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Chapter Three: One Pair of Arms is like Another

Kagome woke up the next morning to hands pulling at her. She instinctively recoiled, but upon opening her eyes she realized they were female hands. Slowly, all the events from the previous night resurfaced in her conscious and she began to cry.

This must be Miri, she realized as the fierce-looking she-wolf dragged her to a basin full of hot water. "Get in," she ordered impatiently.

Kagome obeyed, but was a little disappointed at the female's lack of compassion. However, it did feel nice to wash the sticky remains of last night off in the hot bath. She splashed her face, and was about to get to work on the rest of her body when Miri roughly took over.

Alternating between a soapy rag and bristly brush, she scrubbed every inch of Kagome's skin. It was very uncomfortable and her skin was turning an irritated red under the harsh treatment. When she got to her breasts, she turned harsher, even giving her nipples a sharp pinch when she was through. "Ouch!" Kagome exclaimed, "That hurt!"

Miri ignored her and continued her work. When she was through she ordered Kagome to get out and then dried her off in a similarly rough fashion. She pointed to a pile of rags and walked away without saying a word. Curious, Kagome walked over to the pile, trying to cover her naked body along the way. Upon picking up the rags she discovered that they were not rags at all, but very skimpy clothing. Disappointed and embarrassed, she pulled on the corset-like top that pushed her breasts forward and a very short black skirt covered in ruffles. No underwear came with the ensemble.

Is every day going to be like this? Kagome wondered. Why hasn't InuYasha come for me yet?

Unsure of what to do with herself now that she had been washed, Kagome walked around the cave, looking for any way to escape. There were two wolves guarding the front entrance- no out there. There was a corridor down which she was sure all the wolves dens were located, but no other openings. Hoping there might be an unguarded back entrance, Kagome made her way down the corridor.

She couldn't have walked more than five feet when she was stopped. It was one of the wolf demons from last night. He gave her a true wolf whistle and Kagome turned bright red. Even after last night she still felt humiliated to be gawked at and treated like she was some sort of toy for the wolves to play with. However, she realized as the wolf demon reached out and touched her breast without permission, that's exactly what she was.

Her instinct was to scream, pull back, or even slap the lecherous wolf, but she knew it would be no use. It would only attract more wolf demons to her and the last thing she wanted was a repeat of last night. In the end, she just closed her eyes and prayed that gently massaging her breast was all he had in mind. Fortunately, before he could even think of anything more, another wolf demon from the way Kagome had come from called him over and he went away- but not before giving Kagome a quick slap on her unprotected buttocks.

She quickly found a crevice in the wall of the cave and hid before any more horny wolf demons could find her. What was she going to do? How could she survive this place and for how long? How come InuYasha still had not come for her?

She sighed. All these questions were making her head hurt. She convinced herself that she just had to bear this for one more night, that was all. InuYasha was sure to be here by tomorrow, he had to come for her, he loved her. Right?

InuYasha had been searching for Kagome day and night for the past several days. He did not rest, he did not eat; all he could do was search for her. He couldn't place a name to the feeling, but he just wasn't right without Kagome. He felt more alone than he ever had before and all he knew was the strange desire to have her back with him. He hadn't felt this way since….

"Kikyo!" he exclaimed. As the woman he used to love appeared from behind a tree in the forest he was searching. She was as beautiful now as she was when she was truly alive. Her raven black hair cascaded down her back in gentle waves. She didn't have it up like usual and she looked so much like Kagome that it hurt. But still, there were differences. Those guarded brown eyes of hers could never hold the spark that Kagome's wide innocent eyes did. However, this was the women he had almost given up his demonic powers for. He wanted to hate her, but feelings like those cannot simply be forgotten.

"InuYasha…" she started tenderly before rushing toward him. Before he could react her arms were around him and she was holding tight.

"What's wrong with you?" he demanded as he pushed her away easily. He kept hold of her shoulders though she would not be able to repeat her assault.

She looked at him sadly. "InuYasha, I've missed you terribly. I know you hate me for shooting you, but you have to understand it was all Naraku's fault! I loved you and I still love you. Let's just be together, like before."

He contemplated her words. It was true that they had discovered it all happened 50 years ago because Naraku tricked them, but was it even okay, was it even right, to love someone who should be dead? Besides, too much time had passed and too much hatred had seeped in and now he cared for another. "We can't. I have to find Kagome."

"What's happened to her?" Kikyo asked, but from the slight tint in her eyes he suspected she already knew.

"She was kidnapped by wolf demons and now I'm rescuing her."

"And how long has she been gone?"

"Seven days," InuYasha mumbled.

"InuYasha," Kikyo stated plainly, "You have to know she must be dead by now."

"NO!" InuYasha roared. It was too painful to even consider the possibility.

"If you think about it rationally you'll see it has to be so. They probably killed her the same night they took her. Don't waste your life away searching for something you'll never find."

"No, it can't be," he whispered. His grip on Kikyo's shoulders had loosened and she took the opportunity to embrace him once again. He tried to be a man and not weep, but a few tears escaped onto Kikyo nonetheless.

"Shhh," she cooed. "It's all going to be okay. Just come with me and we'll make it better." She moved her lips to his and gave him a gentle kiss which he returned. After that it seemed like there was no going back. She was right, Kagome had to be dead. Kikyo and him were happy once before, perhaps they could be again. There was no use hunting for shards without Kagome anyway, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

When she finally released his torso and took his hand instead he didn't pull away, and he let her lead him out of the woods.

It wasn't long before Kagome came to the realization that InuYasha was not coming for her. Days turned into weeks and before Kagome knew it a whole month had passed in the same dismal way. Every day she would try to hide from the wolf demons and everyday they would find her and use her to their hearts content. Her mouth, her pussy, even her tight asshole were ravaged constantly by the wolf demons' cocks. And every night she was brought to Koga who would fuck poor Kagome's already sore body until he was satisfied, and if she had been a good little "pet," as he liked to call her, she would be allowed to sleep at the foot of his bed. Then in the morning Miri or one of the other female wolves would wash her roughly with the jealousy and bitterness of a woman whose mate would rather sleep with someone else and the whole ugly cycle would repeat itself.

She wasn't really sure where to go from this point. For now she just tried to go to another place in her mind whenever she was assaulted, and after the second week she found herself simply not caring. One pair of arms was like another to her now. It didn't really make a difference which wolf demon was screwing her. She was sure it was just a matter of time until they all got bored of her anyway. Either that or one of the she-wolfs would surely snap soon and bit her head off. She prayed for either outcome every night, anything was better than this hell.