolyta deserved it.

"Superman," said Apollo, as he appeared in a flash of light, and saw Superman giving a polite nod though that was all the Man of Steel was going to give.

"You'll have to forgive me if I don't exactly bow to you out of respect," said Superman, as he kept his voice civil, and hoped it sounded civil to Apollo.

"I know your reason for being angry. I was against this too. We all were, but Zeus agreed to let Hercules have his challenge, and King of the Gods cannot deny his most favorite of sons," said Zeus, as he saw Superman scoff, and look away at the window.

"Hercules is a fool whose ego feels bruised because I'm not a God, yet I have the strength of one, and makes him feel like he's not the greatest of Zeus's offspring. That is what he is," said Superman, as he saw Apollo not dispute it, and hold his tongue for a moment.

"Neither Diana nor the child are going to be harmed Superman. Zeus decreed it so and no one would dare risk disobeying him. Not even Ares if he learned of this event. Complete this task and Diana will be returned to Themyscira as if she never left it," said Apollo, as he saw Superman calm down a bit, but the anger was still there, festering beneath the surface of the Kyrptonian's blue eyes, and the desire for Diana's safe return.

"I will hold you and Zeus to that statement Apollo. Because if anything does happen to Diana or the baby...Hercules won't be the only God like figure on Mount Olympus who will feel my wrath," said Superman, as he now stood face to face with Apollo, and made sure each of his anger laced words carried a lot of weight for the God of the Sun to hear.

To be repeated to Zeus himself so the King of the Gods understood the ramification of making the Man of Steel angry.

"I'll make sure Zeus knows. We must go. Your challenge awaits," said Apollo, who saw Superman's eyes flash red for a second, and almost pity Hercules for his foolishness.


"It won't be much a challenge. Of that, I assure you," said Superman his voice laced with anger just as the light covered them both and they were gone.

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