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Daisuke: YO!.I just wanna say I love all of you who support me and ken..


Daisuke: And also, I wanna thank god for giving me cute and adorable..


Daisuke: ..sweet and angelic..strong, kind-hearted and beautiful..



Ken: (blush) Oh daisuke...

Daisuke: Ken..I want you now..

Ken: Oh daisuke...

(They make out in a corner)

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In Sickness and In Health

I sighed again as my poor ken-chan continued to sneeze and cough harshly into the small, white cloth known as tissue.

He had sadly caught the flu on the day of our date and was to be in bed for an entire week.

'And I had been looking to ask Ken on the date..oh well' I thought sadly, sighing for the hundredth time that day.

"Dai-chan, I'm so sorry for having to cancel our date because I'm sick..please forgive me" Ken said, after disposing of the mucus filled tissue.

"Don't worry, it's no big deal...all that matters is that you get well and not worry your pretty little head of yours" I reasurred him.

He didn't look convinced so I pulled him in an embrace.

He protested of course but I was only concentrating on the soft, gentle tone of his voice instead of the words.

He admitted defeat when I didn't let go after his rant and relaxed in my arms.

"What the?" Ken said, looking ruffled a bit but cute as always.

He stared down on the ring that I slipped on his finger, eyes widening slightly and having a little trouble with breathing right.

"That's what I was going to give you on our date...it seemed like the perfect time then but now...is the most perfect time to ask you..,"

Ken looked up tears in his eyes and his hand covering his mouth.

"Ken...you are beautiful and perfect in every way to me..I would'nt have asked for a better lover...what I am saying is ken, you're my everything and I want to be with you all my life so, will you marry me?"

Ken burst into tears and tackled me to the ground, kissing me with all his heart and replying 'yes' a thousand times but I was too out of it and happy at that moment to reply or kiss back ever since I heard the first 'yes' come from those pefect lips of his.

The end.

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