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"Mary…Mary!" John called out as he watched Dean try to maneuver his chair closer to his mom. Today just wasn't going to the way it was supposed to and he really couldn't help but wonder what the hell they were going to be able to do about it.

"I've almost got it, Dad," Dean said as he concentrated on untying the rope around his wrist. He was probably going to have to see the dentist after this, but if it meant getting his family out of this mess, it would be worth it. Finally getting the knot loosened, he was able to work the rest of the length until his wrist was free and he could begin the process of finding a knife to cut the binding off his dad so they had one fully functional person around.

It didn't take long for Dean to find a knife, but the trick was to cut through the rope without damaging the skin underneath. "Hey Dad, remind me that if we're ever in this spot again, to free my right hand, ok?"

John laughed and nodded, knowing that it was taking longer for Dean to help him loose with his left hand, but was still extremely thankful that his son was in the position to help them at all. Things could have gone a whole other way and…

"That wasn't him, Dad. You know that… right?" Dean asked, while still concentrating on the task at hand. "I mean… he's had drug interactions before so maybe…"

"I know, son. How's your mom?"

Dean paused long enough to assess his mother the best he could and let out a sigh of relief. "She's alright, he didn't hit her hard."

Relieved, John nodded and allowed Dean to continue to work on the bonds. With one concern taken care of, he could begin to think about his other concern – his youngest son. The look Sam had given them left him no doubt that they weren't dealing with the same Johnny they had met on the road. No, this Johnny was the one Sammy had tried to warn them about so many times… the one who was more than willing to kill to protect the only family he's known, Cade and Ellie.

"Son, I need you to listen very carefully. Sammy's not going to react well to us following him. We need to figure out a game plan to get him to listen to what we have to say, to hopefully convince him that we're really his family."

Dean paused and looked at his dad wondering what made the man not think he already knew that. Silently nodding, he went back to the delicate task of getting one of his dad's arms free so they could get…

"Hello? Sam?" Layla called from the driveway, carefully knocking on the screen door of the kitchen. "Sam? Dean?"

"Layla! Hey, can you give me a hand here?" Dean called out, not wanting to freak his brother's girlfriend out, but not wanting to prolong this any longer than necessary either.

It didn't take long for first the screen door, then the kitchen door to open and even less time for the box of cupcakes in Layla's hand to drop to the floor.

"What happened? Are you alright? Where's Sam? Is Ellie okay?"

Not sure if he should feel relieved or annoyed, Dean allowed the young woman to continue on her question marathon while she cut the ropes allowing both Winchester men to be free and mobile.


"Go son, I'll take care of your mom and explain as much as I know. Go and find your brother," John said with a pained smile. He really hated the idea of his oldest going off alone, but right now he didn't have much of a choice.

Before Dean had a chance to move, the doorbell rang, causing everyone to wonder what else could happen in such a short time.

Taking a moment to scoop his wife in his arms, John followed Dean into the living room and got Mary settled on the couch while his son carefully answered the door.

"Um, excuse me. My name is Dr. William Torrance and I'm wondering if Samuel Winchester lives here. This is an extremely urgent matter."

Stunned, Dean couldn't help but stare at the older man before him as well as the young woman by the doctor's side.

Johnny knew that Ellie was mad, that much was more than a little clear. Right now he couldn't bring himself to really care. His top priority was her safety and if he was right, then she had been living with a 'family' of demons for who knew how long!

"It's alright Ellie. I'm going to get you home and everything's going to be alright," he said as he continued to race the car down the highway. He knew he'd have to ditch it soon, but with the horsepower and smooth ride, he was hesitant to give it up just yet. If he was lucky he could get out of state with it before he had to really think about finding new transportation. Then again, if he was extremely lucky, he could wait until early morning.

"NO! Want Papa…want Dean… want Grandma!" Ellie screamed as she kicked the back of the Impala's seat. She wasn't happy and she was going to show it any way she could!

Taking a deep breath, Johnny tried to push the headache away, but knew it was a losing battle. Reaching for the bottle in his pocket, he maneuvered another dose into his palm and took the medication dry, hoping it would help soon otherwise he just might completely lose it.

Doing his best to ignore his little princess behind him, Johnny instead turned his focus ahead and wondered how the hell he was going to explain all this to Cade when he didn't know what was going on himself. How was he supposed to take care of Ellie when he wasn't, in all honesty, sure that the little girl in the car with him was really her. How the hell was he…

"Chill out kiddo, everything's cool. It's Ellie, trust me. You're doing everything right. Just get her home and we can deal with the rest."

"Right. That's all I have to do… get her home. Just get Ellie home and Cade will take care of the rest," Johnny mumbled, creating a mantra in his mind, trying hard to hold on to one small part of himself while the pain threatened to consume him. Ignoring the fact that his pain was not going away, but increasing steadily with every beat of his heart.

Dean stared at the people now situated on the couch next to his mother, not comprehending what they actually told them. There was no way this could happen, right? He might not know a lot, but he did know there was safeguards to make sure this type of stuff didn't happen!

"Are you sure?" Mary asked. She had woke up as soon as her family had let the strangers in and still felt a little out of sorts especially considering the tale they'd just been told. She smiled slightly to John to let him know she was alright, but then turned her full attention back to the people who may have very well torn her family apart.

Sighing heavily, the Dr. Torrance nodded. "I'm afraid so. Ms. Brodsky came to me as soon as she realized the extent of her error. We were hoping to be able to speak to Samuel about this and extend our apologizes as well as our full cooperation with whatever legal action he would like to pursue. Our full attention however must be that he gets the medical help he needs immediately."

Giving a snort of disbelief Dean turned to look out the window. He had no idea what to say that wouldn't sound condemning and from what he saw the young woman was already putting herself through the wringer. Not that he really cared. Right now all that he cared about was his little brother who had been given an anti-psychotic drug instead of an analgesic, causing him to not only behave out of character, but possibly even a bit schizophrenic – cranking up his concern for their little princess too. Unbelievable! Just when he thought things were getting back to normal, something else happens!

Turning back to Terri Brodsky's advisor, Dean demanded, "What do I need to know to get him back?"