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"I don't think I'm ready for this Noah."

"It's ok babe, I got you covered." Puck winked and Rachel rolled her eyes as they pushed open the doors of William McKinley High School.

Summer had blown by in a heart beat, and suddenly it was September. Despite having a really shitty beginning the summer was the best Rachel ever had. The days were spent at voice lessons and musical practice (she had landed the role of Sandy in community theatre's production of Grease.) while the nights consisted of hanging out with Noah.

He had been right when he guessed she would need some time to get back to normal. And just like he said he was always there to help her and tell her she was beautiful when she couldn't think it herself. The panic attacks were also a problem. It happened at random times. A memory would be jogged by something small. (It first happened when Puck suggested they eat at the same pizza place Finn had first insulted her. Puck had felt guilty for days afterwards.) and she found herself not able to breath. When they would happen Puck would hold her and rub circles into her back until she could breath again, all the while whispering that he would never let anyone hurt her ever again.

They hadn't dated. Puck didn't want to push her into something she wasn't ready for (which was really different for him, not jumping into a relationship like in the past, if those were even what you could call a relationship.) As summer drew to a close he could tell she felt the same way he did. The sexual tension was so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife. It was obvious they cared for each other. A day hardly went by without them being together, but they waited, testing the water, waiting for Rachel's wound to heal.

It was the last weekend before school started up that things changed. It was there last chance together before things went back to "normal". They were laying in her backyard, looking up at the stars, not wanting the summer to end. Puck knew this was when it had to happen. And it did.

That first kiss was even more than either of them ever imagined. When they broke apart 1000 watt smiles lit up both of their faces and Rachel knew that this would be ok.. That he wouldn't hit her, or call her names, just love her, no strings attached, no boundaries.

They walked into school hand in hand, not caring about the looks they received. Lima was a small town, news traveled fast. Every person and their mother knew what had happened with Finn, even though Rachel refused to press charges, much to her fathers and Pucks disapproval and attempts to change her mind. News had also been around that there was a reason for Finn's mid June trip to the ER with a broken nose and bruised ribs (Finn told the hospital he fell on his skateboard. Nobody bought it, but didn't say anything. As far as Lima was concerned Finn got what was coming to him.)

Rachel was scared that she would run into Finn in the halls and he would try to talk to her. She clung to Puck in between classes, knowing Finn wouldn't approach her with Puck by her side.

Rachel couldn't avoid glee though, but she was happy to be back with her little family of musical misfits. Finn wasn't there when they walked in, which she was grateful for. Everyone greeted her and Puck warmly (They all felt bad they hadn't noticed anything going on between Rachel and Finn). There had two new members to glee, both freshmen. One was a short girl with brown hair wearing a smile named Kilie, and a boy with blonde highlighted hair up in a fohawk (Rachel's gay-dar was going off) who's name was Brent.

When Finn walked in no one acknowledged his existence, even though Rachel was practically shaking with fear. Puck just put his arm around her a placed a light kiss on her forehead, whispering that it would all be ok in her ear. (Finn would end up dropping out of glee a week later. Mr. Shue wouldn't give him anymore solos and everyone pretended he wasn't there, except when hey shot dagger eyes at him when he dared to speak.)

It was that moment that she knew everything would be alright. Finn would never hurt her again, and Puck (and the glee club) would protect her no matter what happened. Now she had a boyfriend that would hold her hand for no reason, who would kiss her when other people were around. Puck would just hold her and sing. She didn't need Finn. She didn't love him. Rachel Berry was better than that. And with the help of her friends, she got through it.


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