Chapter 3-Making Peace

Many in the stands of the stadium on Mount Olympus watched with undivided attention, as the Man of Steel once more unleashed his fury upon Hercules, and each powerful blow the Kryptonian landed was shaking the stadium down to its very foundation. The Man of Steel had unleashed all his fury upon the son of Zeus, as he didn't stop hitting the man whenever in hitting range, and was now seeing the fear in his foe. A look that every single one of Superman's foes had when they realized the person they were facing was not someone they could win against.

As for Hercules himself, he did get in quite a few punches of his own, but they were so few, and even when they sent the Last Son of Krypton back they seemed to only cause a brief pause between them. In fact, all the blows Hercules seemed to land seemed to barely effect Superman at all, and even Zeus was surprised to see Kal-El was throwing off such blows so easily. It soon became apparent to Hercules that this fight was no longer a test of strength, but a fight for his own survival, and it was a losing battle for him.

Among the crowd however, only two people knew this would happen during this fight, and one of them was Kal-El's loving pregnant wife Diana. The Princess of the Amazons knew when Kal-El was focused on a battle with such intensity, as he blocked out his pain, and his injuries until the fight was over. It had happened with Darkseid once when the two went toe to toe on the home world of the evil Dark God and the Man of Steel showed he could give out pain as well as receive it.

The other person watching from his position in the stands, who also knew about Kal-El's fury empowered wrath smiled at the sight of Zeus's son being taken down from his ever believed golden pedestal he was placed on, and looked at the King of the Gods of Mount Olympus for a moment before looking back at the battle below. The figure himself was a God of a certain significance, as he was from the area of the Universe where Krypton had been, and was well respected if not feared for his power.

He was Rao. The God that gave life to Krypton and the one that in his shame...had taken it away. His anger and pride in himself had gotten the better of Rao during that point in time with the target of those two emotions being the utopian planet he had forged before the Earth the Greek Pantheons had people for them to worship. His anger was aimed at the people for their arrogance in their belief they had become untouchable not only due to their technological advances, but in the belief they could not be defeated, and Rao would never let the planet of his favorite children be destroyed.

Such arrogance!

Only a handful had seen the disaster about to befall them at the hands of Rao's anger after the test he gave them with the planet quakes, but those few were silenced by the majority, and secretly imprisoned for such things. The only one left to see the truth was Jor-El and his loving wife Lara even though she herself was a bit uncertain if the brilliant man she loved was right about Krypton's destruction.

They alone had been worthy to be spared Rao's anger at the Kryptonian race's arrogance, but in the end they chose to die together, then one die without the other, and let their only son be spared Rao's wrath. It was through this action that Rao had stalled the planet's explosive destruction from claiming Kal-El's ship and let the innocent child make it to Earth to live among its people.

Since that moment in time, Rao had secretly been in touch with the various Gods of this area of the Universe, watching some of them try their hand in attempting to influence the last Kryptonian, who was in a sense his only Grandchild, and made it known to them that such influence would never occur. Kal-El would become no God's personal toy, their secret weapon, and none of his children would either should they seek to claim any such descendants of the Man of Steel for their own reasons.

Naturally, some of the Gods were enraged, and challenged Rao for the right to claim Kal-El for their own. However, Rao was not some weak minor God to be brushed aside, and cast down each foe easily enough with each one being broken before the others that had watched to witness the confrontation.

Zeus himself had been one such person to challenge Rao for the right to influence the Man of Steel, but Rao had easily swept the God aside like he was nothing, and only let the King of the Gods on Mount Olympus live knowing that without him then Ares would take the throne. As much as Rao wanted to destroy Zeus to send a message to others, the Greek King of the Gods needed to be in place to keep his war hungry son Ares in check, and kept the God of War busy while Zeus recovered from his injuries.

Personally, Rao had felt appalled by Zeus's laziness when involved with the people of the Earth, and had been long before Krypton's destruction. It was because of Zeus's lack of action that Hercules had been able to brutalize the Amazons of Themyscira and nearly get away with it had Rao himself had stepped in by showing the other Gods what the Greek God's son had done. In fact, Rao suspected that at the time, Zeus was proud of Hercules for dominating the Amazon Queen, and only punished his son because the other Gods demanded the demigod be punished for it.

To let your son defile a city's worth of loyal followers and do nothing to stop it much less have one of the other Gods under your command do something about it in your place went against the cosmic Universal order of things. As such, Hercules was originally going to be punished much more severely then what Zeus had done had the Greek God King not begged for mercy on behalf of his son, and got a reduced punishment on the grounds that he would deliver it himself.

It had been one of the few humbling experiences Zeus had ever received, but would not be the last, and Rao knew the Greek God had tried to get revenge on him by trying to claim Kal-El. What better way to get back at the Kryptonian God, then to control his only Grandson from the destroyed planet, and rub it in his face.

Funny how things worked out.

There had been a punishment for Rao too on account of his own actions against Krypton, which he accepted without question since it was fair, and making a fuss would only give the more power hungry Gods an excuse to go claim his Grandson. The punishment had been to no longer interfere in Kal-El's life, but to keep the cosmic balance, no God was allowed to either, and let the Last Son of Krypton to walk his own path untouched by the chains of Fate.

Even Rao had not expected that.

Now here his Grandson was, untouched by the chains of Fate, capable of doing incredible things, and fighting the arrogant son of Zeus to get his wife back. Rao looked over at the pregnant Amazon Princess, who was also smiling at the sight of Hercules slammed down by her vengeful husband, and was whispering silently to their child in her womb various details of the battle.

'Kal-El, I have wronged you by taking away your birth planet, your biological parents, and ever truly knowing them aside from the little treasures they left in your possession. Still, I imagine you would have trade all of that just to be with Diana, and I don't blame you if it the offer was given had things been different all those years ago,' thought Rao, as he would make it his business to talk to Diana later, and tell her what he could not to Kal-El.

Maybe she could tell it for him.

A thundering blow from Superman's fist to Hercules jaw brought Rao back to the battle below in the arena where his Grandson stood over the defeated son of Zeus. The man, who had once been hero to many, and a villain to a select few on a planetary scale had been cast down by the current hero of the Earth. The said Man of Steel barely had a mark on his body, which were already healing, and he picked Hercules up by the neck before looking his foe right in the eyes.

"Had enough?" said Superman, as his voice was dark, and almost cruel sounding while the once blue eyes now glowed red with power to shoot fire from them with a simple command from his brain.

As for Hercules himself, he was coughing up blood, as his body dangled like a worm on a hook in Superman's hand on his neck in a seemingly unbreakable grip, and the pressure from that hand was going to leave a imprint in the form of a nasty bruise. A nasty bruise that would remind the demigod of just who he picked a fight with and lost to. The son of Zeus had learned by the third blow he had landed on the Man of Steel, which had done little to stop the Kryptonian, the fight could not be won, and found himself unable to raise his hands to defend himself.

By the time Superman had lifted him off the ground, Hercules was barely conscious, and staring into the burning red eyes of the Man of Steel now looking for a reason to burn his bloody face clean off in front of everyone witnessing this fight.

It was time to "Render unto Caesar", as he had heard the quote from the son of another God, and give the Kryptonian what he desired.

"I...yield to you...Superman," said Hercules in a whispered voice, but his words echoed loudly enough throughout the stadium, and everyone heard it as clear as cloudless day.

"That's the smartest things you've said to me," said Superman before dropping the man onto the sand and walking away from the defeated son of Zeus.

In the stands, the various Gods, and different beings watching them now stood up in a roaring applause clapping at the battle they had just witnessed with their own eyes. In their minds, Hercules being humbled was an act that was long overdue, as the son of Zeus had gotten off lightly in their minds after what he pulled on the Amazons, and they felt the man never did learn his lesson in a true sense of the meaning. The arrogance the son of Zeus held for himself because of his Father seemed to eventually come back and then manifested itself after trying to compete against Rao's last remaining descendant.

Only now, it seemed a repeat of history, for just as Rao had cast down Zeus ages ago to protect the last of his bloodline so did Kal-El cast down Hercules to protect his wife, and their yet to be born child. In fact, both Rao, and Zeus seemed to recall that memory from their minds after seeing Kal-El drop the defeated man onto the ground.

'Just like it was back then at the time,' thought Rao and Zeus before looking at each other from their spots in the arena with the Kryptonian God smirking slightly since his memory of the events had him as the victor.

As for Superman, he flew to his wife, and landed beside Diana before picking her up while placing a passionate kiss onto the Amazon Princess's lips. They of course ignored the looks from everyone watching them from their seat, but couldn't help hear the roar from the crowd skyrocket during their kissing, and Kal-El swore in his mind that he heard a voice in the crowd speaking to him a whisper only his ears could pick up.

"Well done Kal-El. Take care of yourself and your wife my Grandson. There are things I want to tell you about your home planet, but due to my past actions, I cannot speak to you directly, and need an audience with your wife so she can tell you for me," said the voice, as Kal-El continued to kiss Diana, and then slowly moved his lips away from hers.

"I'm never going to get tired of you doing that," said Diana, as she snuggled into his neck, and giggled into his ear.

"Good, because I don't intend to stop anytime soon, and plan to keep doing it as often as possible," said Kal-El before whispering what he heard moments ago from the stands.

"Do you think its...him?" said Diana in a whisper while keeping her face hidden so no one would no she was speaking.

"Possibly. He said we couldn't speak to each other normally due to his past actions and wishes an audience with you so I can know things that way," said Superman before he kissed her neck so everyone was thinking they were speaking sweet words to each other.

"That in itself is an honor. I'd love to meet him," said Diana, as she knew over the various Gods that occupied the Universe, and Rao was one feared even by the Gods who blessed her.

To meet the Rao was an honor bestowed only to a rare few.

"We'll stay here for a short time then before we head back to face your Mother," said Kal-El, as he saw Diana frown a little at the mention of Hippolyta, and there was sadness in her eyes now.

"I don't want to be around her after this," said Diana, as she saw her husband's eyebrow rise at that statement, and knew he wanted a happy home on both sides.

"We can talk about that later before we leave. Now's not the time for it after today," said Superman kissing her forehead before telling Apollo they were staying for a least a few more hours so he could talk to Hercules in a civilized manner.

"If that is what you wish," said Apollo, as he took the two back to Diana's room, and let the two be alone for a time.

(Sometime Later)

Diana waited for Rao to enter her room, as Kal-El had left earlier so she could have time to talk with the Kryptonian God, and seek out Hercules so the two could talk. At least, Diana hoped the two would just talk, as Hercules could say something stupid, and once again provoke her husband into crushing every bone in his body.


"I can see why he loves you so much," said Rao appearing before the Amazon Princess and saw her eyes widen at the sight of him.

Not surprising since he currently looked just like his Grandson...with the exception of having white hair instead of the dark color Kal-El. At the moment, Rao was dressed in standard Kryptonian attire, which was all white with the S like symbol that was the House of El with his right hand held a simple wooden cane, and saw the wonder on Diana's face.

"Lord Rao I...," said Diana, as she was speechless in seeing him, and wished this damn pregnancy wasn't stopping her from getting out of the bed to kneel.

"Its all right Princess of the Amazons. I would never ask you to kneel in my presence in your current condition. If anything, I should kneel, and thank you for helping my Kal-El for helping him put up with everything that's happened in his life so far," said Rao, as he walked over to the woman, and sat on the edge of the bed before putting a gentle hand on the belly of the pregnant woman.

"Me? Lord Rao, I have done nothing to warrant such praise, and honor from a God said to be more powerful then my patrons combined," said Diana, as she saw him smile a gentle smile an elderly Grandfather would have, and let out a chuckle to match.

"That would be where you are wrong. Kal-El is as much my legacy as he is his Father's and life for him has not been pleasant from what I have learned in watching all that he does for his surrogate home. First, his powers manifesting themselves, and learning to control them so he doesn't hurt anyone. Something I should have helped him with, but couldn't on account of my punishment for destroying Krypton, and letting my emotions that caused my decision to destroy my utopian race fall down to a single child. Second, was his relationship with women, and you being there for him during his recent trials in it after he ended things with that reporter woman Lois Lane. A heart as pure as his can only truly bond in the deepest meaning of love with a heart that's just as pure and yours is the purest around my dear. There is no contest when it comes to the matter of the heart with you two, as his heart will always be joined with yours, and yours will always be joined with his own," said Rao, as he let out sigh, and had a far away look in his eyes.

"My Mother still hates our union," said Diana with some bitterness and did not want her child to be around such negativity the Queen of the Amazons possessed when it came to the marriage she had with Kal-El.

"Given the history of your people, its no surprise she would oppose it, and Kal-El of all the men on this world being with you. I'll admit, what has surprised me if just a little, is your Mother didn't stop the wedding from happening, and make an attempt to kill my Grandson," said Rao letting out a laugh at the situation.

"I could tell she wanted to. My Mother was against me being with any man period! What she wanted a pure Amazon in every sense of the word not just in mind, but in body too, and I just couldn't be the way she pictured me to be when I was first born," said Diana, as she didn't want to use the word created since that made her feel like less of a woman, and seem like some kind of fake...thing!

"Probably because Zeus or one of the other Greek Gods forbid her from doing so on my wish that you two be together," said Rao smiling at the surprised Amazon Princess.

"You wished it? And my Gods helped? Why?" said Diana before blushing at her sudden bluntness to the question and bowed her head in shame that earned a hearty laugh from Rao.

"Why not? My legacy deserves to be happy and only one woman can make him happy for the rest of his life. You! Just as only you can make him happy, only he can make you happy, and I was not about to see either side be denied happiness simply because your Mother was letting old fears control her actions," said Rao, as he frowned a little at the memory of Hercules hurting the Amazons in that way with the help of his men, and still wished the demigod got the punishment he so rightfully deserved.

"Hercules and his men were cruel to my Amazons Sisters and Mother during that time," said Diana, as she hoped Rao would understand, and not put her Mother in a cruel light.

"I know they were Princess. I witnessed it all those ages ago before you were born. I also brought it to the other Gods attention when Zeus did nothing to stop his moron of a son from doing such horrible acts upon the Amazons. They were his loyal servants then, as they were the others here on Mount Olympus, and yet Zeus let the action happen while turning a blind eye to it until I stepped in," said Rao shocking Diana at this news.

"You did? But I was told Zeus punished Hercules himself for his crimes after he ran and my Mother let him go before she along with my Amazon Sister who followed her were granted Immortality," said Diana since she didn't know this piece of information.

"Oh, Zeus did administer the punishment to his own son for his crimes, but what you do not know is that the punishment Hercules got was in fact less then what I asked for, and it was lessened only on the agreement that the Father punish him for the crime. As for your Mother, I suggested some form of a gift be granted upon her along with those Amazons, who obeyed Athena's command to show mercy after gaining their freedom, and after a very heated debate in the realm of the meeting it was decided Immortality be the gift," said Rao, as he once more smiled at Diana's shocked face, and knew this information was not what she expected.

"I imagine Zeus wasn't pleased with you after that," said Diana seeing Rao laugh at such a concept.

"Oh, Zeus hated me for my interference. Cursed me in secret at every meeting the Gods of our status had for the next 1000 years before everyone got tired of it and told him to keep such things to himself," said Rao before stroking Diana's sheet covered belly and felt the child inside of her move slightly as if sensing him through the contact.

"Tell me about Krypton," said Diana, as she saw the sadness in his eyes, and knew why the emotion was there.

"Regardless of what Gods may say, we are not infallible, and in certain cases we let our emotions get the better of us. The end result causes us to make mistakes we cannot take back and regret for ages to come. I can easily admit...I've made quite a few of them. My greatest to date is the destruction of Krypton. The greatest of races among the creations in my area of the Universe and I destroyed them like the flame from a candle being snuffed out with two wet fingertips pushed together against it," said Rao, as he told her about that day, how Jor-El, and Lara could have escaped with their son to Earth.

How they decided to die with the rest of their race together in each others arms. How he let Kal-El live that day by stalling the explosion by only a few minutes. How he had paid for his mistake and tried to lessen it by keeping other Gods in this area from the Universe from claiming what was his legacy. How he couldn't tell his Grandson of a legacy any of this, but could to her, and hoped Diana would tell him just for the simple fact he knew the truth.

"I'll make sure Kal knows," said Diana smiling at the Grandfatherly figure that was Rao before her and saw him smile back.

"Thank you Diana. That means a lot to me," said Rao, as he got off the bed, and headed towards the door.

"Lord Rao wait! I must know something," said Diana knowing this may be her one and only chance to ask him this question.

"Yes?" said Rao turning with a raised eyebrow.

"The symbol on your clothes is the same as Kal's signifying his Noble House. Does this also mean he's directly descended from you like all those before him in his family?" said Diana curiously and saw him smile a mischievous smile at her.

"In truth, all the Noble Houses of Krypton are descended from me, but only the House of El has stayed pure to the ideals I set down during the planet's creation, and has been very fortunate in not succumbing to the way of arrogance like all the others did long before Krypton's destruction," said Rao, as he saw Diana look once more in awe of him at that fact, and was more impressed with her husband too.

"His surrogate family raised him well," said Diana simply.

"And he's had good friends and an Amazon Princess for a wife to help him over the years along the way to stay the course. For that, I again give my thanks, and wish you well on raising the little buddle of joy growing inside of you Princess Diana," said Rao before bowing respectfully towards the Diana and leaving the room.

(With Superman)

"How do you feel?" said Superman to Hercules being healed by Apollo at the moment while lying down on a bed.

"Like I went through Tartarus and fought Uncle Hades. Twice!" said Hercules, as he saw his victor in the battle looking at him with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Maybe next time, you'll think before acting when it comes to provoking me for a fight, and realize just how much I hold back," said Superman, as he saw Hercules nod, and then wince at the headache hammering him.

"Trust me, I'll definitely remember our fight, and the pain that went with it. I still can't believe you withstood my own hits and acted like they didn't hurt you," said Hercules, as he saw Superman smirking slightly, and wondered if this was how his Father felt after losing to Rao.

"My strength isn't the only thing that's increased over the years Hercules. I can take just as much punishment as I can give and considering how much I gave...," said Superman letting Hercules nod at the discontinued statement in understanding.

"My punches hurt, but not enough to really hurt you, and I fought an foe that couldn't win against," said Hercules letting out a sigh.

"Zeus warned you Hercules. All of us did and yet you ignored it. The blame for this rest squarely on your shoulders," said Apollo, as he finished healing the man, and left the two to continue the conversation.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Apollo is right about this being my entirely fault, and I...I apologize for taking Diana from you Superman," said Hercules, as he held out his hand, and Kal-El took it.

"Apology accepted Hercules," said Superman knowing they could now put this dispute behind them.

Hopefully for good.

(With Diana)

When her husband came back into the room looking like he got a heavy weight off his shoulders, Diana knew that this business with Hercules was over, and done with from here on out. All who saw their battle could say without question Kal-El was definitely a child descended of Rao and was not someone to scoff at when it came to fighting for a loved one.

"Are you ready to head back home Diana?" said Kal-El smiling at her, as he moved to the bed, and picked up his pregnant wife gently before she gave him a passionate kiss.

"Yes. I want to go home. There are things I need to discuss with my Mother and then with you in private about a certain God from your area of the Universe," said Diana, as she knew speaking Rao's name on Mount Olympus to Kal was a taboo, and only after being home could she speak more openly.

"Then home we shall go," said Kal-El, as he walked over to where Apollo was waiting, and gave the Sun God a polite nod before they were swallowed by light.


Queen Hippolyta found it hard to do her daily duties as the Queen of the Amazons while knowing that her only child she had prayed to the Gods on Mount Olympus to breathe life into was taken hostage. It didn't help that the one responsible was the same one, who had done unspeakable things to Hippolyta ages ago, and had the support of several other Gods too.

The reason behind the kidnapping was even worse!

Hercules wanted to fight Superman in a battle of strength and was holding Diana until a victor was named between them. This was not the first time Hippolyta felt Diana's love much less marriage to the alien from the stars was a mistake and had wished to break up the two from ever being together. The only reason she didn't stop their union was due to Athena appearing before an attempt could even be made and commanded Hippolyta to not disrupt the unity between the two. The Queen had protested, with respect of course, and asked why she had to let such a travesty to the Amazon people occur.

Athena simply scowled and told Hippolyta that there were cosmic forces outside of Zeus, who wished this done, and to even make an attempt at defying such forces by disrupting the union would bring dire consequences to the Amazons.

So with a heavy heart, Queen Hippolyta let Superman marry Diana, and had to hold back the desire to pray to Aphrodite to break the marriage between them knowing the Goddess would not hear her pleas. If such a plea was spoken, Hippolyta had no doubt the Goddess would punish her for asking such a thing, and make a firm example out of the Amazon Queen for making such a request.

"That will soon change after Diana gets back. Mark my words Superman, the days of you being with my daughter will be drawing to an end, and she will see how much of barbaric creature you are," said Hippolyta, as she was certain that Diana would eventually come to her senses, and dissolve the union with the alien after this fiasco.

What other recourse was there? As for the child Diana carried, Superman had already told Hippolyta as such it would be a girl, and therefore would become a Royal Amazon just like her Mother.

That was all there was to it.

Queen Hippolyta's thoughts on the matter were interrupted by a bright flash of intense light before it vanished and saw Diana being held in the arms of Superman with the two lovers smiling at the other. Instantly, the Amazon Queen was out of her chair, and rushed over to Diana to see if she was all right.

"Diana, are you all right? What happened?" said Hippolyta, as she held hugged Diana where she could, and looked her daughter over with careful yet sharp eyes.

"I'm fine Mother. The fight is over and Kal was victorious," said Diana, as she looked at her husband with pride, and the Man of Steel smiled back.

"I can't take all the credit. You did provide the motivation for me to beat Hercules within an inch of his life," said Kal-El before kissing his wife with Diana kissing back much to Hippolyta's disgust.

"Stop with your kissing. I will not have it performed in my presence much less here," said Hippolyta, as she saw the two break from the other after a moment, and was surprised to see Diana scowl.

"You have no say in what we do together Mother. I am tired of your constant contempt you have for our love and even less pleased by the fact you slapped Kal before he went to Mount Olympus. How could you? Do you despise our union that much?" said Diana, as she saw Hippolyta look back at her in shock, and then saw the Amazon Queen glare daggers at the Man of Steel.

"What poisonous things have you put in my daughter's mind?" said Hippolyta, as she saw Diana's scowl deepen, and saw Kal-El's start to form.

"Mother stop it! I know everything. Lord Rao told me," said Diana, as she saw Hippolyta look back at her in surprise, and a bit of fear.

"About what Diana?" said Kal-El wanting to hear this too.

"He told me how Hippolyta was against our marriage right up until the actual day of our wedding and she would have stopped it had Athena stepped in at his request to my Gods. That if my Mother defied the command, it would bring about a cruel punishment no one wanted unleashed, and the blame would be squarely on her," said Diana seeing Hippolyta look away and knew the Amazon Queen was trying to deny the truth from being seen in her eyes.

"So what if you say is true Diana? Such a union between the two of you should never have happened! Amazons do not need the touch of men or the so called love they promise women before lying in bed leading to false promises," said Hippolyta bitterly at them.

"Kal-El's never given me false promises Mother. You are speaking from your own harsh experience with Hercules and letting your fears take control. I saw Kal-El fight Hercules on Mount Olympus in the arena there, I saw my loving husband crush my kidnapper for taking me, and I saw Hercules humbled before the man I love Mother. If you can't accept our union, then I don't want to be here on Themyscira anymore, and would rather live in the Patriarch World with those that due cherish what we have," said Diana, as she saw her Mother look shocked by this, and then it turned to anger.

"How can you do this to me? After all I have done to keep you safe, my own daughter would rather be out there then here, and with him no less. The man whose child you now carry thanks to his...actions!" said Hippolyta, as she glared hatefully at the Man of Steel, but he was ignoring it, and focusing entirely on Diana.

"I could ask you the same question Mother. At one point in life, I did need to be here for my own safety, but after I grew up, you tried to keep me trapped here like a bird in a cage to selfishly treasure, and keep my destiny away from me, and then my future husband soon after. No more Mother! I'm tired of you interfering in my life just because you fear it will become like yours that was filled with anger and betrayal in the end. I'm tired of trying to make you happy by giving what only you want Mother, as I need to think about what I want, and at the moment it involves being with my husband in a place we know is safe to help bring our child into the world," said Diana, as she looked at Kal-El lovingly, and kissed him again with a passion.

"There is no safer place here then an island of Amazon warriors! I doubt he has a location in this world to match this island protected by the Gods," said Hippolyta, as she glared at Superman, and was practically daring the Man of Steel to say otherwise.

"Perhaps, but I do believe an icy Fortress of solitude deep in the Arctic, and defended by advanced Kryptonian technology is the next best thing," said Superman smiling at Diana, who smiled back, and ignored Hippolyta's glare intensify.

"You will not leave this island with him. Guards!" said Hippolyta, as her Royal Amazon Guards came in, and ready to obey their Queen.

"I think this is our cue to leave," said Superman, as he saw the Amazons rush him, but blew a gust of wind in their direction, and sent them flying back before heading to the window.

Only to face a sword wielding Hippolyta.

"Make one more move forward and I'll run you through," said Hippolyta, as she could no longer see the sight of her pregnant daughter in the arms of the man, who had reminded the Amazon Queen so much of Hercules, and wasn't going to lose her only child to this mortal version of Zeus's son.

"And risk hitting your own only daughter and your yet to be born Grandchild inside of her?" said Superman, as he saw Hippolyta's eyes harden, and the grip on her sword tighten.

"You think I won't?" said Hippolyta, as she readied her sword, and saw the Amazons behind him getting off the ground.

"I think you've lost your mind," said Superman before whispering for Diana to hold on tight and used his speed to fly around the Amazon Queen out the window into the sky above the island.

"I think my Mother has finally snapped," said Diana, as she rested her head on Kal-El's shoulder, and heard him make a noise that sounded like a reluctant agreement to her words.

"I'm afraid so. Hopefully, your Mother will regain her sanity, and realize what a mistake she's made," said Superman, as he flew to the Arctic where his Fortress of Solitude now awaited them, and where they could relax for a time.

"I pray she will," said Diana, as she was falling asleep in his arms, and soon did before they entered the secluded home.

'Me too Diana,' thought Kal-El, as he hoped Rao would somehow help Hippolyta, or at the least get the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus to do it for Diana's sake.


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