Oh No!

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A hundred years had passed as Kagome had mated to Sesshomaru. She smiled at the window as she turned to see Rin walking into the room. Kagome was amazed that Sesshomaru had found a way to make Rin a demon and it took his and her powers to do so. They spend four days and nights giving Rin their powers and blood. Now Rin would be with them for forever.

Next during this time, Shippo was growing up lots under the influence of Sesshomaru and now was getting more training under Sesshomaru. Sadly, to see Nanomaru had dead in a battle fifty years ago. Kagome could still remember that battle.

It was when she was pupped.

Kagome flinched at the fireplace went out. Her eyes narrowed as she stood up. Rin was right with her and holding onto her one hand while her other hand was on her pregnant belly.

"Nanomaru!" She called out, as she felt scared. She tightens her hold on Rin's hands as she looked around. Sesshomaru and most of his soldiers had left eight weeks ago to take care of an up raiser army. The man in charged wanted Rin and her and Sesshomaru didn't gave him what he wanted. The man attacked the neighbour's villages around the boarder.

Sesshomaru was furious as he stormed out and ordered his general to get the army ready and left.

"Milady... run…" She heard from a weakened voice. When she felt Rin's hand was torn from hers. "Rin!"

"Mom!" Kagome heard her yelling. Suddenly cold air was placed around her. Kagome started to freeze; her hands went around her arms rubbing them to keep warm. She could hear Rin's screaming still and she could also feel someone's breath on her, but it was too late to move,

Kagome was soon struggling against the person, a SLAP was heard, Kagome felt her cheek as it was bruising already. Her tears fell onto her cheeks then towards the floor.

"So beautiful…for a human." The person stated as it indicated it was a male voice.

"My lord will be pleased when he see you. Shikon Miko," He told her. Kagome placed a hand over the necklace that held a connection to Sesshomaru. Her fear was slowly activating it but without Rin with her, she couldn't protect Rin. The persons might hurt Rin to get to her.

"Mom." Rin's voice called out weakly.

Kagome's eyes widen and then narrowed. "What did you do to her?"

"Oh, the young lady… she is and will be fine if you listen to us." The male's voiced out.

"Fine." Kagome hissed out.

"Good, now take off the choker."

Kagome didn't move at first but slowly placed her hands onto the choker. She slowly removed it as it glowed and shot up. She smirked at them as she kicked at the male in front of her as the choker had glowed and showed her where the male was. The male cried in pain as Kagome jumped and smash into the one that held onto Rin. The choker came back down into Kagome's hands as she placed it up again.

The choker glowed and made a barrier with Rin and herself within it. She smirked at them as they got up and glared at her. They ready their weapons and tried to attack Kagome and Rin. The barrier held up and the barrier repelled them into the wall. Their body's had left bents and swear words came out from their lips.


Slice was heard as Kagome covered her mouth as she had the urge to throw up. The demon male was split in half as blood flown out; she could tell someone was standing there with blood on their claws. Ready to strike the next person that came near them.

"Dad!" Rin called out as she had tears coming down her face. Kagome looked at her now as the ordeal was over now, to see that Rin's face as a claw marks and some redness. Kagome growled out as she pulled Rin into a hug.

She could hear Sesshomaru growling lowly at the one that was still alive and few seconds after was a sickening crunching sounds and a thud out the window. Cold air blown into the room as Kagome looked at Sesshomaru to see that he was coming their way. He stopped and placed his hand onto the barrier as the barrier went down. He gathered his mate into his arms and sniffed. He could tell that she was unharmed but scared. He growled lightly as the growled calmed Kagome down as she sniffed out as she had tears.

"I was scared and…" She was cut off by a searing kiss from her mate. He looked up to see Rin scared, he had Kagome on one side of himself as his arms opened wide for Rin. Rin took off as she went into Sesshomaru's arm and hugged Sesshomaru.

"Thanks, Dad." She whispered as she cuddles on his chest. Sesshomaru closed his eyes and mentally sighed when he felt the choker off Kagome, he took off with his orb ball. He made it to the palace to see it was being attacked. He felt rage about it, as he located his mate and went towards her area.

He smirked at her kick at the demon as but he soon took over. His barrier was now protecting his mate and daughter.

That was when he felt Kagome stiffen in his arm and that was when he smelled it. He let go of Rin and gently pick up Kagome. He looked at Kagome as she was breathing hard now. He took off towards the birthing wing.

He could smell her blood. It was very different; it truly held the smell like the aura of a new life. He landed at the palace and raced towards the birthing room. He walked into it to see the female healers making sure that everything was ready. When he growled at them, they turned and saw Lady Kagome within the heir's arms.

"Milord, please place Lady Kagome onto the bed." The oldest healer stated. While the four others raced around to get the herbs, and blankets.

Sesshomaru nodded his head and placed Kagome down onto the bed, he lend over and gave her a kiss. Then he walked out the door and started to pace.

Kagome took a nice smoothing warm bath to help with the pain and speed up the birthing progress. She screamed in pain as she swore under her breath. She needed the pups out of her now and not later. She placed her hand onto her womb and send in her reiki to help with the pain.

Soon, Kagome felt the need to push. She tightened her hands within healer's grip and she pushed down hard. Kagome stopped when she was told and the pushed again when she felt a second pain coming her way.

Kagome continued to do this as she pushed and then stopped. She didn't know when she would be done or how long she had been in labor for. All she knew was the pain that she was in. She pushed harder as she felt the pup coming out. Slowly she was being stretched out wide as she was continued to push. Soon she felt the last of the pup was out. She leaned back into the bed as she breathed in and out, soon she started to push again. She knew she was going to have twins.

Hour later, the last pup was out as well as the placental. She could hear her pup's cries. It was music to her ears and Kagome pushed herself up and then back down onto the bed. One pup was placed into her arms as she hummed softly at him. She smiled and yawned as she was passed the second pup.

She smiled again and nodded her head to the healer's to take the pups again. She sat up and took one pup as she helped him latched onto her breast as she took the other pup and got help. She took a few moments to get them eating but it was smooth sailing after.

Kagome looked outside to see the twins; Haru and Itachi playing together as then hid behind a tree and a rock, she waited until a pup came out and sniffed around. It was funny to see this as she waved to Sesshomaru as he walked out a few seconds after.

The female pup came after two years after the twins, as the named her after Sesshomaru's mother Silva. Kagome patted her stomach after all the fourth pup would be coming soon.

The end

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