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I'm Right Here Darling: The Epilogue's Epilogue – The Real Ending

Jeremy's POV

I opened my eyes and I gasped. I was holding Esme's hand. I looked to my right. My parents were still dancing in the middle, Alice and Edward were conversing and holding each other's hand, Rosalie and Emmett were dancing in a corner, and Carlisle was talking to Elezear. I had seen this all before. And then I realised. Aunt Alice…I was like Aunt Alice…

I let go of Esme's hand and ran to my mother. I wrapped my arms around her legs. She looked down at me.

"What's wrong darling?" she asked me. I looked up at her beautiful golden eyes. My father crouched down and ruffled my brown curly hair which had become much lighter in the previous year and was slowly turning blonde, like his.

"Is everything ok buddy?" my father asked. I shook my head as tears streamed down my face. I told them everything I had just seen, happening before my very eyes.

"Mummy," I said, "Please don't go anywhere."

"I promise I won't," she told me as she bent down to kiss me on top of my head. My father and mother stood up then and tried to speak in barely audible whispers but I could hear every single thing that they were saying. Even though my senses were not as precise and acute as other fully mature vampires', they were still heightened, and I was being selectively attentive at this particular moment. This thing was not something to toy with. I knew Aunt Alice and what happened to her and the same thing had happened to me.

"He might just be worried," my mum whispered to my dad.

"Bella, darlin'," my father said, "You know we happen to be gifted and this is our son. Sweet pea, we have to listen to him. I think we should call the party off." My mother nodded. A lot of time had already passed anyway and they had celebrated enough of their wedding. My father tapped the microphone to say that the cake would be cut as there had been some complications. Everybody was questioning the situation, but when Uncle Edward backed my father up, everybody listened. Aunt Alice suddenly gasped and I looked at her just to watch her coming out of a trance. In a second she was standing next to my mother.

"Volturi," she said, "they're coming now." My mother turned her face in my direction and our eyes connected and then she knew that my gift was powerful and true as could be. The cake was cut and the guests were ushered out as quickly as possible. Aunt Alice was edging everybody on and going on about how there was almost no time left and they were coming closer. Everybody changed their clothes quickly and Esme changed me as quickly as possible and we all went downstairs to the living room.

"Now, everybody must remain calm," Jasper said, "It's not easy for me to calm everyone down when I'm stuck in this situation, but I'll try to help."

"Bella," Edward said, "You have to calm yourself down and hold back. What Jeremy's seen is very intense. You must hold back, and work hard on using your shield rather than your physical force. Don't assault the Volturi and they will not assault you. We will all make sure of that." My mother nodded. I was sitting on her lap and she was caressing my hair.

Esme wanted me to stay inside and wanted someone to stay with me; maybe Rosalie? But Carlisle refused to leave the two of us alone in the house, knowing how many people the Volturi would bring with them. He thought we would be in more danger and since I was the main target, along with my mother and father, they would do just about anything to get to me. So we went outside and waited. While we had been talking, Emmett had torn down all the decorations and the yard was plain and clear. I felt a tension all around me and looked straight ahead. A cloud of black intertwined with a misty grey was moving slowly our way.

Our family held hands as we waited for them. I wondered why they hadn't asked for the help of the Denali clan, after all that I had seen, but I guess they had wanted to keep it simple and 'friendly'.

When the cloud arrived closer to us, at the border of the yard, a man in the middle held up his hand and everybody stopped moving, except for a group of seven. In the middle was a tall man with a sickly pale face, bright ruby red eyes, a sarcastic smile on his pink lips and long black hair which was combed back neatly. He shone as the diffused rays struck his face, like the rest of my family. I barely shone when I was in the sunlight, and I often felt bad because of it but my mum and dad had promised that I would be as shiny as they were when I was fully matured. Next to the guy in the middle, on his left, was a taller man who held back slightly. His hair was long and brown and curly, he was pale. His red eyes were in a neutral mood and he had a look of absolute boredom upon his face. On the other side of the middleman was a slightly shorter vampire. His hair was a platinum blonde and his eyes threw daggers at my family. The most evil scowl graced his face. On either side, were two very similar beings. I gasped. All of these people had been in the vision I had seen. I recognized the two little figure as Alec and Jane, the twins – Jane had been the one my mother had destroyed. Behind these five members of the Volturi council, were Felix and Dimitri whom I also recognized from my dream. I started feeling tears stinging at the back of my eyes, but I couldn't cry in front of these people. It would only prove our weakness. Unlike mature vampires, I had the ability to cry for a limited time.

"Aro," my mother started. But Carlisle decided to interrupt her before she caused any damage.

"Aro, old friend," he said, "What is it that brings you here to visit us?" Aro's sarcastic smile persisted but soon turned into a genuine smile directed at Carlisle. I could sense some shame in that smile. I had heard my family speaking of this clan before, and Esme had often said that Aro had been very fond of Carlisle back in the day.

Caius, the blonde vampire with the evil scowl decided to speak then to interrupt his brother from becoming too soft, I presumed. I didn't know how I was making all of these assumptions without knowing these people, but I guessed that my vision and my heightened logic were being of great help to me.

"You Cullens have been bypassing the law for too long a time, and you have committed a terrible offence. I am sure Carlisle knows what I am talking about. The creation of a succubus or incubus is not permitted, and you have created one! It must be immediately removed."

The conversation had already started changing, most probably because Carlisle had held my mother back from saying what she had wanted to say to Aro.

"If you allow us to have the succubus quietly, we will leave and there will be no need for conflict," Aro said, "Carlisle, I did not mean to cause you any trouble. But the law is the law."

"Shut up brother," Caius snapped, "You are too soft-hearted for your position. You must be firm! If they refuse to hand it over, then we shall take it by force!"

"But you don't understand!" my mother cried out.

"Bella!" Uncle Edward snapped.

"Please, do carry on…" Marcus droned.

"Our son," she said, "Was made in as normal a manner as possible. He is no succubus or incubus. I was still a human when he was conceived and when he was born, but he is not the only one of his kind. He is half-vampire and half-human. His development consists of a transformation from a hybrid into a full vampire. He will stop maturing when he is eighteen and by that time, he will be a full vampire just like all of us."

"But," Aro said, "How do we know that he is not a danger of exposing us?"

"His intelligence is very much heightened," my mother said, "He knows he must not share his knowledge or show off his skills at school. We can assure you and swear that everything will be fine. No secrets have been or will be spilled, no rules have been or will be broken and no blood has been or will be shed."

"That is up to us to decide," Caius said. I watched his eyes as he signaled the female twin, Jane, to do something. Suddenly, my Uncle Edward knelt down to his knees, crying in what seemed to be anguish. My mother seemed to be infuriated and I looked at my father who seemed to be concentrating on calming her down. My mum balled up her hands into fists and set her jaw into a concentrated expression. I knew she was trying to shield. She had been practicing for a long time, just in case she would need it, and here she was. I knew my mum would be capable of doing it well. Suddenly, I felt a shiver passing through me and I looked around our family and saw a glow. Uncle Edward was no longer on the floor. A force field surrounded us. We were all protected.

Both twins gasped. They were powerless against my family now.

"You should leave," Carlisle said, "Please Aro."

"No!" Caius said as he charged towards our family. My mother, who was suddenly caught off guard, let go of her power and the shield dissolved. Caius smiled evilly but soon enough Emmett was pounding him to the floor.

"Emmett," Rosalie hissed, "Get back here." But Uncle Emmett would have none of it.

"Listen here," he said to Caius, who was still pinned down to the floor, "You leave my family alone or I will tear you apart."

Caius spat at Emmett, who in turn punched Caius in the face, causing the skin on his left cheek to partially crack. Carlisle then pulled Emmett off of Caius and asked him to quietly take his place back next to Rosalie.

I looked up at the dark cloud to find that most of it was gone. They had seen enough of our power, I guessed, and had been afraid. The grey misty ones had all bailed out on their council, and the black cloaks had vanished.

All that was left were the seven people in front of us. Caius was infuriated. Aro scowled at him and Marcus stared at the whole situation in a very unanimated manner. Nothing could ever entertain that guy. I could see that Dimitri was anxious and wanted to get the hell out of there, but knew he couldn't due to his high position with the Volturi.

"We shall fight," Felix said, "You have harmed one of us and so you shall all pay." He charged towards our family again, and soon enough, Alec and Jane followed. My mother worked hard on protecting everybody using her shield and it was partially working. We were all protected to some extent; at least more than they were. I held on to my mother's knees and she stroked my hair. My father and Uncle Edward were tearing Felix apart while Emmett was preparing a fire. Rosalie was taking care of Jane and Carlisle was dealing with Alec. Esme and Alice were running to and fro from Rosalie to Carlisle and assisting where possible. My mother and I stood facing the remainder of the council; the three Volturi brothers and Dimitri, who were waiting quietly in the sidelines for everything to finish.

Soon enough, Jane, Alec and Felix were burning and turning to ash, and Rosalie was attaching Emmett's arm back in its place from the elbow downwards as Felix had torn it apart in a feeble attempt to try and distract my father and Edward.

My family all assembled themselves in a line, next to my mother and I. "Aro," Carlisle said, "I am sorry, but we had to protect ourselves."

"I know," Aro said to Carlisle.

Caius was about to bounce from his place in their line and jump at us.

"Caius!" Aro said, "I order you to hold back!"

Caius looked at Aro, astonished and bewildered with a 'how dare you?' expression on his face.

"I am your superior and I order you to hold back. They were merely protecting themselves. It was a fair fight. Those who chose to participate did so and they paid their price."

"But they assaulted us!"

"No, Caius," Aro said, "We assaulted them. Your heart is too hardened, my brother. You must learn how to feel, or else you will end up turning to ash. Other vampires are as strong as we are, and now without Felix, Alec and Jane, we are practically devoid of most of our power. We need to watch it now. You need to watch it."

I clung to my mother even harder as a heavy silence fell upon us as twilight descended upon the skies.

"Our apologies for disrupting your family," Marcus said.

"It is ok. We apologise for the damage we have caused," Carlisle replied.

"No damage was done. Those who play with fire get burned," Aro said, "They chose to…and they got what they bargained for. I will miss my little Jane, but she never could control her temper or her emotions. However, before we leave, we would like to ask for a favour."

"Of course," Carlisle replied cordially.

"The child," Aro said, "Is almost exceptionally unique, and no doubt gifted."

"Carry on…" Carlisle replied as Aro paused.

"We were wondering if he would join our council, of course; his parents might accompany him as well as your whole family – you are all welcome and all have such extraordinary gifts!"

"Aro," Carlisle said, "I thank you for your offer, but we prefer to remain here, as we always have. We are happy with the way things are going and our life is comfortable the way it is. We have to decline."

"That's fair," Aro said, "We shall leave you now, my friend. Until we meet again, goodbye."

"Goodbye Aro," Carlisle said.

We watched as the remaining four of the council descended into the depths of the forest until they were no longer seen. I looked around at my family; still whole and together.

Everybody went inside, and soon enough we were all retired in our rooms, to spend some time with those of our choice.

It was just my mother, my father and I now, in our own bubble – where nothing and nobody could interrupt us, and we were still alive.

"I was so afraid when you were fighting Felix," my mother said as she sobbed.

"Mummy," I said, "It's ok we're all here now!"

"Yeah Bells," my father said.

"I just can't believe everything is fine now!" she replied as she continued sobbing.

My father rubbed her back. He kissed her on the cheek as he ruffled my hair.

And then he looked at my mother and said, "I'm right here darlin', and I always will be! I ain't going anywhere."

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