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It was almost dawn. Elena had been up for an hour watching Damon sleep, examining his profile. He was so beautiful. Her eyes traced his jaw line, his lips….she wished she could see his eyes. When those aqua eyes stared at her, it was always an exhilarating experience. Damon's eyes just seemed more alive than other people's and when he looked at her, it reminded her that she was alive too.

She was completely in love with him. Now that she had admitted to herself, the depth and the intensity of her emotion were almost frightening. She knew she was the only person who truly saw him. Not the cocky, snarky, occasionally evil vampire that everyone else saw, rather, she saw his humanity. Despite his best efforts to disprove its existence, Elena knew it was there, she could feel it. She knew that his arrogance was a defense mechanism, that behind the sarcastic jabs there was someone who was wholly deserving of her love. Elena knew the real Damon.

Unfortunately, nobody else did. Damon had done an excellent job at making himself persona non grata with pretty much everyone she was acquainted with. People wouldn't understand. They'd judge – tell her she's crazy. Bonnie was not going to like this. Neither would Caroline. Stefan…

Their disapproval wouldn't change anything for her. There was no way she'd be able to give him up now. Not while he loved her. He loved her in a way she had never experienced – he loved all of her. Not just the pretty parts or the sweet parts. She didn't have to edit herself with him. With Stefan, she always felt as if she had to be a certain version of herself; hide the less than perfect parts of her personality. Being with Damon was liberating.

She had let him sleep long enough. Hmmm….how to wake him up? The fact that she was now free and welcome to touch him whenever and wherever she wanted made her slightly giddy.

She gently lifted the sheet from his body and ran her hand down his chest, nails scratching lightly. He shifted slightly and Elena watched, riveted as his body responded to her, even in sleep. She caressed the sharp line that formed over his hip bone, down to his thigh and smiled in smug satisfaction as he hardened.

"Having fun?"

His voice made her jump and she met his eyes with a sheepish grin. Busted.

Damon watched her flush pink and he smiled. It would almost be a shame when his ravenous passion used up the rest of her innocence. She was gorgeous when she blushed. "Come here."

Pushing aside her momentary shyness, she shoved the sheet off of him completely and straddled his hips.

Damon groaned as settled on top him. Waking up to a naked and amorous Elena was a spectacular way to start the day. He ran his hands up her thighs and squeezing her ass playfully, he bucked up into her wet center, eliciting a deep moan from her throat.

He slid his hands up her waist until he was cupping her breasts and with a smirk he asked, "Well – you woke me up. Are you going to make it worth my while?"

Elena's hands reached up to cover his own, keeping him there. Molding her hands over his, she helped him massage her breasts and her head fell back as she ground her hips into his. His teasing question had barely even registered with her. She exhaled a breathy, "What did you say?"

At the erotic sight of Elena writhing on top of him, his playful mood was quickly washed away by a potent wave of lust. "Never mind. You just did." He pulled his hands away from her breasts and wrapped them around her waist. Lifting her, he thrust deep inside her in a fluid motion.

Elena gasped and her hands flew to his chest to steady herself. She met his gaze; those smoldering eyes were so incredibly sexy they caused her to shudder, her passage tightening around him, already on the verge of a climax.

Feeling her clench around him, Damon lost all sense of gentility. He grabbed her hips and pumped into her hard, pitching her forward as he slammed into her. Elena collapsed against his chest, face buried in his neck. Her orgasm caught her by surprise and on impulse, she sunk her blunt teeth into his neck as she moaned, trembling around him.

The feel of her teeth on the sensitive cords of his neck caused Damon to follow her over the edge. He emptied himself inside with a final thrust as he growled out her name.

Recovering slightly, she pulled back and was horrified to see the mark she had left on his neck. "Oh my god!" She touched the mark lightly, the indentations so deep she had almost drawn blood. "I'm sorry – I can't believe I did that!"

Damon smiled and wrapped his arms around her in a loose hug. "Don't be. It felt good. In fact, I should be apologizing to you. That bite wreaked havoc with my stamina – what'd I last? Five minutes?"

She slapped him lightly on the shoulder and laughed.

The feel of her laughter re-ignited his passion and he flipped her over. "Lucky for you, I have an extremely commendable recovery period."

Sobering, she cupped his cheeks as she pulled him down for a kiss. "I love you, Damon."

He inhaled at her words and kissed her thoroughly, before pulling away to look at her. The expression on his face was indecipherable as he replied, "I love you, too."

As he kissed her again, a knot formed in Elena's stomach. She was sure she was mistaken - that he hadn't sounded almost sad when he said it. Dismissing the thought, she gave in to his kiss.