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THE CAR CRASH - Chapter 1

He left me, he left me broken and alone, with a reason that left more questions than answers! Life was so hard without him. Yes I had other friends, well I called them friends but they didn't really care about me anyway it wasn't the same. You meet the love of your life, you think that life could not be any better and then suddenly it all disappears and before you know it, your alone again. I loved him so much and I really didn't want to live without him, there was no life without him, nothing would ever be the same again.

I would sit here for hours looking out the window and wondering just what it was that I did wrong. Did I care too much or perhaps not enough? Was I too ordinary, too human, too demanding, I honestly did not know. He never explained anything to me at all, he just left, taking all of me with him.

I have looked for him everywhere I can think of, I have spent hours looking through the phone books looking for anyone with the surname Cullen. I have tried calling the ones listed but I've not had any success at all. I have tried to contact every hospital in the country to find out if they have a Carlisle Cullen working there, again all to no avail.

He could be simply anywhere in the world by now and the world is just too big a place to look for him, it would take me years. Anyway I don't think I have the energy to spend looking for him so maybe I should just forget all about him, but it is so hard.

I had considered at one point, taking my own life but then decided that would be the coward's way out and I was anything but a coward, at least I didn't think I was. I don't want to go back to school, I don't want to graduate, it's not something I want to do, ever. What would it all be for anyway?

Charlie is so disappointed in me, I can tell he is. He doesn't say much but I just know by the way he looks at me. He worries too but he probably thinks I am stupid for acting like this but I can't help myself!

I need to do something but what I don't know. I need to get away from Forks, from the memories, from this life. I don't want to go back to Phoenix or to my mum that would be admitting defeat and I can't do that. Anyway, Renee has her own life now with Phil and won't want me cramping her style. I don't blame her for that, she has had a hard time bringing me up alone. Don't get me wrong its not that Charlie wasn't involved in my upbringing but living day to day with a child couldn't have been easy when she had to work to make ends meet. I spent holidays and the odd Christmas with Charlie which seemed to help. Forks was such a depressing place whilst I was growing up but since meeting Edward it seemed like the centre of my universe. Now my universe has crumbled and it was just one big black murky hole in my life and I hated it.

No, I need to get away, on my own, far far away from here, from the memories and the pain of it all. I get up from my chair at the window and start throwing some clothes into a bag, jeans and t-shirts, socks, underwear, and toiletries. Not a lot of stuff but enough to keep me going. I look under my bed and find the sock full of money that I have saved for my college fund, my "secret" college fund. I didn't want Charlie to be too out of pocket! I put the contents of the sock into my purse. I then gather my possessions and go downstairs, snagging my heavy jacket from the peg on the way out along with the keys to my truck. Damn, I forgot to leave Charlie a note, maybe I shouldn't bother but then again maybe I should because he will worry. So, I scribbled a short note and told him I was going away for a while, I would be okay but not to worry!


I need to get away for a while, don't worry I will keep in touch. I am really sorry for all the worry I have put you through but I hope you understand that I need some space and time alone. I will call as soon as I get a place to stay. Please don't worry about me,

Love Bella x

I put the note into an envelope and scribbled "Dad" on the front of it, it was the least I could do, rather than call him "Charlie", and he was my dad after all!

I turned and cast a last look over the small living room and then calmly walked out the door and climbed into my beloved truck.

Thank goodness the engine started first time, it had been sticking for a while and I had not been using it much, something to do with a silver Volvo! No, I would not think those thoughts right now!

I headed out of Forks, it was raining pretty heavily today and it was bitterly cold. I was glad I had my truck to keep me warm at least. The roads were not great but they were passable and I continued to drive for quite some time.

Dark was fast approaching and I decided that I would try and find somewhere to stop for the night. It was then that I realised that I had been driving aimlessly and then I noticed that I had arrived in Olympia so decided to catch the next ferry over to Seattle. My truck slowed me down a bit so it was nearly four hours when I read the "Welcome to Seattle" sign.

The rain was so heavy now that I was having trouble seeing out of my windscreen. I noticed a light in the distance and I thought to myself "thank god, it must be a motel or something". I got nearer to the light and realised that I was right, it was a motel, a bit dilapidated but a motel all the same. There were a few cars parked outside so there must have been other guests staying the night.

I pulled the truck into an available parking slot and jumped out. I ran from the truck to the motel entrance, I was already soaked by the time I got inside the door. I shook the rain from my hair and then walked over to the reception desk. I was met by a kindly looking woman, she must have been around 55 or so, she had short dark curly hair streaked with grey and was small and plump. She smiled at me and said, "How can I help you dear, what a night it is!"

I replied, "Yes, the rain is getting really heavy and it is so cold outside. I am travelling just now and wondered if you had any rooms for tonight?"

"Yes dear, we have indeed, would you like a single or a double?" she asked.

"Oh just a single please" I replied

"Room 15 then would suit, how many nights?"

"Um, just tonight thanks" I said

"Okay then, that will be $30 including breakfast, is that okay for you?" the woman asked.

"Yes" I said, "that would be lovely"

"Here you go then dear, these are your keys, and your room is out the main entrance and to the right, as I said Room 15. Is there anything I can get you tonight, coffee, tea, something to eat?" the woman asked

"Er, um well if you have any cold meat sandwiches and some bottled water that would be great?" I asked hopefully

"Not a problem, I will get Jodie to bring them to your room" she said with a smile on her face.

"Oh thank you very much" I replied taking the keys from her. I walked out of the motel again and collected my bag from the truck. I turned and walked along to Room 15 and once inside I was pleasantly surprised.

The room was not large by any standards but it was clean. The bed was a single bed, which was dressed in a soft peach coloured duvet with matching pillows. There was a TV in the corner and a bedside table with a lamp on it. There was also an adjoining door which led to the ensuite bathroom. I was really impressed!

I quickly arranged my belongings and got ready for bed, I was so tired. I decided to wait for my food to arrive before having my shower. I did not have to wait too long, there was a soft knock on the door and a girl who I assumed was "Jodie" was carrying a tray with a large plate of sandwiches, enough to feed an army from the looks of it, along with a tall glass filled with ice and a large bottle of water. Also on the tray was a small kettle, a jar of drinking chocolate, milk and sugar.

The girl spoke first "Hi there, mom asked me to bring these to you, I hope you like them, and I made them myself. There are roast beef, chicken and ham sandwiches, mom also said to bring you some coffee and stuff incase you wanted a hot drink because it was such a cold night. I hope that's okay?" she asked me hopefully.

What a nice gesture I thought, "Yes thank you, that was very thoughtful of your mother, please thank her for me and the sandwiches look lovely too" I replied.

"Great, I will go and leave you now, you must be tired, See ya!" the girl said and before I knew she had gone.

I carried the tray laden with goodies to the table at the far corner of the room. I set out the kettle and other items and then headed to the shower.

I thoroughly enjoyed my shower and then decided that I was sit up in bed with a hot chocolate and my sandwiches and watch some TV.

It was not too long before I drifted off to sleep. It was an uneasy sleep and when I woke in the morning I felt quite groggy. I jumped into the shower before getting dressed quickly. I needed to get back on the road as soon as I had breakfast.

Once I was dressed and packed my belongings again I realised that I did not know if I was to go to the dining room, if they had one, for breakfast or stay in my room. Just as I was pondering this thought the phone in the room rang and I answered it. It was the girl called Jodie, "Good morning Miss Swan, I am just calling to ask if you would like breakfast now, it's a full American breakfast and I can bring it to your room for you, say in 10 minutes?"

"Yes, that would be good, thank you very much" I replied.

"You're very welcome" the girl said cheerfully.

Ten minutes later, true to her word, Jodie appeared at my door with yet another tray laden with food. I thought to myself "how much food can one person eat". I did not realise it but when I sat down in front of the tray of food I was actually ravenous and all but ate the plate!

It was time to move on now again but before I did that I needed to phone Charlie and let him know I was okay. I pulled out my cell phone and dialled his number; it rang once before answering;

"Hi dad"

"Bella, where are you, I have been so worried"

"Dad, I told you not to worry, I told you I would be okay and I am"

"Of course I worry, you're my daughter, so why shouldn't I worry, now where are you and when are you coming home?"

"Oh dad, I told you, I just need some time, I need to think and I can't do it in Forks, I just need some space, please?"

"Just take care of yourself and phone me as often as you can then, and be careful Bella, please for god sake be careful honey"

"Okay dad I will, and I will phone as often as I can, you have my cell phone number anyway so you could always phone me once in a while you know"

"Oh, okay, right, I forgot that, stupid father I am, anyway look after yourself and phone your mother too!"

"Fine, I will phone her! She will be too busy with Phil anyway but I will phone her. Look, gotta go now dad, take care and speak real soon, love you!"

With that I ended the call. I felt horrible doing that to my dad, he deserved better than the way I was treating him but I needed to do this for my own sanity.

I got myself ready and left the room and headed over to the main entrance and the reception desk to return my room keys. I paid my bill, expressed my thanks and bid my farewell to the nice lady and her daughter.

I got back into my truck and headed back out on the road. I drove for hours, only stopping occasionally for fuel or to use the lavatories or go for a coffee. I wanted to drive for as long as I could before dark.

I must have been driving for a long time when I seen something skitter across the road in front of me. I tried to slam on my brakes but as the roads were slippy from the torrential rain and the black ice, all of that combined with the fact that my truck was an old age pensioner, my brakes locked and the truck skidded across the road. It must have been around two thirds of the way across the road when I realised that I was moving towards a cliff edge and I could do nothing to stop it.

I tried to fumble my way out of the truck to no avail, the seatbelt would not unfasten, and I was stuck. The truck continued to career across the road and did not slow down at all, I began to scream, wild with panic. I was going to die, I was going to die here in this horrid place and all alone and I would never in my life see Edward ever again.

Life was so unfair!

I closed my eyes and began to pray, don't know why because I never prayed, maybe someone would listen to my prayers though, I could only hope. I felt the truck move as though in slow motion to the edge of the cliff, although it was not slow at all but the scene before my eyes depicted horror of the greatest magnitude to me. The truck dipped over the edge and I clung to the steering wheel with all my mite and then I felt it move down, slowly in mid air, thumping and thudding against the cliff face, yes I was going to die.

The truck rolled and bounced for what seemed like an eternity, continuously throwing me from side to side, despite the fact that I was still trapped by the damned seatbelt.

It eventually came to a loud thud and stopped. I had closed my eyes and did not want to open them to see the sight before me. I did not know if I could open my eyes, I felt liquid run down my face, over my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks and onto my clothes. Was it tears? Was it blood? I slowly opened one eye as much as I could; it hurt, and then looked at my hand which I had touched to my cheek. My hand was covered in blood; there must have been blood everywhere. I gingerly tried to touch my leg; I could feel nothing, not a single thing. Oh my god, what had happened, I was trapped in this wreck and I could not move. I was terrified so I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The pain was everywhere, I could not feel any sensation in my bones but I could feel pain, so much pain. The pain reached a crescendo and then everything around me began to fade. I must not let it fade, fading was bad, I could not let that happen but I was powerless to prevent it, I was so weak and so scared. It was not long before I felt a wave of nausea overcome me and then the darkness engulfed me, yes peace and no more pain, that's what I needed now, rest and sleep, total oblivion.

Meantime, with the Cullens.…told from Alice's perspective

I was sitting looking through the most recent issue of Vogue. Rosalie was doing her nails and sitting across from me. I sighed, what a boring life we have now, I wish I was back in Forks; at least we would have school and Bella!

I looked at Rosalie and said "Rose, don't you miss school in Forks and don't you even miss Bella a tiny bit?"

Rosalie looked at me with a surprised expression on her face and replied "Well, I suppose I do miss school a bit, it passed the time but Bella, I don't know about her, I mean why would any of us miss a human?" Her voice was full of sarcasm and of course we know the only one of us that doesn't miss Bella is her.

"Oh Rose, that's just plain mean of you, she is nice" I replied.

Rose sighed and said "Okay Alice, she was nice but she was also human and we are not supposed to like humans! Okay, okay, I see you are getting annoyed now, well I didn't hate her if that's what you think but I didn't love her either, I suppose in a small way I do miss her, I know I would rather see her with Edward that him be miserable all the time and if they were back together then we would be back in Forks at school again, so I suppose you are right, I do miss her and school"

"Wow Rosie, you went all out there on that speech eh?" I said playfully and for my efforts Rose picked up another copy of Vogue and launched it at me!

"Hey you don't waste the mags" I said laughing. Suddenly I stopped laughing and sat absolutely still, I think I started to moan and I heard Rosalie's anguished voice from a distance, "Alice, Alice, speak to me, what's wrong, what have you seen, Alice" she said shaking me. "Jasper, Emmett, Edward, come here NOW" she shouted.

Within seconds all three of them had appeared in the room beside us and Jasper walked over to me and sat down at my feet saying very softly, "Alice sweetheart, can you hear me, what did you see, can you tell me?"

For all I wanted to reply to him I just could not, then I felt Edward touch my shoulder and somewhere in my subconscious I could see him freeze in fear then he spoke, "Its Bella, she has had an accident"

Both Rose and Emmett spoke at the same time saying "Another one, what's she done this time, stubbed her toe?"

Edward hissed and growled at them, by then I managed to come out of my trance and was able to speak.

I looked up at Edward and said "Oh Edward, she is hurt and hurt badly, there is so much blood, I don't know if she is alive, her truck and a cliff, its bad, very bad". If I could cry I would have, I was not sure if she was dead or alive.

Edward spoke with fear in his voice, "Where is she Alice, I need to find her, I need to go to her, where is she?"

"Edward, I don't know, my vision did not give me that information, it only gave me the accident, well not all of it, just the part of her truck falling over the cliff….no, wait there is something else…."

Edward is impatient now and urges me to tell him what else I have seen but I ignore him as I need to get the full vision in my head.

Once the vision has finished I look at him again with fear in my eyes and say

"Something ran in front of her on the road throwing her over the side, her brakes locked and the truck skidded on the road, black ice, but Edward, its worse than that, I think it was Victoria who ran her off the road…."

That is when Edward lost it, he put both his hands to his head and threw himself on the ground as though in pain, I could do nothing for him and I wanted to help him, tell him where she was, and take away both her and his pain. I watched as he writhed in agony and then Jasper leaned over to touch him and spread some of his calm over him which seemed to help.

I tried my hardest to get another vision of Bella, it was hard but I tried to think of the landscape where she was and piece together the scenery in the hope that I could find out where she was and I was eventually rewarded.

"Edward, I know where she is, we need to get to her quickly before….."

Edward cut me off at that point by saying "Yes, we will get to her and save her if it is the last thing I ever do. Now tell me exactly where she is Alice?

"Well in my vision I seen her driving from a motel or something, although it had stopped raining, the temperature had dropped making driving conditions really hazardous and there was a lot of ice. Bella was not driving too fast as you know she is a cautious driver" at that point I looked at Edward in an effort to reassure him that she did not do this deliberately and had made every effort to maintain her safety. I already knew that he was angry with her for even venturing out on a night like that but I was going to have to explain how she was feeling just now and why she had left Forks in the first place. Not an easy task.

I continued to tell Edward of my vision "Bella had been driving along a particularly bad patch of road when something skittered out in front of her, as I said earlier it was another vampire Edward, and I am positive it was Victoria but I did not get a clear picture of her"

"Okay Alice I know most of that already but what I need to know is where is she, I need to get to her before Victoria hurts her more than she is already hurt" said Edward

"Okay, well I think she is at the junction heading into Vancouver.

"Right, we need to get a move on then" said Edward looking at both of his brothers, Emmett and Jasper. Emmett said "I will go and get the jeep out, Jazz are you coming with me?"

Jasper replied "Well, I think I should go with Edward and Alice. Rosalie should go with you of course and maybe Esme too. Carlisle can come with us" All of them nodded in agreement.

Edward picked up his cell phone and called Carlisle and Esme and explained the situation to them, Carlisle said that he would be home within 5 minutes and they would be ready to leave in ten.

Once they were all packed and ready to go, Alice walked over to Edward and put her hand on his shoulder and said in a reassuring tone "Edward, I have not seen a vision of Victoria hurting her so please don't worry too much right now"

Edward sighed and shook his head "Yes Alice I know but it is only a matter of time and I honestly do not know what I will do if I am too late to save her. If she is hurt and Victoria is out there, she will smell her blood and then she will be lost. We need to get there quickly Alice or…". He could not go on.

They all climbed into their respective vehicles one Carlisle and Esme had returned. The first thing that Esme did was what any mother would do, she reached for Edward and gave him a hug to reassure him of her love and support.

Esme loved Edward like no other son, he was her "first" and he held a special place in her heart, although her heart was technically dead but vampires had feelings too and they could love and hate just like the next person and Esme was basically no different from any other mother.

Carlisle also offered his support and reassurance but he was more concerned about arranging for necessary medical supplies to treat Bella with when he arrived on the scene. He hoped that he would be able to help her and that there was not too much blood. It would be hard enough to tend to her wounds and such without having to keep his family at bay from trying to suck her blood. He felt guilt for having even thought of such a thing but then they had never had a human become so involved in their lives before.

Once Carlisle had gathered as many medical supplies as he would need he too climbed into the car and they proceeded to head off in the direction that Alice had advised them. Alice was thinking hard about co-ordinates and trying to get her bearings on where Bella's truck was. It was quite difficult as she had not looked for her for such a long time.

Edward had told her not too look for Bella, no matter what she felt for her, it would not be fair to look for her and watch her when they could not be involved in her life. He could only thank the powers that be for her looking for her now as she needed him, whether or not she wanted him was a different matter.

He resolved to find her and help her no matter what and if she still loved him then that would be a bonus, if he were given a second chance then he would take it. He could not live without her and every day was becoming harder and harder for him and he had been so close to returning to Forks anyway but it was so unfortunate that it was this way he was returning to his love.

He would need to take some time and reassure her that he did love her and explain why he had left her in the first place. It would take some doing but he was willing to try and make the effort.

They had been driving for around an hour when Edward noticed that Alice was sitting totally still. "Alice, what's wrong, is she okay, has Victoria found her?". Edwards voice was laced with fear, which was some feat for a vampire!

Jasper put his hand on her cheek and said softly "Alice honey, what's wrong, what did you see?".

At that point, Alice shook her head as though she needed to clear her mind and said "I know where Bella is, she is trapped in her truck at the bottom of a ravine. She is bleeding badly but she is alone. No one has found her yet and I think she has been there fore a while. No doubt she will end up with hypothermia!".

Edward growled and hissed at Alice to indicate that he would not be happy if she had hypothermia or anything. Even is she did, he would look after her.

"Edward, we should be arriving at the crash scene in 5 minutes and 14 seconds exactly".

"Thank you Alice" replied Edward. "Alice look, skid marks on the road, do you think this is where it happened?"

"Yes Edward, it is the exact spot!"

The two cars pulled into the side of the road and the inhabitants from each car walked to the ridge of the cliff. They all looked down and around for a red Chevy truck but seen nothing. Edward meantime was standing at the cliff edge also and peered through the darkness for Bella and the truck. It was not long before he was rewarded for his efforts so he signalled to the others to bring the medical supplies and help him down to where she was. He needed to be with her now, especially now.

He ran down the cliff side and reached the truck within a matter of seconds. He was shocked when he looked into the cabin, it was empty! Where on earth was Bella, all there was in the truck was a pool of blood, fresh blood too!

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