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Warnings: Set after Sectionals, so there might be some spoilers (although I don't think there are) from the first half.

It had started out innocent enough. A simple sentence, "You wanna, you know, maybe go out for pizza or something with me, on a date?" That one sentence and she had become Finn Hudson's girlfriend, which after all, was what she had always wanted. It was about a month before anything went wrong.

They were out at dinner and she was talking about everything and nothing at the same time, just happily sharing her thought with Finn. Suddenly he said "God, Rachel why are being so fucking annoying?' She blinked as a small "What?" passed through her lips. He rolled his eyes and kick his chair back unto two legs. "You always go on and on about random stuff, when you don't realize that I don't wanna hear it. I've got enough on my plate, don't need to listen to you blabbing too!" A moment of awkward silence passed until Finn started to complain about Spanish class that day like nothing had happened.

Rachel let it go. She realized that she was high maintenance and could be a little conceited, but did he really have to tell her off so harshly? But it was only one time, he was probably just having a bad day, he did have a lot to worry about with Quinn lying to him about the baby and his best friend being the father of said baby.

Sadly it wasn't the last time Finn would hurt her. At the beginning of their relationship it was just a comment here or there that would sting, but then pass and the "real" Finn would be back. But as time dragged on his "little comments" became full blown speeches ("Rachel what are you wearing? I told you last week that your animal sweaters are NOT hot! Why can't you wear clothes that at least make you look a little attractive?" ) and his attitude was more controlling ("Did I say you could go there? What the fuck Rachel? Now you're just going behind my back ! Way to be a beyond shitty girlfriend!). But he never laid a hand on her. Never once hit her.

Rachel had everything she had ever wanted. She was the star of glee club, and had the quarterback boyfriend. So why wasn't she happy? At night she would stay up crying, only to be told the next morning that her red rimmed eye were "so not hot" by Finn.

No one suspected a thing. They were glee's power couple, the ones everyone looked up to. Nothing could possibly be wrong.

She knew she should put up with Finn and his put downs, but she loved him, had loved him since they very first met, and he loved her too, right? He had too. If he didn't love her then he wouldn't be with her, he would be with one of the other girls that were lined up to date him. He must love her.

That was the only thing that got her through each day. He loves me. He loves me. She ran through her head as she was biting back tears, Finn's word slapping her in the face. After all he had too. Didn't he?


Rachel Berry was being a lot less annoying, and loud, and generally a pain in the ass lately. Something had to be wrong.

She didn't sing as much anymore. Don't get him wrong she still sang a fucking lot, but she didn't diva out when every solo wasn't handed to her. He was practically gaping when she didn't say a word as Mr. Shue gave a solo from Spring Awakening to Santana. She also didn't jump up in the middle of glee announcing that she thinks they should perform this song or that for regionals, followed by an example (aka her getting up to sing and basically show off to everyone.).

One day in early February he got to glee early (don't judge, he just didn't have anywhere else to be, it's not cause he liked it or whatever). When he entered the choir room she was sitting at the piano staring at the black and white keys, tears in her eyes. When he asked what was wrong she jumped, having not noticed him enter, and quickly brushed it off as nothing, launching into a long winded speech about how they were in deep need to prepare for regionals and that she had many new ideas to push them ahead of Vocal Adrenaline. He didn't buy any of it.

She didn't have the spring in the step or the shine in her eyes anymore. She looked empty and hurt. Something had changed Rachel Berry, and not in a positive way, and damn it Noah Puckerman was gonna find out what it was. It wasn't like Rachel had a lot of friends, so who was gonna look out for her if he didn't? (It had absolutely nothing to do with the way his heart sped up every time he saw her.) Even though glee had really come together as a family over the last few months, Rachel was still the one left out it seemed. The only person she was really close to was Finn. But there was no way in hell Finn was smart enough to take care of Rachel, so Puck would just have to handle it himself.