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Chapter 9: Defeated No More

Ichigo blinked as her surroundings changed. The atmosphere no longer burned her eyes, but it took awhile for them to adjust to the florescent lighted room. She looked to the side and saw Kisshu. His eyes were locked on Yito, who was now standing with another one of his kind. His eyes glowed green behind his hood.

"Who is this?" Kisshu asked, his voice, threatening. The thought of him not knowing what could happen next scared him. This could have been a trap, and they had walked right into it.

The alien that stood next to Yito removed his hood. "Kenji," he answered. There was a sense of worry in his voice. Ichigo sensed it.

"Is there a plan here?" Ichigo asked, eyeing Kenji, afraid that Kisshu had been correct and that they had waltzed right into a trap, just like before.

Yito stepped forward, "Defeat him."

"Who exactly is 'him'?" Taruto spoke up, "What are we up against here?"


Master sat in his chair, waiting. He didn't have to even guess what was taking place just down the corridor. He knew when he looked into Kenji's eyes. They had betrayed him. Yito, he knew that he would turn against him, but he thought he had Kenji whipped. Master shook his head with a smirk.

He underestimated Yito, he was able to convert Kenji, the one person that had worshipped Master at his own feet. He didn't know how Yito had done this, but he had. Now he was sure they had gather the remaining of the survivors, planning their assault, and sure that they had the element of surprise. They were wrong.

Master sat up in his chair. He was actually excited. He hadn't fought in awhile, and was completely prepared. All he needed now was to hear one footstep in that corridor and he would spring into an all out assault. Maybe he would make them suffer, toy with them for awhile. Yito, oh Yito, he would make Yito pay for what he had done, for his treachery, and he'd make Kenji grovel at his feet for forgiveness.

He'd make sure to finish this mission to the end.


Ichigo stood on the side clutching her heart. The others were trying to create a plan to take down Master. Ichigo was at first a part of the planning, but she had slowly taken herself away from the conversation and was thinking of her teammates.

This is for you guys, Ichigo thought, I promise, I won't lose.

"Ichigo?" Kisshu called to her.

Ichigo looked up and saw he was in front of her.

"Are you ready?" He asked her.

Ichigo nodded and looked to the others. All eyes were on her. She was the only Mew left, and for some reason, a symbol of hope. Ichigo called to her weapon and grasped it firmly in her hand.

"I'm ready," She stated confidently. Everyone nodded. Yito and Kenji led the way to the Master's room. Taruto followed and Ichigo took a step only to be stopped by Kisshu taking her hand. "Kisshu?" She whispered.

"I only wish," Kisshu started, "that we had more time. When we go in there, I'm not even sure we'll come back out."

"Kisshu, don't think like that," Ichigo pleaded, "We can do this."

"I know," Kisshu looked away, "All those times we wasted fighting," Kisshu trailed off and looked at Ichigo. He slowly lifted her chin and brought her lips to his. Ichigo closed her eyes and it was at that moment, that she felt at one with Kisshu. She had never imagined a moment like this would happen, but she was thankful it did.

Kisshu pulled away and his golden eyes burned into her. "Are you sure, you're ready?"

Ichigo nodded, "I am." She announced. Kisshu took her hand and they ran to catch up with the others.

They found Yito, Taruto, and Kenji standing in the corridor.

"It leads to him," Yito explained, "There's no turning back after this."

Taruto pulled out his clackers and stepped forward.

"Taruto!" Kisshu whispered loudly.

"Nothing will do from just standing here," Taruto responded, "This is for Pai and Pudding and all the others."

Kisshu ruffled Taruto's hair and smiled proudly down at him, "You're right." Taruto smiled at Kisshu's approval and nodded before gathering up his courage and storming into the chamber, with the rest behind him.


Master's ears perked up at the sound of charging footsteps. What idiots. He thought to himself. Do they believe they can simply charge at him? Master shook his was as if they weren't even trying to surprise him. Do they think he is weak? That they did not even have to prepare an assault tactic to defeat him? That he was not worth the elemonet of surprised. Angrily, Master summoned a spear, calculated, and threw the sharp instrument as the approaching footsteps.

"Do not underestimate me!"


"Do not underestimate me!"

The words filled the dry air, before Taruto felt a sharp pang of pain in his chest. At first he felt nothing after the initial pain, then he looked down the see a wooden rod buried into his chest.

"Hmph," Master smirked.

"Taruto!" Kisshu yelled, staring in unbelief at the spearhead coming out of his last teammate's back.

Taruto turned to look at Kisshu before dropping to his knees, coughing up blood. Kisshu was immediately behind him, holding his friend in his arms.

"Taruto!" Kisshu whispered loudly. He wiped the blood from Taruto mouth. "Just hold on."

"I'm sorry Kisshu," Taruto whispered. He looked up at Ichigo who had tears forming in her eyes. "It's up to you two now." Taruto breathed slowly, "Kisshu…I—"

"I know, Taruto," Kisshu whispered, "I do too." Kisshu looked down at the short, little alien. Taruto gave a small smile, before his eyes drifted completely closed, and his smile faded away. Kisshu felt his tears fall, and watched them land on Taruto's cheek. Kisshu eyes narrowed as she watched Taruto's clackers rise from his hip and float to a small, round table in the center of the room. Master stood there and watched the clackers set gently across the table, next to the fan.

"Only two more to go," Master declared, looking between Ichigo and Kisshu.

Kisshu gently laid Taruto onto the floor, and rose to his feet.

"Over my dead body," Kisshu hissed, calling for his weapons.

"That's exactly what I had in mind," Master whispered, cynically. He raised his arms slowly towards the heavens.

The room became dark, and the ground began to shake. Bolts of lightening shot through the air being a dangerous source of light.

Ichigo's legs began to tremble. She could see nothing. She frantically searched for Kisshu, when a bolt of lightning exploded right in front of her. She fell back blinded by the light. She couldn't see anything.

"Weakling," she heard Master's voice pour over her.

Her eyes shot open and she saw him standing in front of her clear as day. She narrowed her eyes at him. She sprung upwards towards him. Master immediately surprised by her sudden burst of sight, stepped backwards, unknowingly, into Kisshu. Kisshu slashed his back with one of his dragon swords. He winced in pain. Ichigo called to her Strawberry Bell.

"Ribbon Strawberry Surprise!" Ichigo yelled, shooting a bright light towards Master.

The Master fell to his knees, his arms trembling under his own weight. Ichigo and Kisshu watched as his entire body hit the floor with a thud. He laid there motionless as heavy breathes escaped his mouth.

"I don't believe it," Kenji whispered to Yito, at the quick fall of their master.

Master's breath became quick and short turning steadily into a crazed laughed. Ichigo stared down in absolute horror at his crackling laugh. It mocked them, it drove her crazy. Her bones began to ache, and she felt sick to her stomach.

Master slowly rose from his position on the floor still laughing. His eyes were a bloodshot red and he looked absolutely deranged.

"You think you can defeat me so easily?" Master laughed at the two. "You dare insult me with your insolence?"

The room began to shake uncontrollably. Debris and chunks of ceiling began to fall down from the heavens. Kisshu latched onto Ichigo's arm and pulled her towards her, a chunk of plaster nearly impaling her.

"He's gone mad!" Yito called from the doorway. "This place will collapse on itself! We must leave!"

"Yito, you traitor!" Master called, "You're not going anywhere!" His hand shot out towards Yitoand the doorway fell in on itself, crushing Yukio in the process.

"Yito!" Kenji ran to his partner's aid.

Yito tried to lift his head towards Kenji. His body from the waist down was buried underneath metal debris. Blood seeped out from underneath him and he gave Kenji one last glance before his head hit the ground and his eyes shut forever.


Kenji shuddered as the Master called his name.

"I'll forgive your treachery, now that Yito is gone." Master's voice collided with Kenji's ears. "Join me again, Kenji! Pledge your loyalty to me."

Kenji turned to look at him. Master looked like some wild animal only focused on bloodlust. It seemed so long ago that Kenji adored this man, and would have given anything to be apart of his team.

"No." Kenji said calmly.

"What did you say to me?" Master yelled furiously.

"You're not the man I pledged my loyalty to," Kenji stepped forward, "I don't know who you are, but I refuse to work for someone like you!"

Master narrowed his eyes at Kenji. "Then die you defiant leech!" Master screeched before sending a sword hurdling towards Kenji. It stabbed him directly in the heart and there was a sickening thud as it nailed him to the wall behind him. Blood ran down his chin before his head became limp.

"No more holding back!" Master's voice boomed throughout the room like thunder. Energy seemed to surge from his body. The room began to shake and cracks formed throughout the entire room.

"Ichigo, move!" Kisshu pushed her forward as the floor began to rumble. All the exits were blocked and there was no way out. Kisshu held onto Ichigo's arm as the dodged falling objects and cracks forming in the ground. Suddenly a huge chunk of the ground in front of Ichigo caved in, leaving a gap. "Ichigo, jump!" Kisshu ordered.

Ichigo hesitantly jumped over the bottomless pit before her barely making it. Kisshu ran and jumped over it, but midway through a black hand shot out through the hole, clutching Kisshu in its grasp.

"Kisshu!" Ichigo called, reaching out to him. She turned to see Master's arm raised as if he was clutching something himself.

"Stay back!" Kisshu warned as the arm continued to stretch higher slamming Kisshu into the remaining ceiling and then dragging him down into the depths of the hole.

"Please, stop!" Ichigo begged, but Kisshu was already out of her sights. Tears stung her eyes as she gazed in unbelief at the hole. "Kisshu?" She called, before dropping to her knees. She shut her eyes. No…No…NO! Her eyes shot open. "Kisshu!" She screamed, "Please, don't leave me." She banged her fists against the ground, "Don't leave me!" Tears streamed don't here face. "Come back! Come back!" She sobbed into the shaking earth. "KISSHU!" She screamed in an ear-shattering voice that seemed to stop time, and for a second she thought she did. The floor stopped shaking, and it was peaceful all around her, except for the steady footsteps walking towards her. She looked up through tear-stained eyes and saw the Master walking towards her sword drawn.

"Let's end this," he whispered.

Ichigo turned away. "Do whatever you wish," She sobbed. "Nothing matters anymore. Everyone is gone."

Master raised his sword. Ichigo closed her eyes and clasped her pendant in her hand.

"I'm sorry, everyone."

Master grunted as he brought his sword down, ready to end the pink mew's life. As his blade was about to connect with her head, a bright light engulfed her, forming a barrier that the sword could not penetrate. Ichigo looked up in shock at the glowing shield that was protecting her from Master's wrath. The energy from the shield threw the Master back into a wall. He slunk to the ground at looked up. The glowing light began to dissipate into four separate beings and formed the other Mews.

Ichigo's eyes widened at the glowing forms before her. "Everyone," she whispered.

"Ichigo, don't be stupid like this!" Mint spoke.

"Don't give up on yourself," Zakuro chimed in.

"You've come too far to give up now, na no da," Pudding pleaded.

"Ichigo, we'll always be with you," Lettuce spoke softly, "You'll never have to fight alone."

"Impossible!" The Master called from the wall, "Y-You're all dead!"

The pendants that lay abandoned upon the Master's table floated towards the glowing Mews.

"Take our powers, Ichigo," Mint called.

"We'll do this together," Lettuce smiled.

Them Mews became one giant light again, and entered inside of Ichigo's pendant. Their pendants floated up and formed a circle around Ichigo.

"Everyone," Ichigo breathed, "I can feel your presence inside me."

The Master climbed to his feet. "It's a trick! I'll finish you now!"

Ichigo narrowed her eyes before jumping into the air. "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" She called, and she swore she heard Lettuce's voice echoing in her own throat. Lettuce's pendant glowed and shot a spiraling wave of water towards the shocked alien. When the water disappeared he laid there staring up at her in amazement.

"Where did this power come from?" He breathed.

"I'm not even done yet!" Ichigo cried through gritted teeth. "Ribbon Zakuro Spear!"

Zakuro's pendant burst into a purple glow before shooting out a purple whip that stunned the Master, as it slashed against it back.

"No," He coughed up blood, "This isn't happening."

"Ribbon Pudding Inferno!" Ichigo's voice rang through the room.

The Master didn't even turn to see the attack as it hit him dead on. He was collected in a substance of yellow gelatin.

Ichigo landed in front of him. His eyes became slits and he glared at her.

"This changes nothing!" He yelled, "All your friends are still gone! All of them."

"Ribbon Minto Echo!" Ichigo called angrily. An arrow pierced through the Master's chest. The pudding inferno disappeared and his body fell to the ground, his blood staining it.

The pendants all dropped to the floor one by one. The atmosphere changed. Ichigo looked up and she was standing in front of the front door of Frankish Mansion. Everything evaporated as if it was some sick dream.

But it wasn't a dream, and she knew that. She had lost everything and everyone who she had ever cared for.

"Ichigo!" A voice cried out to her. She quickly turned around ready to strike, when a small pink, fur ball buried its face into her chest.

"Ichigo! Ichigo!" Masha cried. "You're back!"

Ichigo hugged the small fluff ball as tears appeared in her eyes.

"You're right, Masha," Ichigo whispered, "I am back."

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