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After writing Grandpa comes through, I had a lot of positive feedback, so to continued the series and fill in some gaps. Here is a list of chapters to come.

Agent Afloat the accident USS Regan (Explosion) – current

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Tony's hospital room Remstein Germany

Tony's resignation

Reconnecting with family (Jethro, Jack and Sal meet only to gang up on poor Tony)


Coming home

Summary: Tony has been injured in an accident as Agent Afloat on board the USS Regan. After having his legs amputated, he hands in his resignation to NCIS thinking the team will never welcome him back. How will family help his cope and how will his teammates get him back.

Chapter 1: Agent Afloat the Accident USS Reagan (Explosion):

Tony's POV

I was finishing more paperwork when Petty officer Miles knocked and said I was needed on the laundry deck, a fight had broken out between two ensigns we ran through the corridors occasionally shouting "make a hole" to passing crew members as we made our way to the laundry deck.

Crew members were cheering the combatants on.

"Hit him"

"Come on Jones"

"Five says Warren knocks him on his ass" said one of the nearby petty officers.

"BREAK-IT UP NOW!" I shouted "or you will all be on report!"

That broke them up and the crew members dispersed as two more petty officers arrived and took the two ensigns into custody. Oh man more paperwork I thought as I interviewed the combatants. There was steam everywhere coming from the laundry machines not really paying any attention to my surroundings I continue to shout out the two combatants, when suddenly everything stops and goes into slow motion. There is this very loud hissing noise coming from one of the overhead pipes.

Next thing I know people are screaming and shouting orders. All I feel is searing pain. Then I guess I blacked out.

I awoke to more shouting and screaming of orders, I don't think I blacked out that long, because am still in pain, I am surround by crewmen who are trying to free me from the scorching pipe. I thing I hear "one, two, three, lift, again, one, two, three lift", another voice is next to me I hear "Agent DiNozzo, Tony, speak to me, can you hear me"" Suddenly the weight is off but the searing pain remains as I am rushed to sickbay and I black out again.

I woke up the next day in the Reagan's sick bay. There is a nurse standing over me, checking my vitals and I start to mentally check myself out, see if anything hurts, I feel some pain in my arms and my head where I think I hit it, but I don't feel anything from my legs, I start to panic, am I paralyzed, why I can't move my legs. Panic starts to arise even more as I star to struggle to sit up in bed. "Oh god!" I cried as I looked down at the blanket covering me. My legs, their gone. "Oh god!"

The nurse notices I am awake and panicking she calls the doctor over, and tries to settle me back as I struggle.

I noticed the ships chief medical officer and surgeon Dr. Henry Yen enter the room and he is coming towards me. His first question is "How are you feeling Tony?"

"My legs what happened to my legs!" I choke out

"I am sorry Tony but we had to amputate your legs"

"You WHAT! Oh God!" I cried unbelieving as I continued to stare at the blanket covering the remains of where my legs should have been.

Dr Yen starts slowly now "Do you remember the accident?"

"Yes" I reply I remember being in the laundry breaking up the fight and a loud explosion.

"Do you remember the explosion, the steam pipe landing on you" he asked kindly

"Yes" tears start running down my face now and he puts a kind hand on my shoulder.

"Do you remember anything else?"

"No except for a lot of pain, what happened?"

"Well the crew got the pipe off you, then you were rushed into surgery, we did what we could to try and save your legs Tony, but the pipe landing on them with such force it crushed your legs in order to save you we had to amputate." he says with compassion. "At least you are still alive two men died from as a result from the blast and one severely burned. You both are being shipped to Remstein for further treatment".

With tears still flowing I say "ok."

"It will be ok, Tony, you'll see, maybe not now but it will."

At the moment all I can think is nothing will ever be ok again and I continue to cry like a baby.

All I could think about is my legs, my legs are gone! Gone forever!