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Different Choices

They were always going to be together. He knew it was true as soon as she injected her blood into him and stared back at her with his vampiric eyes that they were going to be linked for the rest of their lives in one way or another. Aono Tsukune couldn't remember being so unequivocally happy at the idea that this beautiful woman, in both her pink haired girlish and shy demeanor and her austere, mature, and extremely ravishing silver haired beauty inner self were going to be an extension of his soul, his now immortal life.

Not all blessings come without their unexpected entanglements and not all well intended plans are well thought out in every aspect of a couple's life.

He tried to remember how it had all started. When had things come to the point at which they were now? He didn't have to glance down the hall to hear his beautiful pink haired Moka getting ready. Glimpses of her flashed in front of him now and then, purposely or unintentional, he wasn't sure, but there was no denying how much it hurt to see how close she was and yet, every second that passed, she was that much further away.

She was getting ready for a date and it was not with him. One could not really call it a date, because those could be considered friendly or even with intentions of being slightly romantic with a potential to lead to something intimate. No, this was not a date.

Pink haired Moka glanced out of the corner of her eye at him, walking past in a small black skirt with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders. The neck line wasn't too deep, but the way the thin fabric hugged her breast left no imagination if there was a bra underneath.

There wasn't and she filled the fabric taut against her with her mini skirt swishing just a few inches past her hips.

No, this wasn't a date at all.

He could smell the perfume on her as she wafted by and it made him grip his fingers along the arm of the couch a little tighter then he should have. Tsukune was sure if he was in his other form it would have fractured the love seat they had bought together when they first moved in.

Did she purposely put on the perfume he got her for her 20th birthday? The one she had made a point of putting on for only special occasions?

He shook his head, exhaling a shuttering breath that felt as tattered and ragged as his heart, his soul, his expectation of what had once been his strength in the relationship with the other woman in his life.

Tsukune had tossed the idea around more then a couple of dozen times if he should be here and every time he came to the conclusion that he shouldn't, he carefully reminded himself that if he wasn't here to witness the act himself, he would always wonder if she would hold up to her threat or if she would just bluff and say nothing happened.

Moka had never been one to lie. She hated liars in all senses and would even go as far being overly honest if she needed to, but each of her two personalities had their own way of excluding truths in ways that made him, eventually, just accept without knowing all the facts.

Outer Moka would poke at her fingers, shyly and timidly squeak about how she was too scared or embarrassed to say something while Inner Moka would belligerently tell him it was none of his business or dismiss him all together.

He heard the pads of her bare feet come down the hall, the soft, feminine pink haired Moka's voice carry over to him, "It's not too late Tsukune." She was putting on some pretty diamond earrings into her ears. "We can end this right here and now if you just agree-"

"No," it came out harsher then he had expected it to, even going so far as making the green eyed Moka jump a little.

How she could even ask this of him, even as her Outer Self? The very reality of it made him ache.

She looked away from him, her fingers no longer steady, her glowing beautiful skin that he had run his hands over, the one he had kissed over so many times began to flush. They had both looked at the clock and it was almost time till their visitor would arrive.

It was no illusion that he saw her bottom lip quaver, her fingers fan over her shoulders and embrace herself to try and control the moment that was coming closer and closer to conclusion.

He had always hugged her when she was this nervous, this uncomfortable, this utterly turmoiled with actions that were about to come to pass. Considering the circumstances, he felt no inclination to sooth her of her pain.


Someone was here to do that for her.

Akashiya Moka turned to Tsukune one last time, her eyes pleading hopefully that he would surrender to the moment and just agree with her demands. There were lines that were marked in the dirt and were all but ready to be crossed.

Tsukune leaned forward in the couch and rested his elbows against his knees. Interlacing his fingers and resting his mouth on the tips of his knuckles that he had used to protect her when she had needed him. Now they were idly resting in bated anticipation.

He never knew he could hear the sound of his heart break with with the sound of a door opening after he shook his head.

"Good evening, Gin-sempai." Moka announced cheerily, her head cocked to the side and her hair drape freely over one shoulder. She nervously presented herself with with one foot tapping the toe of her black heels against the floor as Gin warm brown eyes appraised her with restrained desire.

The tempted grin on his lips was never false when he presented himself to her every single time. Only he and a select few could wear a black silk shirt with three buttons on and make it look dashing and romantic. He had come prepared for an evening with his most desired prospect, but even the dark haired werewolf in human form had no idea what he had gotten himself into. This was not to say he was complaining, but that he was just unprepared for such a sight to behold. Casually, he let his eyes wonder over her, shamelessly taking in the way her svelte body was openly on display with such a snug fitting top and long length of tone legs for him to admire.

"It sure is," Gin offered her a single pink rose. When she took it with a quiet 'thank you', he touched her hand with his other and voiced warmly, "I must say I am surprised at you calling me out of the blue like this. You and Tsukune have been at each other necks lately. I hope he hasn't left you all alone for some handsome and ill reputable man to come and take you."

When she looked away with her cheeks tinted red, it took Gin a moment to realize he wasn't the only man in the room.

Tsukune's dark brown eyes took in the whole scene silently. So quietly, in fact, Gin had not even realized he was there and Moka had made no pretense to show she cared.

"Moka," Gin sighed in exasperation, getting ready to leave with a shift in his posture, "I told you once and I'm not going to tell you again. Don't use me to make Tsukune jeal-mph!"

Pink haired Moka didn't even give Gin a chance to finish. Reaching up on her toes, she tilted her chin up and kissed him as she had Tsukune so many times.

Tsukune wondered if Gin felt the way he did when he watched Moka kiss him like that. Of course, Moka both Inner and Outer, had confessed their love to him as he had to them and they enjoyed many, many years of each other's touches and embraces, much to the dismay of their extended family they had collected at the Youkai Academy.

Mizore was the most accepting, however it had turned out that her mother had found a nice snow boy for her to marry and they seemed to be doing well. They were already on their third child and were just as polite and shy as their mother. The father accepted Tsukune and offered for him and Moka to visit as often as they would like. His stalker snow girl still had eyes for him, but she respected the boundaries of their relationship enough to just do as she had always done.

Love him from afar.

Kurumu had taken it openly hard when she found out her Destined One had decided his mate to be Moka. Fighting tooth, claw, and illusion to keep her standing with him, it had ended horribly when her mother had to eventually move Kurumu to America because she had broken so many laws that the discovery of monsters in the world was becoming a very close reality.

To save her daughter, Aghea had to take drastic steps to keep her daughter alive, be it though unhappily.

Yukari had eventually come of age, but that did not mean she was ever welcomed into the bed of Moka and Tsukune as she had hoped for so long. Ruby had taken it as her personal responsibility to keep her young apprentice under her supervision and get her involved with the behind the scenes secrets of the Chairman's needs. Having two geniuses in his staff had done wonders to keep things running smoothly at the Academy, however that left little time for the two witches to explore any personal interests they may have had.

Ruby was not surprised at Tsukune's choice to seek Moka out for a life mate. They had sought each other out for the longest times and had a chemistry that crossed the boundaries of humans and monsters that was able to break the laws of Moka's father, accepting him into the fold, even if he was a second born vampire.

Now here they were, two lovers coming to a cross roads where they had come to such an impossible compromise for the other, that they decided to put their unbreakable promises to the test.

And a vampire's pride.

Tsukune could hear the two of them share each other's breath through their lips, the sounds of Moka's small pant when she pushed herself closer to Gin. He could see her body react to his touches, the way her breasts mash against his chest and the way her cheeks flushed when they parted.

Gin slowly exhaled, his hand cupping the side of Moka's face. "I'm so glad you realized how much better I am for you, Moka-chan. I am curious, though, why like this? Why now? And why in front of your mate?"

Moka shook her head, even if her eyes were dilated by the very generous kiss he gave her, she looked away shamefully and insecurely at his questions. He had a right to know, but she couldn't really bring herself to say anything other then, "If I was to let you father my children, would you keep them away from a human's influence?"

Her sempai blinked at her, then at Tsukune. He had yet to say a word, however there was still his every observant and lucid eyes.

"Is this the reason you called me here, Moka-chan? You and Tsukune are fighting about where your children are going to be raised and how?"

She nodded, her hands clasped in front of her, pleading.

"Tsukune wants them to be involved with his parents, his friends, his neighborhood, but I told him that I don't want them to associate with anything human. I had the worst time in my life when I was younger dealing with human's bigotry, their belief of picking on those different from them and inability to accept that when someone is smarter or better then them they could learn and respect them, not belittle them and hate them. I won't let my children grow into that! I won't!"

Gin saw Tsukune nod his head, however even then, he was still a man just sitting in a couch listening to his beloved treasure, his most precious person open her heart to a man she had just confessed to wanting to offer herself intimately for the sake of having children.

Then Moka added with a heartfelt plea, "If I have your children, though, you must let them be raised around my family and stick to my family's influences."

"Strickly vampires, then?" he looked at her with his eyes narrowed.

"Yes," She nodded her head, her hands folded between her breasts in a beseeching manner.

"Who am I to deny you, Moka-chan?" he reached for her hands, allowing his fingers to brush between the cleft of her breasts, even grazing the rosario as he pulled her close to him. "I've always wanted to give you everything I could. Thank you for allowing me this honor."

They kissed again, easy learning the other's touches, their tastes, and their desire through such private contact.

Tsukune eyes took in everything, offering only that he was aware and very lucid to the happenings of what was once the woman in his life.

When they parted, Moka took Gin's hand into her own, turning to take him to the bedroom. Tsukune's and her bedroom.

Gin couldn't help but toss a triumphant look over his shoulder. "So this is the reason you're going to give up the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world for? You're really going to let this happen when you can choose to end this right here and now, Tsukune?"

Tsukune's voice was gravelly and soft. "I may not be a human anymore, but that doesn't mean that all humans see monsters as some of us do. I was more then happy to have my children be raised by vampires and learn their ways and customs, however I won't exclude what has made me the person I am today, the person she had fallen in love with and accepted as her mate. I would be lying to myself and to her. No, I won't allow it."

"Then it is chosen. Let's go, Gin." Moka wiped her eyes as she lead another man into the bedroom of her and Tsukune's most private place. When she turned to Tsukune, she seemed to offer one last look of hope, one last quiet, regretful plea to don't let her do this, to stop her or do SOMETHING to stop the madness she was about to participate in. When he did nothing, she silently swallowed her hiccuped sob and whispered in a thick, quiet voice.

"Please, help me put an end to a decision Tsukune and I can not come to grips with. "I won't allow him to father them. I don't want a human's mentality to taint the upbringing of the next line of Akashiya. Would you do me the honors?""

Gin nodded while he closed the door behind him, allowing the sliver of light that speared the living room get smaller and smaller till it was nothing.

Tsukune was plunged into darkness, where sounds seem to be clearer.

He wasn't sure if she was asking him to stop her from doing this or that he should have just let her win.

After the door closed to the bedroom, Tsukune moved for the first time. The very air in him felt heavy, his heart felt like everything beautiful and wonderful was being twisted out of him like some sponge torqued. Forcing himself to cross the room and then sit down next to the door, he sat himself there and heard all the things he had never wanted to experience.

Everything was so painfully clear to his ears.

The sound of their lips touching, the sound of the buttons being unbutton, the slide of cloth over limbs and then hitting the floor, the sighs coming out of the woman he loved more then his own after his friend touched her in a certain way, in an intimate way...all of this seemed to reach him through that small bit of wood from the door.

They were not taking their time to get to the purpose of this night.

He was surprised to be aware of when Gin must have first entered his Moka. He could actually imagine the sound of the springs of the bed settling, as if she was on her back and then him positioning himself over her.

Gin murmured gently, warmly, "I've always wanted to make love you, Moka-chan."

Her response was light and polite, "I know, Gin."

And then there was a spasmodic jerk in the springs and Moka's quick intake of breath.

It was at that same moment he felt something had pierced him through his heart, into his very soul and mortally wound him with fire and ice, poison and rage...

All he did was hold his breath and try not to breathe. It was too painful to make his chest do more then what it could to hold itself together.

Before that moment, everything from there could have been worked out in his mind. Up until that point, Moka and Him were just two people angry at each other, but this act, this very second she had willingly and intentionally lured Gin to their home, to their bed, and into her body against Tsukune's wishes, it was over.

She was no longer his Moka any more then he was her Tsukune.

Their argument had reached such heights, that she had told him that if he wasn't going to let their children be raised away from humans, she would find someone who would. Needless to say, he wouldn't budge and told her she was pushing this issue way to far. Both Mokas had tried to ask him to change his mind, but he would not steer clear of the fact that his children would know his mother, his father, and his friend Kyouko. No matter how softly, tactfully, and adamantly he tried to accomplish her to see things his way, he had only made things worse.

When she threw down the gauntlet and said, "You will change your mind, Tsukune or I will have someone else give me children that I can raise as I see fit."

What had been so heart breaking was that this was coming from Pink Haired, Outer Moka. Had it been from Inner Moka, he may have felt like she was being stubborn or elitist, but to hear it come out of the soft, girlish voice of his precious Moka-chan, there had been no real proper or expected way to accept it.

He decided to just see this through, to see for himself what her pride and her promises would be for something that she was uncompromising with as much as he was.

Now there was another man inside of his love, on top of her, with her body naked against his and enjoying her deepest warmth and wetness as he was only so blessed to after a few years after they had met.

Tsukune listened to everything from that point with unintended focus. He was only a few feet away when the two bodies started to make slow, accommodating love on the bed he used to enjoy her on. Then they must have felt more comfortable with the other because it was not long after they were making quick, enthusiastic sex that rattled the head board against the wall and knocked over a picture or two.

Young Aono could feel the vibrations through the wall he was leaning against.

Tsukune stayed there for a little under an hour, but when the two had sated themselves enough for them to talk a little to each other, the first thing he could understand was Gin ask, "Do you think he's still here?"

"I don't know." Moka's voice came out softly, with just the slightest twinge of nervousness in it.

"Do you want me to check?" Tsukune could hear Moka pulling covers over herself.

"Would you mind?"

"No, not at all."

The sound of them kissing reached him.

Tsukune got to his feet and reached into his pocket. He had told him self if this happened when Gin came over, he would make sure he was ready to let Gin receive the only thing he felt he could do in this current state of affairs.

Gin opened the door and he was face to face with Tsukune.

Her scent was all over him and the room began to become heavy with their mixed musk.

Unapologetically, Gin smiled down at him. "Yeah, he's still here."

Pink haired Moka made a show of covering herself up in front of Tsukune, as if the were meeting for the first time and he had not been her lover for years now.

He could tell, by the way her eyes watered and the way her hands trembled as they held the sheets to her chest, she was crying. Had it been Inner Moka, she would have rather laughed or mocked Tsukune for allowing things to come to this kind of conclusion, however Outer Moka may have had her pride, but she did not have Inner Moka's fortitude.

Tsukune pulled out the keys to the apartment that Moka had rented out for them and placed them on the counter, the sound of metal scraping across the granite countertop was loud in the room after everything being so quiet now.

Turning his back, he started down the hallway without saying a word.

Moka got up and pushed herself past Gin with the blankets still around her, large watery green eyes in torment at her mate's departure so coldly unaffected.

"You just had to say yes and none of this would have happened! Why didn't you just agree with me!" She cried out in anguish, in despair.

Gin leaned against the wall, still shylessly naked and content.

Tsukune turned around and looked over at her sweat slicked face where some of her pink hair stuck to the sides of her face, the tops of her breasts heaving with the rosario gleaming in the faint light with it's red eyed jewel glowing hotly. With defeat and loss, his shoulders bent and his face red with restraint, he said in a voice as lost and hallow as his soul was at the moment, "Because look at what extremes you'll go to if I'm don't agree with you. I won't allow the mother of my children to accept this behavior from them, so why should I allow it from you. Good bye, Moka. For whatever it's worth, my life was the best when I was with you."

As he walks away, he could hear Moka calling out his name, softly then loudly. Gin was there to hold her in place, apparently she was trying to chase him down.

But for what reason, Tsukune wondered with a self depreciating chuckle. She got what she wanted, didn't she?