Oh No!

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Summary: Naraku screws with the well, what happens when Kagome is send back further into the past, where she meets Sesshomaru as a pup! But get this, she has his full grown scent on her. While as he thinks that she is his "Bitch".

Chapter One:

A girl with long black hair raced out the college doors, her feet slapping against the concrete going down the steps and straight for the road. She was about to cross when she heard someone calling her name.


The girl called Kagome turned around to see her friends running up to her with smiles on their faces. She waited for them to catch up before she started to speak.

"Hey guys," Kagome said as she looked at them.

"So, do you want to go back to your place to study?" one of them asked.

Kagome put on her best disappointed look. "Sorry guys, I can't. I'm helping Souta with his project for a class tonight," she stated as her mind thought, 'Back to the feudal era for me.'

She watched her friends' faces fall at her reply. They were really hoping to hang out with her today, even if it was to study. "Oh okay, see you tomorrow, Kagome," they said before walking away.

Trying not to feel guilty, Kagome just nodded her head. As she ran across the street to the other side, she looked back at her friends. Kagome knew that her life would never be normal. She knew that since she fell down the well on her fifteenth birthday. It was the same day she first saw Inuyasha pinned to the God Tree. That was six years ago, when she was in the feudal era trying to get the Shikon No Tama back into its whole piece.

Continuing to walk down the streets, she felt a pull towards her home. Racing towards it, a voice came out to her.

"Miko of the jewel, I am sorry to give you the duty to protect it."

Kagome stopped dead in her tracks at hearing the voice in her head.

"Who are you?" Kagome asked mentally.

"My name is Midoriko."

Kagome placed her hand over her mouth in shock, not caring if anyone was around her at all. 'She couldn't be who she says she is? But why would she say sorry?'

"My dear, I'm Midoriko, and you ask why I am saying sorry to you. I am sorry that you had to be with the jewel in the first place," Midoriko replied as she kept something from Kagome.

Kagome could tell Midoriko was keeping a secret from her but what it was remained a mystery. "Midoriko, why have you appeared now?"

"Kagome, Naraku's evil is leaking into the well as we speak, "Midoriko uttered to her.

...Back in the Past...

"Naraku, why are we here?" a demon urged.

"Hakudoshi, think, if we trap the young miko named Kagome in her time then we get all the shards here," Naraku commented to his detachment while he placed a curse over the well with his poison mist.

Hakudoshi nodded his head at Naraku.

...Back to the Present...

"What?" Kagome hissed at the information.

"Kagome, go now," Midoriko commanded."Listen the well might..."Then her soft voice disappeared.

Kagome got out of her stance and ran back down the street until she reached the shrine steps. Cursing at how many of them she had to climb, she took two at a time, still running as fast as she could. By the time Kagome reached the top she was panting and out of breath; she didn't care. All she could think about was the well so she kept running.

Racing into the well house, Kagome smiled at her quick thinking. She had packed her items last night and had placed them already near, just waiting for her to return to the past. Now, it was simply a matter of putting them on.

Kagome walked over to the well, resting her hands on it and trying to feel its power. She could tell that it was different; she hoped that Naraku did not screw with it too much. When she put on her bag with her two daggers, bow and arrow and her small katana, she knew she was ready for anything Naraku could dish out.

Breathing in, she prayed as she jumped into the well. Then, something strange happened. She looked around the well, expecting to see its normal color but it was replaced with a purple light and black swirls.

"Damn you, Naraku," Kagome hissed out as she approached the end.

Looking around the area first, Kagome then looked up to see the dark sky and knew it was night. The stars were glowing brightly in the sky, a bit of pink on the east side. Kagome saw on the right side of the well that it had some vines. Sighing at it, Kagome knew that she would have to climb up them to reach the top.

Grabbing onto the green ropes, Kagome pulled her body up as she continued to scale the well. Coming up to the top, Kagome looked around to see the feudal era, or so she thought and hoped it was.

"Naraku," she hissed out his name as she pulled herself out of the well.

Sitting down, she took out her daggers that were made of youki fangs; it was from Sesshomaru, as well as the katana she had. She thought about what happened over a year ago, how he had come and joined the group under a truce. Sesshomaru and the group, without Inuyasha's approval, had banded together. Within the first month it had been very crazy with Inuyasha always fighting with him. That was until Naraku came and attacked them. Setting aside their disdain for each other, both brothers took the lead and attacked Naraku head on.

Kagome remembered that battle well; it was when Sesshomaru took notice that she never had training with a weapon, only a bow. It was under his guidance that Kagome learned how to fight with and without a sword or daggers. Sesshomaru was impressed that it only took Kagome eight months to get the fighting skills down. All the while, he showed her lots of different techniques to battle with.

When she asked him why he was training her, he replied that in the entire group, at least one person needed to be able to hold a sword correctly and be knowledgeable within a fight. Next he said that she was the guardian of the Shikon No Tama and that needed to be protected. With her lack of skill, it would be impossible to protect. Kagome understood what he meant and took on all his training without much complaint.

Kagome continued reminiscing about her past, how she had gotten to the feudal era and met all of her friends and adopted son, Shippo. Remembering enemies and new allies within all six years, Kagome even thought about what would happen after the jewel was completed. Would she stay in the past or would the jewel send her back to the future and trap her there? A few tears came down her face at the thought of never seeing her son and friends ever again if that happened.

Slowly she stood up from the ground. Kagome thought about it once before, she could not know what the future held. All she knew was that she would make the best of it. Once she stopped thinking about never returning, Kagome started to walk to the village until she heard frightening screams from the right.

Running to the area, Kagome slowed down to see what was going on and what she could possibly help with. It was then that she saw three small pups in the middle of a battle with hordes of demons around them. Each demon held stupid, frightening grins on their faces. Kagome felt rage enter her body as one of the pups looked like Shippo.

She knew it was not her son but it didn't matter to her.

Turning to the far side of the group she could see three demonesses attacking the demons. Each demoness had a symbol that adorned their foreheads. Kagome knew that they were mates of some lord, but of what land? Looking more closely, she saw a long silver-haired demoness with the sigma of the moon on her forehead. Kagome looked over to the other two demonesses. The demoness on the right had red hair with the sigma of the sun, indicating that she was from the southern lands. How did she know this? Sesshomaru thought that she should be more educated on the era she was in.

Kagome did not question him on it at all, but she knew something was wrong with him when he was telling her this. Shaking her head, Kagome looked over to the other demoness that had long, dark green hair in a high ponytail that had the sigma of what looked like crystals, which meant she was from the northern lands.

Kagome wondered why they were there, but did not put much thought into it. When she heard the scream of one of the pups, Kagome looked up to the owner of the voice to see he was in a demon's grasp. Kagome could not just stay without helping. She knew the pup would die before its mother could get to him.

Thinking fast, Kagome took her bow off her shoulder and two arrows from her arrow holder. She slowly notched both arrows into place, aiming at the arms between the shoulder and the elbow. Kagome released the arrow. As she watched it fly towards the demon, she infused it with a bit of her reiki, making it more deadly.

The arrow hit the demon who then let the small pup go. As he fell, he looked over to see who had saved him. Kagome saw his eyes widen at her. She just nodded her head as she notched another arrow when another evil demon neared a different pup trying to get to her. Kagome released it just as she saw the dark green demoness stare at her with a surprised and grateful look before she cut down the demon in front of her.

The demons turned to see a human miko helping the demonesses, and they growled at her with rage. They took off in her direction. Kagome smirked, taking out her daggers that had the names Sora Ki and Kinsaiga. Kagome raced towards the demons that came her way. Dodging two of them, she cut through the rest with her reiki infused daggers.

Kagome turned to meet claws from one of them.

The demon pushed her back just as another demon attacked her right side with two claws slashing in two different places. One was long and deep, from her shoulder to the middle of her chest while the other one was below the chest across the upper ribs. One arm was screaming in pain, and she had to grind her teeth together to prevent a scream that was edging off the tip of her tongue.

Kagome infused more power into her daggers, burning the demon in front of her. She turned to her side and slashed one long cut into the other demon that had hurt her. Both demons turned into dust from their wounds. She looked over to the three demonesses that were walking over to her with a different expression on their faces.

Looking over them, Kagome was glad that no one else was hurt. There was one question that lingered in her mind now that she thought about it. 'Why were the demons after the pups?'

However, she stopped thinking about it when she looked over at each demoness' face. The one on the right, the demoness with short, red hair had an expression of happiness and a bit of confusion. While the one on the left had an expression of gratefulness, she seemed also a bit scared. The middle one with long silver hair had a look of hesitation and distrust.

Then, the red-haired demoness moved over to her quickly. "You hurt miko?"

Kagome nodded her head, but her wounds were having an effect on her. "I'm hurt but I will heal," she said as she bowed to them all. When nothing resulted, she started to walk away from them.

"Wait!" the red-haired demoness called out.

Kagome stopped and looked over to her. "Yes?"


"Why what?" Kagome asked in return.

The silver one had wanted the answer to this question as she slit her eyes and stated, "Why help demons that you can destroy with one finger miko?"

As Kagome heard what the demoness said, she wondered if she was some part of Sesshomaru's family. She talked like him, so Kagome took her time to formulate an answer.

"I helped because I do not care that you are demons. Your pups were in trouble and I knew you could not get to them in time. Wouldn't you hate to know that a miko could have saved your pups but didn't even try?" Kagome asked.

"You are a strange miko. Most would have let the pups be killed or tried to kill them herself," the one with dark green hair said.

"Well, I'm not like the rest. I only kill if needed to," Kagome whispered as the blood loss started to drain her completely.

"Miko, sit down," the silver-haired demoness ordered.

While Kagome did as she said, low growls came from behind the trees. The group tensed up to fight again, but when they sniffed the air the tension dissipated. Kagome watched on as the silver-haired demoness sat down close to her.

"Demoness?" Kagome asked.

"I'm going to heal you," she stated abruptly.

"No, no you don't have to heal me," Kagome said, standing up but stopping when her eyes closed from the pain. Luckily, the silver demoness caught her before she could hit ground, gently easing her down and putting her on the earth floor.

"Mika!" A tall male demon with green hair raced into the clearing to see his mate and heir unharmed.

"Ryo," Mika, the green-haired demoness said as she walked over to him with the young pup beside her.

"Are you okay?" Ryo asked, as he looked over her.

"Yes but guess who came and helped us?" Mika asked.

"This is not the time for me to be guessing," Ryo stated when he looked behind him to see his two old friends racing in behind him.


"Shin!" the red-haired demon responded.

As the silver-haired demoness saw her mate, she nodded him over to look. He walked over to see a human.

"Who is she?" he asked.

"Toga, I don't know but if she didn't help us the pups would be dead," she explained.

Toga nodded his head at his mate as she stood up with Kagome in her arms.

"Well, Mika please tell me," Ryo said.

"Fine, it was a miko that came to help us," Mika replied.

"What?" Shin yelled as his eyes went wide. He felt a hand on his hakama and looked down to see his pup.

"Dad, what mom says is true. She saved me from a demon with her arrows," he stated.

"Me too," another said after the first pup.

Toga nodded his head at his friends and looked over to the one that saved them all. He sniffed the air and his eyes widened. "Mate, smell her," Toga ordered.

She nodded her head at him, taking a sniff from the miko before her eyes widened too.

"Toga, what does this mean?" she asked.

As the rest smelled her, they looked at the small pups with astonished eyes. The pups smelled her too and soon, one growled lowly and his parents could do nothing but watch.

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Kagome daggers names and meaning:

SORA KI (sky blade)
KINSAIGA (balance fang)