Alvin & the Chipmunks: Mama Chipette Ch 1

The chipmunks and the chipettes were at David's house. Brittany was reading People magazine.
BRITTANY: "Ooh! Mary Seefee! I have to go to her concert!"
JEANETTE: "How are you going get in?"
BRITTANY: "Hello. We're the Chipettes. They have to let me in. Plus, I'm her biggest fan. She's the only chipmunk that hasn't been produced by Ian Hawke."
ALVIN: "Oh brother! Are you talking about meeting Mary again? It's never going to happen."
BRITTANY: "Yes it will. My sisters will help."
That night, the Chipettes went to the Staples Arena. Brittany speaks to the security guard.
BRITTANY: "Hello. We're the Chipettes. We don't have to be on the list."
The guard took them through the back and kicked them out. In the back, they see a female chipmunk crying.
BRITTANY: "Mary? Is that you?"
MARY: "Yes."
ELEANOR: "Why are you crying?"
MARY: "I miss my three daughters."
BRITTANY: "We could help you. I'm Brittany, and these are my sisters Jeanette and Eleanor."
MARY: "Wait. Those are the names of my kids. You are my children."