AN: I would like to thank ClanCrusher for suggesting this at the end of my first book as opposed to leaving so many unanswered questions. This is chapter 4 of Take What Is Yours, but he thought it would also make for an appropriate last chapter for Get What You Wanted.

I agreed.

Your Mistress.

Get What You Wanted

Ch 55 The Other Side Of Supposed To Be.

Mikogami watched as Kuyou was handing out orders to the remainder of his personal guard, taking in everything that had occurred within the last half hour to the present demanding the kitsune's personal direction. He had got a report that Yukari's parents were causing havoc inside the medical ward and demanded an audience with him. Then there was the succubi sisters howling and in an uproar about being tricked and the compensation their work was to suppose to bring did the exact opposite.

Had it not been for his personal guard been given explicit instructions to anticipate their rebellion things would have gone horribly wrong. An Arch Succubus and her almost equally talented imotou were a handful without them being enraged.

Needless to say that many of the male congregated within listening range were holding onto their genitalia carefully after the vocal threats of both women's vehement details of what they would do if they were given a chance to see them down a dark alley in the human world.

He had expected as much.

The vampire family's barrier had been dropped to leave at his conclusion to his verdict, with Moka' stumbling stupor and cries leaving the makeshift courtroom oddly quiet except for the shuffles of feet and muted voices in the background.

Turning to his left, Toujou Ruby had yet to get on her feet. Her hair and dress were splayed out on the floor where she had crawled to Tsukune's severed head and touched his cheek with her fingertips, murmuring words unknown to him.

The room reeked of blood.

Looking away, he folded his hands behind his back and considered his next steps in the process. Everything was going beyond his expectations.

"Ruby," He called out to her.

She didn't answer.

Seeming paralyzed with grief, he saw her still playing with Tsukune's cheeks, cooing words of comfort and regret. The Exorcists was sure that there was mental trauma being experienced but it couldn't be helped.

"I'm leaving."

The elder witch said nothing, just continued to stare off into the oblivion, pulling Tsukune's head to her breast and holding it close.

"I am expecting company so it would do well for you to get this cleaned up and see they are greeted properly tomorrow."

Now she moved.

Two dark violet eyes pinched to slivers at him, murmured words of hated violence promised behind them.

The Exorcist smiled, pleased.

He had wanted that.

"Don't be late."

He turned and walked out of the court room as did his personal guard.

Alone with Tsukune's remains, Ruby continued to touch him and mumble her apologies to the boy who saved her and she, regretfully, could not do the same for him.

In Las Vegas

As Aghea and Shade got off the bus in front of Devil's Little Angels, Busdriver-san grinned at them with his bright glowing eyes.

"Remember, if you say anything to Kurumu or anyone else the consequences will not only be sought out on the two of you, but on her as well, as per Mikogami's orders. Understand?"

Shade was holding a distraught Aghea to her shoulder, growling under her breath as Kurumu's mother wept quietly into her neck.

"Go to fucking hell." Shade barked at him.

"I'll take that as a yes," Busdriver-san bit down on the end of his stogie and closed the door between them.

In a minute he was gone.

"What do I tell my baby?" Aghea steadied herself on her feet as she leaned heavily on her sister.

The music to Shade's club was loud and upbeat, customers were lined out the door and it was obvious Kurumu was on stage doing a number appreciated by the crowd.

"What can we tell her? Just that we dropped off Tsukune and him and his family are working on the issues at hand." Shade grouched under her breath, "At least, that's what the Headmaster directed us to say."

"But her Destined One is dead!" Aghea screamed at her Nee-sama, but Shade quickly shushed her, pulling her away from the crowd up front. "We were told to get into her head and that if we were successful in making Tsukune angry and sorrowful, get him to remember his love for Moka and then to hate her again Kurumu would be allowed back into Japan for probation! Mikogami never said anything about killing him!"

Shade's feelings were in the same boat as her little sisters. This went completely against the direction it was supposed to.

While there was no doubt as to how Kurumu would feel if she found out, Aghea was dealing with it as only a woman who has lost her own Destined One before was now by reliving some nightmarish flashbacks.

It was all Shade could do to try and distract her so she could get her own feelings in line.

"Listen to me, we have to wait till things have cooled down before anything is done. We can't have you losing your control like you almost did last time. You remember, right?"

Aghea could only nod mutely, knowing that it took her years after wards to properly morn her Destined One when he died in her arms. Had it not been for Kurumu, she would certainly have done whatever was needed to join him.

"Kurumu thinks it's going to be a while till he comes back to her. Let's see what Mikogami has planned, because he can't just let this lie. If anything, if we don't have an answer soon I'm sure Lord Akashiya has something in mind for retribution. His honor and pride won't allow this to go unpunished to his family. Moka be damned, he spoke well of Tsukune."

Aghea tried to breath but her whole body was shaking. "How am I going to tell her? What am I going to do when she finds out, Nee-san?"

Shade followed where her sister's eyes were focusing…and then unfocusing.

This wasn't good.

"What am I going to say when she finds out that I helped kill her Destined One?" Aghea murmured softly, her body going limp.

"Shit!" Shade fumbled with Aghea and falling on their generous asses in the process.

Heels were not the proper foot apparel for the unsteady.

Shade could see her precious sister regressing back to an old habit she hadn't seen since Kurumu was just an infant and it scared the hell out of her. The elder sister untwisted herself from her imotou and waved down a yellow cab after getting awkwardly back on her feet while trying to keep some kind of mediocre form of modesty with her short skirt. Pushing Aghea towards the vehicle that answered her summons, she hooked the blue haired woman on her shoulder and shoved as haphazardly as they could into the door with Aghea being more dead weight then a living, breathing being.

"Where to?" the driver asked groggily.

"The west cemetery graveyard."

The request made the man pause, especially when he saw their dress and Aghea's mumblings.

"You girls aren't going to do anything weird while I'm in the car, are you?"

Shade's hair halo'd around her head with how quick she snapped it at the driver.

"Just shut up and drive!" Shade snarled at the cabbie who she was sure had pissed himself. Pulling Aghea's head onto her lap, feeling her young sister sadly take on the pain that she knew her niece would also endure if she found out, Shade hoped she was doing the right thing.

It had helped her way back then so why shouldn't it work now? She asked herself.

As the vehicle's tires barked in acceleration, one strong reality kept Shade's eyes looking out the window as street lamps and billboards passed by.

How long was it going to be till Kurumu found out?

Shade honestly didn't know.

It was dark in the courtroom, especially after everyone had left and no one was there to hear her hiccups and sniffles.

"I'm sorry, Tsukune. I swear this wasn't supposed to happen."

A part of her wanted to laugh.

She was sure if Tsukune was awake, he would have made a comment about her sounding like Moka. Thinking about it, was this similar to what Moka had intended in the beginning? As much as she positively hated the woman right now, she couldn't deny that there was a love there that her and Tsukune saw in each other that came once in a lifetime.

"Just like her mistake." Ruby murmured to her own thoughts, realizing that she wished Moka and Tsukune had come to her before all this had happened. Even though Ruby and the man who lay in pieces by her side had shared intimate moments that bordered infidelity, it wasn't worth this.

His skin was so cold, she thought, feeling no revulsion from his death or current state. The scent of everything that was 'him' from the inside out smothered her and she didn't care.

For another moment, she thought of Moka and what had driven her so deep into a corner by fear that she would go this far to do what she had. Ruby, while still adamant about Moka doing the worst possible thing, wondered if in some weird twisted way had been as sure as Ruby had when she felt that by doing a little bit of wrong she was protecting him in the long run.

What a fool she had been to believe in her master.

The runes that had been flowing all over the courtroom dimmed, bringing the darkness and shadows into a stillness that gave her peace.

All she could hear was her breathing and the subtle movements of her clothes as she shifted herself close to him.

What was left of him.

"Good night, Tsukune, my friend."

Why had she said that?

Oh yeah, because as the nights they spent in her bed, holding each other for comfort and their own special affection, they would do gentle things to let the other know there was more than platonic feelings simmering behind their kind words and lingering glances.

What were they? She didn't know, but it didn't matter now.

He was nothing more then pieces and flesh and her chance to express what she had wanted were gone. Him and her feelings she had wanted to express were now nothing more then biological and emotional litter.

Pulling the bowling ball sized head under her neck, she thought back to those times when she watched him sleep, those lines between his brows always pinched in some memory that was pleasant and painful, worrisome or pleasurable.

His face always expressed the most honest emotions.

Even in his death, betrayal was as clear as day.

What had been Moka's last words before Mikogami's tools tore him into flying parts like projectiles meant to leave their splatterings dotting the floor and furniture like grafitti?

Ruby wasn't sure, but it couldn't have been good.

Even as she heard Moka leave with her family, her guilt had been monumental.

"Don't look like that, Tsukune," Ruby pushed his eye lids down and played at his eyebrows, hoping to get something that would resemble his own smile for her.

The rubbery skin moved a little, but it wasn't what she wanted.

He looked…sleepy?

It was an improvement.

Chuckling, she figured it was as appropriate as she could make it.

By her Mistress's breath she was weary.


So very, very tired…

"I guess you won't be playing with my hair tonight, hmm?"

Ruby shifted her head a little, tugging on his brown locks of hair as he used to play with hers.

"Did you used to do that with Moka, Tsukune? I bet she loved it. I know I did when you lay next to me."

Blushing, she turned away from him shyly.

"It tickled a little, but I didn't mind."

Tired…just very tired.

"Wouldn't that be an interesting trick if all of this was a nightmare and none of it was actually happening, my friend?" Ruby asked him into the silent night, feeling the runes about her finally lose all of their power and the lack of their mana and youkai gone bring an emptiness in her that made her feel that much more alone.

"If that was, then you wouldn't be here now and you'd be back with Moka, huh?"

She chuckled a little, biting at her nails with how much she would have missed out with him if he hadn't sought her out.

"As much as I cherished our time, Tsukune, I never wanted this for you. I'd give it all back and endure your pain in heart, body, and soul if I could have prevented this."


Ruby blinked.

Even thought it was dark in the courtroom and the lights were off, she was almost sure she felt something shift around her.

Listening so hard and holding her breath, she waited to see if whatever it was would come back.

It didn't.

Shaking her head and mumbling about how her imagination was getting the best of her, she decided she was more tired then she realized. Lowering her lips to Tsukune cold and clammy forehead, she murmured, "In all fairy tales a kiss would awake the sleeping beauty or heal the most dreadful curses. Please, be my Master, Tsukune and wake for me."

Nothing happened.

Shaking her head and chuckling at how foolish she was, she sighed and let herself drift off into sleep.

From behind Ruby's slumbering form, 'it' crawled towards her, walking spider like in its movements while dragging its weighted burden behind itself in clumsy zigzag motions. Finding itself close to the elder witch, it lumbered close enough to reach out with one appendage…

A finger, actually.

…to coax Ruby's long raven locks by her bare neck.

Giggling in her sleep, Ruby mumbles softly, almost sighing, "Tsukune, that tickles."

To Ruby, it had been like the days back when he was with her. Whatever her thoughts or dreams had taken her, she was glad that even if she imagined it, she wasn't aware that the fingers she felt touching her hair were, in fact, a hand with an arm attached to it.