The Golden Boy: A Nathan Hale Drabble Collection


Nathan never ran so much in his life, even when he was a young boy. Of course, back then he didn't have to run for his life, as he had to do so often now. What made it worse was that he often had to escort a certain Boston girl from one place to an other, only just skirting certain death. Although he sometimes complained, he actually liked it. Running, adventure, was the stuff his dreams were made of. He thoroughly loved the thrill of fighting, the rush of adrenaline coming through during battle. He always loved the thrill of the chase.



The first time his breath came short was when he saw her.

She was wearing a simple dress, made of calico, and her hair was done up in the latest fashion. She had the most beautiful hair, the color of honey, and her eyes were a beautiful blue. She was with a group of similarly dressed young ladies, and were probably discussing the latest fashion and gossip, as women were wont to do. However, he sensed something different about her; he felt that she was someone he could rely on, a fellow lover of knowledge. He hesitantly walked up to her, and her group became quiet, watching every move he made, as if he were prey. He finally asked, "What's your name?"

The girl laughed with a casual smile, and answered, "Betsy. Betsy Poole."

And that was when Nathan's heart was captured.