Dear Zack, Love Aeris
By: Princess Yori
Summary: Cloud gets a call from Aeris's mom, asking him to deliver some things...
Genre: Friendship
Pairing: None
Setting: Pre-Advent Children
Rating: K
Status: Complete
Type: One-Shot

Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted © by the almighty Square Enix. This story and the possible OCs involved are all me, however. Enjoy.

Dear Zack,

He could almost see her smiling at the paper, writing to Zack, he guessed she missed him. After all, they were all dated after his death. They were all written in her elegant scrawl, he had been given them not long ago, at her mother's house. She called him, saying she had something important for him to deliver. She also added Aeris would have wanted him to see them, that a few mentioned him. Coping together was better than coping alone.

I made a new list, care to guess what they are? A list of my favourite things, and guess what? Oh, I guess I have you guessing a lot, don't I? Well I'm sure a big tough Soldier won't mind will he? A guessing game, she was usually always one big guessing game wasn't she? Was he betraying something between them, by reading these things? Would she have really wanted him to see her thoughts…?

Well silly Solider, you've almost surpassed my flowers! I wouldn't count on it if I were you though, they are very pretty. They almost seem prettier now; I suppose you are looking out for them. Oh Zack, can you see them? I really hope so; you're a part of it all now. He sighed, setting the papers aside, even if he weren't betraying them, he doubted he'd be able to read all of it, they were already tear-stained, they didn't need his.

He turned to the unmarked grave, well, almost unmarked. The sword still stood tall; through it all it remained strong, just like Zack. His fists clenched slightly around the papers, Aeris was strong too, fighting the sorrow with a smile on her face. Why they called him a hero, he would never understand, the real heroes were long gone, nothing remaining but some words and a sword. He glanced back to the papers, one sticking out in particular.

Dear Zack, are all of you Soldier so friendly towards helpless flower girls like me? I guess you can stop worrying about me now, his name's Cloud, he seems…worried. Sad maybe, I hope to make him smile one day. It's funny; he and you are pretty similar, oh! Can you believe he fell from the sky? Landed right on my flowers, don't worry, he apologized!

He smiled inwardly; maybe Aeris needed a letter of her own. She had made him smile, with her silly antics and flowers. He believed he could be truly happy with her. Now that she was gone, he wanted nothing more than that feeling back. Talking to the dead seemed a little ridiculous, but if it helped her…

He glanced up at the gleaming sun, tracing the clouds with his eyes. Slowly he slid his eyes closed, breathing in the heated air. He envisioned her there, beside him, smiling, trying to figure him out. He remembered every detail of her, as if it were just yesterday. To him, it might as well have been.

Dear Aeris, it's me Cloud, I'm not very good at writing letters to people, so I hope you'll forgive me…