A/N: Hey everyone! This first chapter is pretty much just a transcript from the episode where Koga first appears, the real story begins in the next chapter. This is an AU fic. PLEASE don't give me reviews saying "this would never happen!" I know it would never happen. That's why it's AU. It's pretty much about what I think would happen after Koga kidnapped Kagome if InuYasha were an X rated anime.

Rating: M for mature. There will be lots of lemons, lots of rape, and depression. There's some happy parts too, but just warning ya.

Pairing: Kagome/ Hakkaku

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter One: Who's to Blame

The pack of vicious wolves were surrounding them, there was no way they were ever going to be able to escape. Kagome cringed into InuYasha as a dark brown one took another step towards her.

InuYasha swiped at them with his claws, and the wolves that didn't get slashed quickly ran away and started howling.

Just when she thought they had won however, a great whirlwind came out of nowhere and started speeding towards them. Before Kagome could even brace herself for the new danger, the whirlwind changed into what looked like a man with tanned skin, dark eyes, and long dark hair in a ponytail. He was clothed in a fur tunic with what looked like fur leg warmers and he had a tail. If Kagome had to guess, she would say he was some sort of wolf demon.

"How dare you," the demon snarled at them, looking quite angry. Kagome could see he had three shards of the Shikon jewel with him; one on his right arm and one on each leg. "Why did you slaughter my pack of wolves?"

"InuYasha watch out, he has three shards-" Kagome tried to warn InuYasha but the dog demon wasn't listening.

"So you're the one controlling this bloodthirsty pack?" InuYasha asked, clearly disgusted.

"And you're their executioner?" The wolf demon shot back, equally disgusted. "Damn you all for murdering my underlings. You'll pay with your lives." He had his arms crossed over his chest and he looked serious. Kagome shivered beside InuYasha.

"Go on try it!" InuYasha challenged. "How many innocent people have you and your mongrels killed? You reek of human blood."

"They needed to eat, got a problem with that mutt face?" he answered smugly.

InuYasha looked taken aback for a moment. "Did you just call me a mutt?"

"No you're right," the demon conceded, "that would be an insult to canines. You smell much worse!"

InuYasha leaned forward and put on a dangerous smirk. "Don't like my smell? Then maybe I'll solve your problem by slicing off your nose and stabbing some air into your belly!" InuYasha threatened, leaping into the air and slamming the Tetsusaiga down, but amazingly, the demon foe jumped into the air and avoided the fatal blow. When he came back down he landed a kick right in InuYasha's face, sending him sprawling across the ground.

"Unreal!" Miroku exclaimed.

"He's fast!" Sango agreed.

"InuYasha watch out!" Kagome screamed in desperation. "He's using the power of the sacred jewel; they're on his legs and right arm!"

The wolf creature whipped his head around and looked at Kagome in surprise.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" InuYasha growled ungratefully. He turned to the demon and grunted, "I thought you were acting pretty tough, but it's only cause you got jewel shards. You haven't got any power on your own, do you?"

"Well you gotta know how to use the power you whining whelp," the enemy countered.

"If only you could fight as fast as you can talk," InuYasha replied in mock whimsy. "Then we could get somewhere."

"Shut up albino runt!"

"You oughta be put down for rabies!"

"There well matched when it comes to foul behavior," Miroku observed.

"He's a wolf demon," Sango stated shakily.

"You've encountered them before?" Miroku asked.

"I'm Koga, the new leader of the wolf demon tribe, and your destroyer," He added, lounging at InuYasha.

As they punched and kicked at each other, Sango explained, "I've heard about them from other demon slayers. They're demons who control wolves. Although they appear human, they are no different from the wolves they command.

The wolves started coming towards the rest of them again. "They're closing in from either side," Shippo said worriedly. InuYasha was too busy with his own fight to notice, and it seemed they were doomed.

"Kirara!" Sango called her companion to action, saving them for the moment. All it has to do was roar and the cowardly wolves ran away.

"They ran off with their tails between their legs," Shippo said happily. "The rest is up to InuYasha."

The wolf demon and the dog demon continued their battle. Koga got a hit in here, and InuYasha got a hit in there, but the fight was going nowhere fast until InuYasha sent Koga flying into an abandoned shed. However, Koga emerged unscathed and snorted, "What a joke, you can barely keep up on the defensive, let alone attack."

This would be the perfect time to test my Tetsusaiga, InuYasha thought. I'll blast it on this mangy wolf.

Koga was charging InuYasha with incredible speed, but InuYahsa had raised his Tetsusaiga, and was just about to attempt the wind scar, when Koga pulled away. "Something's wrong," he said.

"Let's retreat!" He called to his wolves, "This is too dangerous!" Koga and his friends were gone in a flash.

"Did he just… run away?" InuYasha asked puzzled.