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It's 7 o'clock and he is late… very late… but he didn't care. The spirit he sensed needed him a lot more than his family did at the moment.

Over the past few months Ichigo would be seen running all over Karakura Town. Unbeknownst to most ordinary people he was helping spirits in need. They were starting to pop up more and more often and he couldn't figure out why. They weren't spirits from Karakura Town either but something was bringing them all there and to be quite honest Ichigo found it to be quite irritating.

"Damn it if I don't get home soon dad's gonna kill me." Ichigo lazily thought as he punched the oncoming skateboarder… "Who the hell do you think you are?" asked the odd looking teenager who happened to stop what he was doing to help his friend. Ichigo could only frown and stare at the group in front of him. The man who had asked him who he was appeared to be Canadian due to the leaf on his shirt and a horrible accent but he didn't care. The only thing that was bothering him was the fact that a group of thugs had just violated a memorial to a girl who had just recently died there. He couldn't quite place who it was though. As Ichigo thought about it more and more he just began to get angry.

All of a sudden the strange Canadian man charged at Ichigo, angry because he never responded to his question. As he was approaching him, out of nowhere Ichigo rose his foot to the thugs face and pounded him to the concrete with enough force to crack it. The rest of the group could only stare in fear as Ichigo effortlessly beat their friends' skull into the pavement.

"H-he's killing Toshirin." "Holy Shit!" "He's crazy!" they all screamed as Ichigo was still pushing the odd mans face into the ground.

"All of you! Shut the hell up!" Ichigo screamed as he began to point to the graffiti all over the sidewalk.

"Question 1! What is that you just ruined? Yes you there, in the middle!" Ichigo said as he stared at the frightened man with a look as if he was about to slaughter everyone there.

"Um… well… I-I guess it's an offering to the girl who died here a few months ago" he somehow managed to spit out

"Correct!" Ichigo yelled as he kicked the man in the chin, sending him flying and making the other two scream with fear. "Now. Question 2" as he said this he began to give the same look to the man on the right "Now why would something like that ever even be touched in the first place… HUH?"

The other two could only look at him mouth agate but one of them managed to spit out a few words "W-Well… w-we… I-I guess we" he was cut off. Just when Ichigo knocked them all to the ground.

"Now leave here and never show your faces here again or else I'll make sure people leave flowers for you!" The thugs who were still able to move grabbed their friends and ran away screaming in terror.

"Good, now that that's taken care of. Hey you can come out now they're gone" Ichigo said as he looked toward the memorial. When he got no response he just turned around began to walk away "I'll bring you some more flowers tomorrow if you'd like." Just as he said this, a figure began to appear behind him and in a high but somewhat appealing voice he heard a girl around his age speak.

"Wait! You can see me can't you." She said. Ichigo turned around and as his sight fell upon hers his heart began to race even though he knew he'd never show it he was actually finding her attractive unlike most of the other girls from school. "Well anyway thank you for your help" she said with a smile. At that sight Ichigos eyes felt like they were about to melt right out. He knew what he should be saying but the words just couldn't form in his mouth.

When she finally caught on to why he was having trouble speaking to her she blushed and ran over to him almost knocking him down while throwing her arms over his shoulders and properly thanking him.

Ichigo was about to faint. All he could think about was her, he had almost completely forgotten about being home on time when it hit him. How was she able to touch him? He had tried to touch other ghosts in the past but when he tried his hand just passed right through them. "This is… strange." he thought as he looked at the woman with light green hair and teal eyes.

After moments of awkward silence he finally managed to tell her his name "I-I'm Kurosaki Ichigo" he said, she just giggled at him and said "My name's Neliel but you can just call me Nel"

"Now Ichigo I have a few questions for you." she said with a seductive smile "How come you can see me, can you see other ghosts? Or is it just me. If so, for how long?" She had a million questions to ask and Ichigo was loosing track of them all.

"I don't know why I can see ghosts, I've only been able them for as long as I can remember." "Now I have a question for you. How come you are able to touch me, every time I've tried to touch a ghost up until now I was only able to pass right through them."

They both gave each other puzzled looks until Ichigo remembered he was late for dinner. He thought that he could use that excuse to avoid any other awkward silences. "Nice to meet you Nel but I have to get going or else my dad's gonna get pissed" he said with a painfully awkward look on his face. He knew he didn't want to leave. He still had a million questions for her, but he knew that if he stayed they might be there all night.

She sighed "All right Ichi you can go." she giggled even louder. She could tell that he didn't want to leave and she liked it.

"Ichi?" "Really?" he thought as his face began to turn dark red.

"But… You have promise me you'll come and visit me tomorrow" she said looking at him gracefully.

Ichigo couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked.

Suddenly he lost all of his anxiety and a soft smile appeared on his face.

"Sure" he said. The next thing he knew he was on the ground wrapped in a hug. He knew this must have looked strange to the other people walking around the street but he didn't care. He returned the hug and she pulled him off the ground.

"I'll see you tomorrow" They both said as he started to walk away. Both of them were smiling.

As soon as Nel was out of sight Ichigo began to walk faster assuming that his father hasn't noticed that he was gone. As soon as he rounded the corner the ground began to shake violently. All he could hear were the screams of many people running away from the one collapsing building in the distance. He tried to move closer to see the damage but the smoke made it too difficult to see. Against his better judgment he ran into the smoke to see if anyone needed help, but all he could see out of it was the shadow of some beast he could only dream about. It was some sort of giant centipede with an odd mask adorning its face.

His first instinct was to run but all he could do was stand there. "Is it looking at me?" he thought to himself. "Why would it be looking at me?" Then in a burst of speed the creature dashed toward him. It was a lot faster than it looked. Ichigo thought this was it, he closed his eyes without a last thought and prepared for the worst.

Surprised he looked up and found that he wasn't dead. But instead he found the figure of a small black haired woman fending off the beasts claw like it wasn't even there. He was awestruck and in the blink of an eye the beast and the woman disappeared above the rooftops slashing at each other with all there might until they were out of sight.

For what seemed like an eternity later Ichigo began to move again. His face still stricken with disbelief for what he just saw. He walked all the way to his house in a slow steady pace not knowing how to explain any of it.

"Your late Ichigo!" Isshin yelled as he kicked Ichigo in the face knocking him out of whatever he was thinking… and to the ground.

"What the hell was that!" Ichigo screamed. "Any child of mine who doesn't come home at the time I say will be punished!" Isshin scolded.

"Whatever I'm going to bed."

"Ichigo wait! What about dinner!" Yuzu said acting a little worried about her brother.

"Its fine I've already had a big lunch not too long ago."

Ichigo then headed towards the door and proceeded up the stairs locking himself in his room.

Back in the kitchen Yuzu, Karin, and Isshin were having their father daughter time so to speak when Karin told Isshin how immature he was for a 40 year old and that it was his fault ichigo never talks to him about how he feels… after she had said this you could hear his childish cries to the larger-than-life poster of Ichigo's mother all the way across the street.

Up in his room Ichigo couldn't help but feel a little ashamed of him-self. He had always convinced himself that he could talk to girls and not get shy at all, but then again Nel wasn't exactly what you'd call normal either. He was also ashamed about how he had made a broken a sacred pact in his mind that he would never look at someone with lust. One thing was sure though, he couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.

"Eh I guess it wouldn't ruin my image if I had a crush on a ghost, after all its not like anyone would be able to see us talking or anything." He then laid back on his bed and was about to close his eyes when he felt a sort of pressure starting to bear down on him.

It wasn't all the unbearable but it would still prevent him from sleeping.

The next thing he knew the short black haired girl from earlier that day was standing on his windowsill.

"Hey! What the hell are you…" Ichigo screamed in a sort of awkward fear while moving a little bit farther away as a precaution.

The short girl just proceeded to enter the room as if no one was there.

"It's near…" she said in a calm voice.

"Don't ignore me dumbass!" He said while kicking her to the floor.

The girl looked stunned, she just stared dumbfounded at ichigo saying "How can you see me." To Ichigo he still felt as if he should kick her again for breaking into his room without so much as a hello.

"What? Yeah I can see you, your in my room in that black kimino thing freaking me out. How would anyone NOT notice that."

While he was saying that she began to observe him.

"Huh normally you shouldn't be able to see me, but as far as I can tell you are no ordinary human." She said with a blank expression.

"Very well. I guess I have no other choice than to tell you." I am a… Shinigami."

Several moments later the girl had introduced herself as Rukia Kuchiki and told him of her current mission and where she was sent.

"Ok so let me get this straight. You are a Shinigami sent from a place called Soul Society to hunt down and purify these things you call hollows…" Ichigo was rapidly getting more irritated by everything that girl was talking about. "Like hell I'll believe that!"

"What kind of fool do you take me for! And just so you know I don't believe in anything I can't see so you go play Shinigami somewhere else okay you little brat" he said while patting her on the head.

This had obviously made her upset. All around the room the pressure had started back up again this time it was stronger than ever. The next thing he knew Ichigo was on his knees gasping for breath.

"You ungrateful little prick! I've lived more than three of your lives and we Shinigami have probably saved it more than a dozen times."

As the pressure suddenly died down ichigo began to speak up again.

"Oh yeah then why haven't I seen any Shinigami before you then huh? Besides what do ghosts need you for anyway, they usually just disappear randomly." He said

After a moment of thinking the so-called Rukia was about to speak up when the house began to shake. It was like a very violent earthquake and when they opened the door to rush downstairs to see what had happened Yuzu was on the floor unconscious before them.

"What the hell did you do!" Ichigo said to Rukia.

She just gave him an angry glare and pushed him downstairs to only find that half of the house was missing and in the distance a giant figure with a white mask could be seen headed towards them.

In a flash Rukia was headed towards the beast with her sword out about to strike. At first she had been successful with destroying it. She had felt proud of herself for making quick work of it and began to sheathe her sword when she noticed something from the corner of her eye. Then the heaviest pressure she had ever felt was pressing down hard on her. She looked back over at Ichigo who looked as though he were about to through up blood. Noticing that she had dropped her guard she looked up towards the sky noticing a rip in the darkness. It was hard to make out but she could tell it was there. Then out of nowhere the rip started to open. A large black-cloaked monster with the same type of mask on stepped out of it.

"Shit." Were all the words Rukia could say as she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"W-what t-the f-fuck is that!" Ichigo yelled.

"A Menos Grande…" She said still wide eyed

"A what now?"

Right then a massive black energy was spiraling over Rukia and she was sent flying back towards the house close to where Ichigo was.

Her body was torn to shreds. Blood could be seen spilling from all over her body. She was week but somehow the pressure that came from her was still there.

"Are you alright."

"Listen… Do you want to save your family?"

"Of course!"

"Then You must become a Shinigami."


"Thrust my zanpaktuo into your Soul and I'll pour my reaitsu into you, of course this wont be nearly enough to defeat it but at least you'll be able to say you didn't go down without a fight."

That was just the kind of attitude Ichigo admired.

"Give me your sword Shinigami"

"It's not Shinigami, It's Rukia Kuchki."

"And I'm Ichigo, Ichigo Kurosaki."

Then as Rukia thrusted her zanpaktuo into where his heart would be a massive bright white light illuminated from Ichigo. His eyes had turned to pure white and his zanpaktuo was taller than he was. Which wasn't much more than six feet tall.

In all her long years as a Shinigami Rukia had never seen such a large zanpaktuo, normally the size of ones zanpaktou is usually determined on how high his or her spiritual pressure was, and by the amount of reaitsu he was giving off was off the charts. In no way should a person who had just suddenly become a shinigami should be that powerful.

As she laid there in awe, Ichigo couldn't help but feel a little weird seeing as how his clothes had magically changed into a black kimino. He couldn't say he didn't like it. Especially with all this power surging through him, He felt invincible, and the first thing he was going to do was make that thing pay for hurting his family.

He charged at the beast with his sword swinging violently towards the middle of what it appeared to be its chest. Ichigo easily tore through it causing the hollow to scream in agony. Thinking he had defeated it ichigo turned back to Rukia who was still staring wide eyed at the hollow.

Then in what seemed like a millisecond the hollow had charged a red orb near its mouth.

"Ichigo! It's a cero! Run!"

But he just stood there looking at her.

That's when the hollow had shot Ichigo with its most powerful cero. Sensing danger, he quickly turned around and swung his blade as hard as he could towards the blast. Heavy amounts of white reaitsu could be seen flying off his zanpaktuo and without a moments notice Ichigo knocked the orb right back at the hollows mask. Shattering it. The next thing they both knew the hollow had somehow dissolved into the atmosphere disappearing forever.

Rukia who still couldn't believe what she had just seen couldn't utter a single word, she simply just stood up and walked away.

Ichigo didn't care though. He figured it was best if she leaved, shed cause him enough trouble that day anyway.

Ichigo then began to walk back to his house where he picked up Yuzu and Karin and put them off to bed. He thought it would be best to get some sleep before he did anything about the house so he himself went back to his own room.

As he laid back down on his bed his last train of thought ended with