Hey, I came up with this story at the most randomness time. My friend and I go crazy when it comes to writing. When I tell her that I am writing a draft, she gets so excited. I am in the process of writing another story also called Sonny with a Chance to Eagle Lake. Recently I finished a story and I was content with the number of reviews. I see stories with 300 reviews and I hope, one day, I get as many reviews as that. I hope you enjoy this story and please review. P.S. Sorry for rambling.

Sonny's POV

I am sitting in the front seat if the mover truck. It is bad enough that it is a few hour drive from Wisconsin to California, but the excitement is making the time seem twice as long. The only person I will actually miss is Lucy. All my other relatives moved to Washington State. I have no idea why anyone would want to move to a state where it rains almost every day. The only reason why we didn't move is because my mom has attachment issues. After my dad died a few years ago, it got worse. However, it has been five years and I convinced my mom that we need change. Maybe the change in scenery will brighten her mood. She hasn't gone out in five years. Anyway, we are moving to California. I am excited and worried at the same time. My mom said the neighborhood has many teens my age. I already applied for school. This school has the best drama and vocal program in the whole state.

I actually day dreamed for such a long time, I didn't realize my mom was telling me to get out of the truck. I took a deep breath and got out of the vehicle. My palms were sweating. My house was ten times bigger than the one back home. The neighborhood was gated off and had its own security.

"Mom, how did you afford this place?" I asked. If she had the money, we could have lived a lot better.

"Well, before your father passed, he put all of his money into this house. I just read his will and it said that if we were ever to move, we have to move here. He used all his money into this house and everything in it." I was about to cry. My dad took his time, finding a house for us instead of relaxing. Apparently, just before he died of cancer, he arranged everything. I walked up to the huge wood door and ran my fingers through the engraved door knob.

My mom handed me the key and put it through the slot. When the door opened, I was surrounded by marble and crystal. In the living room there was a black grand piano. While I explored my house, I found a room with a strange door. This door had a weird knob, it was like a freezer, and there was a small window on the door. My name was in big, cursive, yellow letters. I opened the door, discovering a fully equipped studio. I am in heaven. I soaked in the room and ran to the second floor, in search of my room. I opened the door and saw my room, but before I could admire the great work, the door bell rang.

"Can you get that?" mom asked, or yelled rather. I ran into her room but she wasn't there. I followed her voice and realized she was in an empty hot tub, located in the middle of her bathroom. I chuckled and ran downstairs to open the door.

When I opened the door, two teenagers were standing at the threshold. They both had blue eyes and blonde hair. The girl was holding a plate of cookies and the boy was just staring.

"Hi, I'm Tawni. We live next door, welcome to California" she said smiling. There was something weird about her. She looked gorgeous but something was off. Her eyes were not as bright as the boy next to her. However, I shouldn't judge people before I get to know them. She handed be the plate and pointed to the boy. "His is my twin brother, Chad."