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Chapter 1: The Message

It was a slow day at the Cafe. The weather in Tokyo called for bad weather all throughout the weekend. Ichigo stared out the window and frowned at the darkened sky.

"Great!" She mumbled under her breath.

"What's wrong Ichigo?" Lettuce asked.

"Me and Masaya was supposed to have a picnic, but with this weather," She sighed.

"I'm sorry, Ichigo," Lettuce said seeing her friend's sadness, "Maybe you two could do something else together?"

"Wait," Mint spoke, "You're still going out with Masaya? I thought you didn't like him anymore?"

"I said, I think we're growing apart," Ichigo corrected, "But this weekend he was supposed to prove to me that we should stay together."

Suddenly a loud crash of thunder ripped through the room. I flash of lightning lit the sky and the Cafe was engulfed in darkness. Light rain could be heard hitting the roof of the cafe.

"What happened na no da?" Pudding called, fear in her voice. I few murmurs came from the few customers that were present in the cafe. Some of them got up to leave.

"I think the power went out," Ryou called, "Keiichiro just left to go fix it, don't worry."

"I don't like the dark," Pudding squeaked. She grabbed the nearest person next to here for dear life.

Soon the lights flickered, then came back on completely.

"Good," Mint commented, "Kiiechiro must' have fixed the power." She turned to see Pudding clinging to Zakuro. Pudding opened her eyes and saw who she had been hanging onto. She quickly let go.

"Oh...uh sorry na no da" she stammered. Zakuro smiled and nodded.

"Hey look at this!" Ichigo called. There was a piece of paper stuck to the outside of the window she had been looking out of earlier. "This wasn't here earlier." Ichigo whispered, confused. Everyone crowded around the window to read the note. The ink from the words was streaming down the paper due to the rain but the girls made out the message.

Mew Aqua

Frankish Mansion

"What does it mean na no da?" Pudding asked. Mint rolled her eyes.

"Well obviously there is gonna be Mew Aqua at Frankish Mansion," Mint replied.

"But who would know of Mew Aqua to put this here?" Lettuce asked.

"And just where is Frankish Mansion?" Ichigo added.

"And do we actually trust this?" Zakuro pondered. They all looked to Ryou, waiting for an answer. He thought for awhile.

"Okay," he finally said, "We check this out, but something seems fishy, so me and Kiiechiro are going to come with yall." The girls nodded. "Okay, lets close this place up and head over there."


"Pai, what's wrong with your computer!" Taruto called from the main room. Pai dropped his book. Those were three words he never wanted to hear in one sentence. 'wrong', 'computer', and 'your'.

Pai quickly teleported to the main room. "What did you do, Taruto!" Pai hissed. Taruto quickly stepped back, folding his arms angrily at Pai's accusation.

"I didn't do anything!" Taruto mumbled, "You're computer screen is stuck on this thing!" Pai looked up at the screen. There was a message on it.

Mew Aqua

Frankish Mansion

Pai tried to clear the screen but the message remained. He eyed the computer. "Frankish Mansion," he read, "Is that a place?" He looked to Taruto who's only reply was a shrug. Pai rolled his eyes, "Get Kisshu, we need to find this Frankish Mansion, especially if there is Mew Aqua there."


The Mew team stared at what was Frankish Mansion. It was a huge mansion but it was located on a deserted side of Tokyo. There was literally no life for miles.

"This place is creepy," Mint pointed out, "We're supposed to believe that the Mew Aqua is in there?"

"Well if it is, then we know why we couldn't find it," Ryou responded, "Well lets go." He started walking towards the door. Kiiechiro and the girls followed. They all walked into the building. The door closed behind them.

"Hey," Ichigo called, tugging on the door, "It's locked now." Suddenly they all heard creaking coming from the the second floor in the mansion.

"Something else is here," Zakuro whispered. All the girls got into battle stances. Nothing came. The looked around the room.

"I guess it was nothing-" Ichigo started, when suddenly someone came crashing down the stairs. All the girls screamed. The figure stopped at the bottom of the staircase and looked up.

"Taruto na no da!" Pudding called. She ran to his aid, "Are you okay, Taru Taru na no da?" Pai and Kisshu appeared in front of the group.

"Ugh, way to go Taruto," Kisshu teased, "You totally gave us away!" Ryou glared at the aliens.

"Why are you three here?" He spat. Pai was the one who acknowledged him.

"Obviously for the same reason you are," he said, anger in his voice.

"Ichigo, there you are!" A voice called. Everyone turned, shocked, to see Masaya standing in the doorway of another room. He stared at everyone else just as confused.

"Masaya!" Ichigo called, "What...what are you doing here!"

"What do you mean?" he answered, "You left a note on my window to meet you here." Ichigo looked to Ryou, who then looked to Pai.

"I don't think there's any Mew Aqua here," Ryou announced slowly.

"Which means whoever left these notes," Pai continued.

"Set us all up!" Ichigo finished, "AND THE DOOR IS LOCKED!"

"Ichigo calm down!" Kisshu spoke up, smiling at her reaction. "Pai can blast right through that door if need be," he looked to Pai.

"Step back," Pai said, "Kuu Rai Sen!" Pai yelled throwing his wind attack towards the door. It collided with the door and everyone ducked at the crash. The all looked back but when the cloud of wind had dispersed the door was still up. "Impossible!" Pai whispered. Kisshu looked at him.

"Are you losing your mojo or something?" Pai shot Kisshu a death glare.

"Mews, you give it a try," Ryou suggested. He smirked at the chance to show Pai up. The Mews nodded and all transformed except Ichigo. Lettuce turned to her.

"Ichigo?" Lettuce turned and saw that Ichigo's eyes were locked on Masaya. "Ichigo, maybe after this you should tell him."

"But what if he doesn't accept it?" Ichigo asked.

"Ichigo, this is who you are,"Lettuce reminded her, "And if he can't accept it then he's proven to you yall aren't meant to be together." Ichigo looked at Mew Lettuce, smiled, and nodded.

"Mew Mew Strawberry," She called out, "Metamorphosis!" When the light disappeared Mew Ichigo stood confidently. Masaya stared at her shocked. "Okay girls, let's do this!"

"Ribbon Zakuro Spear!"

"Ribbon Pudding Inferno!"

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

"Ribbon Minto Echo!"

"Ribbon Strawberry Surprise!"

All their attacks merged as one and hit the door directly. They all flew back from the impact. Ichigo was the first to look up and see the door still standing. Masaya ran behind her.

"Ichigo are you okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah," Ichigo replied softly, "But now what?"

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