Oh No!

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"Father and mother," the projection of Sesshomaru said.

"Sesshomaru?" Lady Silva questioned.

Chapter Four: Down the well and back again

"Sesshomaru, why are you here?" Lady Silva asked.

The projection of Sesshomaru stated, "Kagome is my intended mate in the future. Mother, you need to help her get back to this time. Four hundred and fifty years."

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru in disbelief. It was not the fact that she was his intended or that he hadn't even told her about it or asked her that surprised her. It was the four hundred and fifty more years into the past part that did it.

"Son," Toga started.

"Father, please don't ask. Kagome, I will see you soon," Sesshomaru said as he disappeared.

"Well, Kagome," Silva calmly stated. "We should heal the well again tomorrow."

"Wait, Lady Silva. Who is this Naraku?" Lord Ryo asked.

Kagome frowned at this half-breed's name. "Naraku," she snapped out, "he is a half-demon that terrorizes humans, demons and hanyou's. He has most of the Shikon no Tama jewel and he messed with the well that I use. He pitted Inuyasha and Kikyo against each other, cursed Miroku's family with a wind tunnel, and destroyed all of Sango's family and village. My young kit…." Kagome started to cried out with tears, missing her precious Shippo.

"Shippo lost his family when the jewel shattered. About half of Koga's pack was killed by Naraku's evil creation named Kagura. Sesshomaru was tricked by him too," Kagome told them.

"You said Inuyasha?" Toga asked, his curiosity piqued by the name.

Kagome looked at him and then to the ground. "He's your second son."

Lord Toga and Lady Silva looked at each other with a smile at the thought of another pup. Kagome's eyes widened.

"Your kit? As in a fox youkai?" Lord Ryo recalled.

"Hai, Shippo is a fox youkai and I fully adopted him from the fox tribe," she replied.

They all looked at her in awe as they heard this. Lord Toga and Lady Silva smiled at the young miko.

"The tribe of the fox is one of the hardest tests to come by. How did you survive them?" Lord Shin questioned.

Kagome truly smiled at them all. "That is another tale for a different time, Milord." Then she yawned into her hand.

"Miko Kagome, let's go eat and then to bed," Lady Mika said.

"No, just bed for me, I'm still sleepy," Kagome told them, her eyes closing as she fell asleep in the chair.

Lord Shin shook his head at her and looked at his mate. Lord Ryo and his mate were having trouble figuring out why she fell asleep so often. Lord Toga stood up, and he and Silva walked over to the young miko. Toga gently picked her up, taking her back to her room and putting her onto the bed. This time he made sure his son wasn't near her. Toga knew that Sesshomaru already knew his smell and that Kagome was his bitch.

This was getting funnier by the minute, when he thought about Kagome and Sesshomaru. He smiled at the thought of a second son named Inuyasha. Then his thoughts went to what Kagome told them. He would need to contact Midoriko to see if she was okay. She was the first human that he was friends with – actually her mate was friends with her – and Midoriko had an unnaturally long life span from her reiki and miko training.

Silva met her when she was in danger of giving birth to his heir, Sesshomaru. Midoriko helped Silva deliver him. She was an honourable human and miko that was a part of his pack. Kagome and Midoriko acted the same; they didn't think all youkai were evil or bad. Both of the women had saved his mate and heir. Kagome even went out of her way to save the other heirs with his. Then she made sure she wasn't telling them about where she came from even though the six of them could have killed her.

Toga went to his room to see Silva lying down, waiting for him. Hours went by as the whole western palace was sleeping into the night, the east side starting to rise up with sunlight.

Kagome woke up and smiled to see a new day. She got up and went to the door to see a barrier over her room again. She sighed at this and concentrated, collecting her reiki to gently break down the barrier. Within twenty minutes, it was down. She was breathing hard as it took a lot of concentration to use her reiki like that.

She gathered her items and then wrote a note to the western lord saying goodbye to him and thank you for keeping her alive and safe. Then Kagome went out of the room and quietly down the halls and before she got caught. She made sure who was up and not up.

Kagome made it into the forest. As she raced away from the palace, she felt a very strong reiki heading towards the palace. Kagome stopped and wondered if she should go back and help or to see who it was but her feet continued to move without her knowing it.

Lords and Ladies…

"Silva!" Lord Toga yelled at his sleeping mate. He felt a massive amount of reiki coming their way and it wasn't Kagome. Toga could hear at that moment the alarms around the castle start to go off, the guards detecting a powerful miko coming towards them. They were frantically searching for her before she could do any damage to the ones they were protecting.

Toga emerged his youki to see where everyone was. His son was still sleeping; Lord Ryo and his mate were up, as well as Lord Shin with his mate. Lady Silva was still sleeping. When he couldn't find Kagome, he almost panicked but calmed himself quickly.

"Silva," he stated, licking her face.

Slowly she started to wake up. "Mate," Silva yawned, soon feeling the reiki. She smiled and almost jumped out of bed. "Midoriko."

"Midoriko?" Toga questioned.

"Hai, Midoriko. I guess she sensed that Kagome was here and was checking up on us," Silva replied.

"Kagome's gone," Toga answered.

Silva looked at her mate and then emerged her youki into the palace to sense Kagome. When she didn't feel the young miko, she knew that Kagome went to fix the well.

"Toga, save her and bring her back," Silva told him gently.

They got dressed and went outside where Midoriko was waiting for them.

"Silva! Toga! I sensed a large reiki near you and I was worried," Midoriko said to them.

"We're fine, Lady Midoriko. My mate will inform you what is going on. Silva, I will bring Kagome back," Toga explained.


Kagome got to the well only minutes before a massive youki charged into the clearing at her right side. It was a tiger youkai. Kagome sighed at this and took out her Kinsaiga and Sora Ki.

"You have lots of power; mating with you will make me more powerful," the tiger youkai hissed out just before he pounced towards her.

Kagome slid into a fighting position and twisted her daggers with graceful acts of weaponry skills. She fused them both with her reiki as she moved out of the way of the tiger youkai. The demon landed and Kagome slashed at his side hard. She kept moving around as the tiger slowly growled at her.

The tiger youkai swiftly clawed at Kagome, leaving some lines down her haori as they bled out. Kagome slashed him with two final attacks, leaving the tiger youkai dead and purified.


Toga flew into the air and took off towards the well, cursing at Kagome for leaving the safety of the palace and at himself for leaving her on her own. Didn't she know that they would've helped and protected her from others until she went to her time?

He suddenly felt reiki surging outwards. Kagome was fighting so he picked up his pace.


Kagome felt a youkai coming fast and it was stronger than the tiger youkai from before. She knew who it was though, so she placed her hands on the well, summoning her powers. She sent them through, gently and steadily so that it wouldn't hurt the well. A few moments later, Kagome was breathing hard, her reiki slowly disappearing. Her eyes fluttered as she swayed slowly towards the ground.

Kagome knew that if she rested, Lord Toga would take her back to the palace. All Kagome wanted was to get back to her kit, friends and family. She stumbled a little, holding on to the sides of the well. She lifted herself on to it when she felt the youkai land in the clearing.

"Kagome," Toga muttered.

"I'm not sorry," Kagome told him.

She heard him sigh at this and the great demon did nothing. Before he could stop her she fell into the well, seeing purple surround her with swirls of black.

The well lights stopped as Kagome looked up to see blue skies. She went to the wall, starting to climb back out. Kagome made it to the top and looked around to see that she wasn't back home in her time or the time that she had grown used to. She wondered how long she went this time into the future.

"You are to follow me, miko." A voice caught her off guarded as she grabbed her two daggers, Kinsaiga and Sora Ki. She turned to see a solider with blue armour on. He had a sigma of the Western Lands.

"I mean no harm to you, miko. I was sent here to protect the well until you return," he stated to her honestly.

Kagome sighed at this and put back her weapons into their proper places. "How long was I gone?"

"Miko, you have been gone for almost seventy years," he told her.

"Almost seventy?" Kagome whispered to herself.

"Yes Miko, it's time to go," the guard said, starting to leave.

"My name is Kagome," she said to him, following just a little behind.

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