"Welcome my friends. You're just in time for today's story! Please, sit and relax as I begin the most impossible tale of them all (as well as the smallest)…"

Once upon a time there was a lonely French man who had longed since the death of his wife to have a child to call his own. One day he paid a visit to a good wizard, with amazingly good tastes, who gave him a tiny barleycorn.

"Like, plant it in a flower pot," he says with a flip of his blond hair, "And, like, see what happens."

The man did as he was told, and by and by, it began growing, until at last…

"Oh, quelle jolie fleur ..."

Gently, the French man placed a kiss to the crimson bud; marveling in the beauty of the petals as they slowly spun open. A gasp came to his lips as the center of the lovely rose revealed its hidden treasure- a tiny child. The young girl's violet eyes fluttered open at the touch of new light, yawning sleep from her awakened form.

"Mon Dieu… Un petit ange ... Mon petit ange."

Startled at the man's voice, the "angel" hid herself under the petals of the flower. This form of shyness made the man laugh softly before following the stray curl poking out from the red velvet.

"Calme, ma petite ... Je ne vais pas vous faire du mal."

Slowly the blond girl peaked out from the petals, lavender gaze meeting his blue.

"B-Bonjour ... Papa…?"

The man, bursting with happiness, layed his palm flat- allowing his timid new daughter to tumble unto his hand. Seeing her more closely he noticed that she was only half as big as his thumb, and by the time she'd be full grown, she'd probably be only as big as his thumb.

"Oh oui, mon ange! Je vous appellerai ... Madeline."

"Madeline- But van you imagine the troubles for a little girl no bigger than your thumb? Hmm?"