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Chapter 1: Changes

Bella's POV

I looked up at him. His beautiful face was tight. It looked just like it felt; it looked like stone. His jaw was set and I could tell he was holding back a growl. His eyes were a pitch black even though he had hunted only around four days prior to that moment. His arms were wrapped protectively around me and I felt like I could suffocate but he would never let go. He was too afraid of what might happen. And it was getting on my nerves. I followed his eyes and looked at the person standing more than a couple of meters away from me. His eyes could tell that he was in pain and I didn't need his eyes; he was projecting the emotion. His own brother didn't trust him in the same room with me even if we were not alone. A honey blonde lock hung in front of his face. His expression was full of anguish. I wanted to hug him. This was all because of me and I felt extremely guilty. It was because I had to be a stupid and clumsy and fragile human.

But I still couldn't believe that even after Jasper had tried to stay away from me as much as possible, Edward still didn't trust these co-incidental encounters. Ever since my birthday, Jasper had not spoken a single word to me. This hurt me. I knew he was probably mad at me because I had made him look bad in front of his family and I accepted this. I knew that I had to shoulder the blame because I had been the one to get a paper cut in a room full of vampires. Guilt took over my body again. I needed to cry but I couldn't; not in front of the two vampire brothers.

"Get out," Edward said to him. He had almost growled it. I was so shocked at this behaviour; not that I hadn't already encountered it. My mind flashed back to two days before this encounter.

"Jake, it's so nice to see you!" I said as I started running towards him when he parked his motorbike at the school gates. But suddenly, my wrist was held and I was pulled backwards. I was in his stone grasp.
"What are you doing?" I asked Edward as I looked up at him. He looked down at me as if I had asked something that was completely obvious and I didn't like it; it made me feel like an idiot or at least stupid.
"Protecting you; he can hurt you Bella. He can phase at any moment if the conversation gets on his nerves."
"Edward, Jacob is my friend; he would never hurt me." I looked at my friend who looked like he would never hurt me but would definitely hurt Edward if given the chance. I didn't want them to fight; ever.
"Bella, don't listen to him," Jacob said, "I will never hurt you. Do you understand this?" He had walked the short distance between the gates and our current position. He reached out for my hands but Edward growled.
"And they say I'm the beast," Jacob said, mocking Edward. I could feel Edward's temper rising and I knew this had to stop. I looked at the both of them. I wanted this to work out but Edward had to let me talk to Jacob and Jacob had to let go of his prejudices, although in this particular case he did have a point – Edward was not allowing us to talk when he had no right to even think of doing such a thing.
"Guys," I said, "cut it out. You're both important to me, don't you know that? Or do I have to spell it out for you?" I looked at the both of them. Jacob lowered his eyes as if in shame and ran his hand through his hair which was growing again, much to my liking. He opened his mouth to say something and closed it again. "Yeah," he finally said, "You're right. I'll try to get along with him Bella. But don't expect too much."
"Of course not Jake," I replied, "Thank you for understanding me so easily. You've always been able to do that." He smiled at me and I could see that he was trying to hide his smugness for being able to understand me during a time when Edward had caused me to become totally misunderstood.
"No," Edward said, "It's either me or him. You can't have it both ways Bella. I won't allow you to be near him. He's dangerous and so are his friends. You have to forget about him now or forget about me."
This was unfair. He knew I loved him and I didn't want to lose him. He knew it would break me if I ever lost him, but Jake was my best friend and I needed him in my life; hell Jake was like family to me. He was like the brother I had never had even though I knew that he had different feelings for me. But we had sorted it out. I looked up at Edward with disgust on my face. I wanted to slap him but couldn't bring myself to do it; I knew that if I lost him again, I wouldn't be able to make it. So I closed my eyes as a tear ran down my cheek and Jacob's motorbike drove away back to the reservation.

I had been angry with him these past two days but he had told me that it was for my own safety.
"I hung out with Jake and his friends all the time when I was here alone," I had told him that morning.
"I don't care," he said, "I don't want to hear it. You were stupid enough to put yourself in danger but now I'm here to look out for you and nothing and nobody is ever going to touch or hurt you again Bella."
"Edward," I said, "You hurt me when you made me let go of my best friend. That was difficult for me."
"I only did it for your own safety and to prevent a worse pain," he told me as he continued to organize his CDs. This didn't even bother him in the least; the fact that I was suffering the loss of my best friend. And now here he was, pushing away his very own brother. I couldn't believe this. Carlisle would be very disappointed.

"Edward," I said, coming back to the present situation with Jasper and our co-incidental encounter,
"So is it gonna be this way from now on? First Jake and now Jasper? Are you going to push everyone away until it's just you and me? The next thing I know is you'll push Alice away and I won't forgive you. Please don't push your brother away. He means me no harm. He can control himself."
"No he can't," Edward hissed, "He can't control himself just like he couldn't control himself before."
"Stop it," I replied, "Stop it. It was not his fault. You did not act like him but you wanted to so don't say that he is the monster. None of you are monsters to me Edward. Just…I don't want to be away from any member of your family. I've missed you all so much, and Jasper and I have not even spoken yet ever since you guys came back. All I've heard from him is the word 'yes' during the vote your family took."
"That shows just how mature he is; saying yes to something like this," Edward huffed mockingly.
"So Carlisle and Esme are immature to you too Edward?" I asked, "Is that it? Cos they said yes too."
"Carlisle and Esme are not monsters Bella," Edward told me. I felt a sudden rush of pain coming from the opposite side of the room and then felt the unnatural wind blow past as Jasper ran off, somewhere away from the Cullen home. And it was all Edward's fault. Hell, everything was changing, and my head was starting so spin. I didn't like it and I never would, but I knew I couldn't stop it…any of it.

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