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In the darkest regions of Hueco Mundo howls could be heard for miles. Amongst them were the painful screams of his fellow Adjuchas. Once they were comrades bent on the ultimate level of evolution, to become Vasto Lordes. After years of endless struggle the group had given up on their quest. All except one, He was disgusted with them. To him they were weak and not deserving of evolution, so he decided to move on without them.

Now they were attacking each other as if all hell had been released. He watched them scornfully. They wanted to sacrifice themselves so they could contribute to his evolution. Although he wouldn't admit it but he didn't want to be alone, when it seemed there wouldn't be a victor to the battle a mysterious figure appeared above them.

And the battle stopped.

All seven of them looked up. Above them stood a bat-like figure with amazing spiritual pressure. It looked as if the devil himself was awestruck by their battle. Their limbs were almost to the point of falling off.

The bat-like figure studied them for a while, until finally the leader of the group spoke up in a harsh tone.

"Hey! Just what the hell is your deal!"

The bat-like figure ignored him and faced the six who were just in battle with each other.

"Why do you fight one another?"

The entire group spoke out. "Because we are meant to."

"If I told you that you could gain power without the need to consume one another would you join me and my master's cause?" There was no response from the group.

"HA! Like that could ever happen! Just who the hell are you!" The leader yelled.

The bat-like figure turned to face the leader. "My name is Ulquiorra Schiffer… and I am. A Vasto Lorde. My master is preparing an army to wage war against the Shinigami. I was sent here to recruit as many powerful hollow as I could."

"No." The leader said. "I'm going to gain my own power."

The rest of the group was awestruck. He didn't even want to hear Ulquiorra out.

"Excuse me but I don't believe I gave u a choice in the matter…" Ulquiorra said disappearing into a buzz of Sonido.

When he disappeared the group went on the defensive. Next thing they all saw was flash of light before they all fell unconscious.

Ulquiorra had all struck them from behind. If they weren't going to come peacefully then he'd have to force them. The only problem now was that they were all too injured from battle for their evolution. Luckily his master told him of a crater that was just recently created that has healing capabilities. His master never told him how it was created but it must have taken an extraordinary amount of power because he described it as being at least 12 miles in diameter and that he should never travel to the center of the crater.

He now had to carry all seven of them across miles of sand to where he was taking all of his recruitments. Luckily his master had taught all of his strongest subordinates the art of kido. With it he could easily move all seven of them.


"Captain Aizen how much longer?" Gin asked.

"Show some respect Gin. We're almost there." Kaname said.

The three rebellious captains were infiltrating Hueco Mundo to begin phase one of their plan.

"Exactly what was phase one again Captain Aizen?" Gin asked.

"We must convince the "King" to come to our side. If he doesn't join us then we'll simply take Las Noches and prepare for the war." Aizen said. "As we speak Ulquiorra is gathering new followers to our cause. As soon as we have gathered our new Espada we will begin training."

"Yeah it was kind of harsh how we just threw out the old Espada." Gin said with a rare frown.

"What's done is done Gin and if Aizen didn't like the old Espada then it was our duty to get rid of them." Kaname said.

All three of them had been walking briskly across the sandy planes of Las Noches for hours it seemed. However in Hueco Mundo time ran much faster thus making hours seem like minutes in Soul Society. In the distance a large throne could be seen with a black skeletal figure atop it. Around him were his followers. A massive army of highly skilled Adjuchas waiting for the first opportunity to fight once their king gave the command.


The King sat upon his throne looking very bored. He had an entire army at his disposal with no enemy to conquer. His name was Barragan Luisenbarn. He was a very powerful Vasto Lorde with Shinigami-like features. His entire body was that of a human skeleton with a black cloak and a large gold crown. Unlike most hollows he actually possessed a weapon. It was a massive scythe larger than the king himself.

"Eh I'm so bored! I might as well separate my army and have them fight each other." Barragan said to no one in particular.

"If it's an enemy you seek then fight me." A voice rang out.

"Hmm who's there?" Barragan said.

Three men then appeared in front of Barragan and his men in a flash step.

"I am Sosuke Aizen to the left of me is Ichimaru Gin and to the right is Tousen Kaname. We are Shinigami."

"Hmm? Shinigami you say?" Barragan rose from his chair. "This might be interesting. I think I'll fight the three of you… As if you pathetic Shinigami even have a chance of defeating a god such as me." Barragan laughed.

"That's an interesting choice of words… With that appearance of yours you look more like a Shinigami than we do." Aizen said behind a smirk. "However if I can prove that I am the superior then you and your army have to join me in my quest to bring down Soul Society."

Barragan couldn't help but laugh at his proposal. "You! Superior to me?"

The three figures disappeared in a flash step. However Barragan saw through it and quickly raised his weapon. He cut at both Gin and Kaname who didn't even seem to put up a fight. When he found Aizen he slashed at him multiple times but it just seemed like it kept passing through him.

Aizen then smiled as his figure disappeared with the air.

The next thing Barragan heard were the sound of blades clashing with the hides of his subordinates. Then in all the commotion Aizens blade made its way to Barragan's neck.

"You see… My Zanpaktuo has the power of complete hypnosis."

"Complete?... Hypnosis?" Barragan said.

"I can control all 5 of your senses and make you believe anything… Now you will join us…" Aizen finished.

"I don't think so!" Aizens blade then pierced his neck and he fell to the ground unconscious.

All around the three were the bodies of all of his new subordinates. Aizen couldn't help but feel accomplished with all he's done without getting even the slightest bit of suspicion from the rest of Soul Society.

"Gin, Kaname. Gather them and bring them to ground zero." "We're going to get them to come to our side whether they want to or not…" "Now I've got some bus

Aizen then opened a Garganta to the real world.

"I've got someone I need to talk to…"


Ulquiorra had finally carried all seven adjuchas to the crater in which Aizen called "Ground Zero." Here Aizen could gather all of his new subordinates and heal them with the power of the released Hougyoku.

Ulquiorra had already gathered many other adjuchas before them and thankfully the field of spiritual pressure around them was keeping them unconscious.

When the Hougyoku is split in half it creates a field of high spiritual pressure and if one were to travel to the center of it their bodies would immediately be turned to dust. However if you were to remain near the outskirts of the field a Shinigami could increase his power ten fold.

Aizen's plan was to gather as many unconscious adjuchas as he could around the field and amplify his powers to unite the hollow and create a new breed of Arrancar. Arrancar more powerful than those created by nature. However one piece of the puzzle was missing. Aizen needed to be able to channel it in one direction. He needed the original Hougyoku Urahara created and the only way to do that was to go to the real world and retrieve Ms. Kuchki Rukia.


The next morning Ichigo awoke with a sharp pain across the back of his head. Somehow he had ended up back in his room last night. All he could remember seeing were Rukia and those two other Shinigami talking with her. Then everything went black.

"Was it all just a dream? Or is Rukia really gone?" he thought to himself.

He got up and quickly realized that his father wasn't trying to kill him this morning. Which could only mean one thing…

Ichigo burst through the door and rushed down the stairs to the living room. He could hear his father laughing hysterically as he rounded the corner. What he saw made his face turn a dark crimson. Nel and Isshin were both talking, and he just knew it had to be something embarrassing about him.

"Ah Ichigo! I was just chatting with your lady friend here. She seems like quite the keeper." Isshin joked. Ichigo just walked over to where they were sitting nonchalantly and stopped in front his dad not revealing his eyes.

Ichigo raised a fist in the air and knocked Isshin straight across the room.

"What the hell have you two been talking about!" He screamed.

"Oooh nothing you would want to know…" Nel smiled.

Isshin got up quickly and rushed over the painting of his wife. "Oh mother! Where did I go wrong! Our son abuses his one and only father!" He sobbed

"Shut the hell up! You're the one who abuses me!" Ichigo yelled and pointed to Isshin.

"Ah I only do it to keep you in line you punk of a son!" He got up and started wrestling with Ichigo.

After minutes of struggle Ichigo was the victor. "Enough! I have to go get ready for school." He said turning to face the stairs.

"Uhm Ichigo…" Nel said. "It's Saturday." She smiled.

"Oh… Hey wait! What are you even doing here?" Ichigo asked.

"Well you asked if I would stay here with you a couple nights ago. Yourichi must have hit your head harder than I thought."

"Who?" Ichigo asked

"You don't want to know. Trust me." She said.

"Oh. Then what happened to Rukia?"

"She's with Urahara right now. Don't worry she'll be just fine."

"Ok that's good." Ichigo felt great relief after hearing that.

"Will you come walk with me? I need to tell you something…" Nel said grabbing his hand.


"Then it is decided… Ms. Kuchki Rukia and Neliel Tu Oderschvank will be caught brought back to Soul Society and be executed on Sougyoku hill in one months time." A lone voice called out in the Central 46 court room.

"Don't you think that's a little extreme!" Kuchki Byakuya cried out.

"Did we give you permission to speak?" Another anonymous voice called out.

"Ms. Kuchki Rukia has given her powers to a human AND released numerous hollows into the real world." The courtroom yelled out.

"Not to mention that Neliel was a trader to us 100 years ago when she declined our offer to become one of us. We cannot let half-breeds exist freely in the real world. Therefore she must be executed." The leader spoke out.

"So it is decided. You Kuchki will go back to the real world and retrieve these two and we will nullify your punishment."

"Meeting adjourned!"


"They're all here Captain Aizen." Gin said. "What do you suppose we do now?"

"The field this released Hougyoku is creating will keep them here for quite some time… Gin. Prepare the Senkai Gate. We're going back to Soul Society I need my research documents."

"Yes Captain." Gin said.

As they all entered the gate Kaname spoke up. "What if the more powerful Vasto Lordes wake up before we get back?"

"No need to worry Kaname I've placed a special barrier around the entire crater. When we return you will see the new bas of operations… a new fortress of Las Noches…" "Now let's hurry I must find Ms. Kuchki before she disappears forever."


"What's this all about Nel?" Ichigo asked. They had been walking down the road for at least a half an hour. Nel hadn't said a word since they left the house and it was kind of creeping him out, after all she was the type who was able to change her mood at any point.

When they came upon the river she stopped and turned to face Ichigo.



"I can tell you anything right?" She asked. "You won't judge me for anything I've done in the past?" Her eyes started to trail away from his and towards the ground.

"What's this all about?" He asked again.

"A long time ago I was forced to come live with my mother in Soul Society beacause I had the power of a Shinigami. I refused to go…" She started.

"And how is this bad?" He wondered.

"Its strictly against the law for a Shinigami to live in the real world… But I didn't want to leave my father here all alone. So I went into hiding."

"And?" He asked.

"Last night… I rushed to help you and Rukia when the Shinigami Captain showed up. When I was on my way I was stopped by another Captain Shinigami, he didn't tell me his name; he was tall, black-haired, and wore glasses. He told me he knew my mother long ago and wanted to take me to her."

"And what did you say?" Ichigo asked

"I told him there someone who I wanted to be with more…" She took her eyes away to meet Ichigo's gaze. "When he left I realized… They had found me."

"You won't have to worry I won't let them take you." Ichigo grabbed her hand and pulled her body into his.

"It's not that. I don't want you to get hurt." She said starting to sob.


They held each other for hours as she cried into his chest. Ichigo just couldn't grasp the situation. All of Soul Society knew who she was and it was only a matter of time before Central 46 would order for her execution. If only her mother were still around to help her through it.

"Please don't cry Nel, come on I'll buy you lunch." Ichigo said.

"Hmm? Are you asking me out Ichigo?" Nel smiled.

Ichigo also smiled. "If you'll promise to stop crying."

"Deal!" She said grabbing his hand. "I know the perfect place!"


"Shopkeeper do you have any idea what your saying!" Tessai said.

"You can't convince me to stay Tessai I failed to realize the damage the second Hougyoku created in Hueco Mundo when Shinji split it in half." Urahara said.

"What do you plan on doing when you get there anyway?"

"I'm going to dispose of it by transporting the entire area into the empty void between the real world and Hueco Mundo." Urahara said.

"Well then at least let me assist you." Tessai said.

"No this must be something I do. It was my mistake and I must bare the burden. I don't even know what I was thinking when I made the second one." Urahara then headed towards the basement to prepare the Garganta. In all of Shinigami history Urahara was one of the smartest. He successfully studied the Garganta and can imitate it perfectly. "Take care of Ururu and Jinta for me okay?

"Of course."

Urahara was in his basement walking towards two hills in the distance. To travel to Hueco Mundo one must be able to sense the dimension that is the void between Hueco Mundo and the real world. When you are able to grasp this you must send out and fluctuate your reaitsu in a straight thin line and separate it in half creating the void itself. From there on your reaitsu will create a pathway in whichever direction you are walking as long as you concentrate solely on reaching the darkness in front of you. If one were to lose focus for even a second the path could disappear and you'll be lost within the void forever.

"This is going to be a long trip… I might not come back. After all this mess I've created I might as well be dead though." Urahara thought to himself.

The hills he was walking towards had two wooden planks stuck out on the sides facing each other. He wasn't able to create a Garganta just anywhere like the hollows could however.

He jumped on top of one the planks and began to concentrate. His entire body began to glow and in an instant a beam of light shot across towards the other plank. Darkness began to show within the light and the air began to separate. Inside the void a world of nothing but desert could be seen with darkness surrounding it. In the distance within Hueco Mundo a deep canyon with a bright light in the middle could be seen. Millions of hollows were gathering around it to feed on the spirit particles.

"Well… here it goes."