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The first sensation that returned to Susannah was pain, skull-splitting pain. She groaned and turned her head, flinching back to her original position when she touched a sensitive bump. Her eyes opened a smidge, blinded by a white light. Her eyes stayed squinted for a few seconds, and the light dimmed somewhat and new shapes became recognizable to Susannah. Her eyes cleared and she saw a small light that shone directly into her face. She started to lift her hand to block the light, but cold steel cut into her wrist. Susannah looked down and saw her hands were held down to the arms of her chair by handcuffs. She pulled at them, the cuffs clanking as she struggled to move her arms.

Susannah looked around, twisting her head about the seat. She was on a plane, a small one judging by the lack of noise pollution. She was strapped into the window seat, she peered out the window and saw an unrecognizable landscape below her. She looked towards the other side of the plane, there were four empty seats. The seat beside her was empty and it looked like one of the chairs in front of her lacked an occupant. The other diagonal seat, meanwhile, had a all too familiar red hat was resting on the corner of the headrest, only slightly obscuring the straight black hair. Susannah tried to position her legs in order to kick Alucard's seat, however she couldn't move her knees towards the seat. So she sufficed with just kicking the back of the seat in front of her.

"Why the hell do you have me handcuffed?" Susannah yelled, giving the chair in front of her another kick. Claire's head popped up from the seat, her hands cupping the top of the headrest.

"Susannah! You're awake!" she disappeared for a brief nanosecond before she dove into the seat beside Susannah, throwing her arms around Susannah's shoulders. She squeezed her for a few seconds before she pulled away from her. "What were you thinking?" Susannah avoided Claire's eyes, focusing instead on Alucard's seat, trying to kick the corner of it.

"Why am I handcuffed?" She struggled against the cuffs, the bite of metal digging into her wrists.

"Susan, Susan, stop that!" Claire grabbed Susannah's hands, holding them down against the armrest. Susannah looked down at Claire's hands, noticing the bandage around Claire's left wrist. Susannah narrowed her eyes.

"What happened?" Claire followed Susannah's gaze and her eyes widened slightly before she moved her hand out of sight.

"Nothing! Nothing, just an accident," Claire said, looking away from Susannah for a second before she glared at Susannah, a thin frown forming on her lips. "More importantly, why did you leave?"

"What makes you think I left willingly?" Claire tilted her head, narrowing her eyes. Susannah sighed and let her head hang low. "I wanted to go home," she said in a soft voice.

"But Iscariot? Really, are you stupid?" Susannah let out a single laugh.

"Yeah, yeah. They didn't seem like back-stabbing dicks at the time… I thought it was the best option." Claire's eyes softened a bit, her eyebrows upturning.

"But… but you left me," she twiddled her thumbs together, looking to the left of Susannah.

"I-I was going to get you later, I swear! They said…" Susannah's voice dropped off, then she turned towards the window. Both girls were hushed for a few minutes. Susannah turned away from the window and looked at Claire from the side. "I'm sorry, I'm so very, very sorry. I acted like an asshole and I was so stupid and I don't know what I put you through. I can't say this enough, I am sorry," Susannah glanced over at Claire. Claire just looked into Susannah's eyes, focusing on one pupil and then the other, hardly moving. She closed her eyes and sandwiched Susannah's hand with her own.

"It's a start," Claire said, holding Susannah's hand. Susannah's eyes were drawn to the bandage again. Her fingers grabbed ahold of the material and she pulled, the bandage slipping down Claire's wrist. Claire tried to pull her hand away, but Susannah grabbed ahold of it and turned it over, inspecting it. She saw the swollen skin that squeezed tight on the bright red line that slid across her wrist.

"What the hell is this Claire?"

"Nothing, I told you an acciden-"

"This is no accident! What happened?" Susannah's eyes flashed. "It was Alucard, that fucking bastard, I am going to kill him!" Susannah kicked his seat, his body shifted and he stood up, looming over the two girls.

"What are you accusing me of, swine?" Alucard said, his red eyes glaring at Susannah. Susannah struggled against the handcuffs, shifting her wrists to try and slip them out. She rose a little in her seat and shook her arms, trying to break the cuffs.

"You hurt my sister, you parasite!" Claire held up her hands between the two of them.

"No, Alucard didn't do this," she said, turning to Susannah completely, but still having a hand out towards Alucard.

"She gave herself up willing, you dog." Alucard said, baring his teeth in a smirk. Susannah stopped and looked at Claire, who bit her lower lip. She changed her glance from Claire to Alucard and back again.

"Why?" she said with a much softer voice. Claire opened her mouth but Alucard interrupted her.

"To ensure I had enough strength to retrieve your pathetic ass."

"Alucard! Stop it!" Claire said, turning her face towards him. Susannah slunk back into her chair, staring down at her feet. Her mouth opened, but it closed immediately afterwards. Alucard walked off, and Claire turned back to Susannah. Claire stared at her hands, clasping them together before she placed her right hand on Susannah's left hand. Susannah bit her lower lip.

"I-I'm so sorry, so, so sorry."

The plane landed safely back in the fields of Hellsing Manor. Susannah was still in handcuffs, despite Claire's pleads, escorted by Pip back to Sir Integra's office. They walked into the cold room and a cry echoed throughout the room. Mrs. Gale rushed up to Susannah and pulled her into a tight embrace, running her hand through Susannah's hair.

"Susannah, sweet Susannah," Mrs. Gale touched Susannah face and kissed her on the forehead and her cheeks. Susannah's eyes widened, glimmering from new tears. She buried her face into her mother's shoulder, crying a little.

"M-mom?" Susannah blinked her eyes but they were still overflowing with tears.

"Yes, honey, I'm here, I'm here," Mrs. Gale said, rubbing small circles on Susannah's back.

"But, h-how-"

"She fell through the portal a few days ago, around the time when you left," Integra said from behind her desk, placing her cigar on the wood surface. Susannah looked over at her and stiffened her shoulders before staring at her feet. Mrs. Gale shifted her hold on Susannah, hugging her arm rather than her chest. Pip led Susannah closer to the desk, until she was only a few feet from Integra. Integra stared at Susannah, without changing the hard expression on her face. "You have caused an enormous security breach in our organization and furthered hostilities with the Vatican." Susannah sucked on her lower lip, refusing to look up at Integra. "You not only put my employees at work, but the entire nation." Integra slammed on her desk and Susannah flinched. "Do you know how serious this is?" Susannah nodded, glancing up at Integra during this gesture of compliance.

"Y-yeah," she said, her voice shaking.

"Then you realize you will be punished for this," Integra said. Susannah nodded again. Integra picked up her cigar and took a puff before she continued. "Normally this would result in life-imprisonment or death." Susannah flinched. "But given the circumstances, once we do find a way to reverse the portals we will let you go." Susannah nodded, staring back down at her feet. "Pip, take her to her room and keep two guards positioned out of her door at all times. She is not to leave for any conditions."

"What? You can't do that!" Mrs. Gale said, grabbing ahold of Susannah's arm. Susannah turned to her, standing between her and Sir Integra.

"No, no. It's okay, its punishment remember," Susannah said, giving her a small smile. "It is supposed to suck."

"B-but," Mrs. Gale said, taking Susannah's cheek in her hand.

"You can still visit her, Mrs. Gale. That is all I can allow," Integra said, blowing smoke in a circle in front of her. Susannah leaned her head on her mother's shoulder and a peck on her cheek.

"I'll be fine," Susannah said, kissing her mom on her forehead by standing a little of her tiptoes. Then she walked away with Pip, her last look around the Manor until she would leave back to her home. Pip closed the door behind her and she leaned against the door as it locked with a loud click.

Susannah sat in her barricaded room, staring at the wall. She took a glance at the clock. Twelve forty-two. She stood up and sat on her bed, willing herself to get sleepy but not succeeding. She had the urge to get up and pace, but that would only make her more awake. So she just leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, breathing slowly. She felt her heart slowing down, her mind winding itself down, preparing for time spent sleeping. Then a mass took ahold of her face, pulling her down to her bed. She screamed, but it was muffled. She squeezed her eyes shut out of habit, hoping this was just some nightmare. But the intense pressure on her face told her this was indeed reality; she forced her eyes open and saw Alucard looming over her. He had a frown on his face and his eyes were narrowed, the red shining through slits in the darkness of the room.

"So this is all the punishment you get," Alucard looked around the room for a second before tilting his head at Susannah, who struggled underneath his frame. "Just house arrest. No, oh no, no, no," Alucard's hand trailed down Susannah's face and down to her neck. Susannah shuddered and her heart beat against her ribcage, her brain running at fifty miles a hour as it thought of all the horrors that could happen. "Swine like you deserve much worse. Real punishment," Alucard took his free hand and grabbed Susannah's right hand. Susannah's eyes widened and she tried to free herself from his grasp. With a quick flick of his hand her wrist shattered in two, paining spreading throughout her body in one wave. Susannah cried out, tears spilling out the corners of her eyes. She moaned and cried some more as Alucard let the now broken hand to land heavily at her side. He got up close to her face, letting one of his hands to rest on her neck, squeezing slightly. "Next time, it will be your neck," he said before he faded to black. Susannah bit her lower lip and cradled her broken arm, letting out whimpers as she walked to her door, banging on it with her good hand.

"H-help. I-I th-think I-I br-broke my wrist."

So a very uneventful chapter, more like the conclusion of this arc. This story has gotten so much darker than I ever intended it to be XD But it is fun and I will be sure to make another installment next week, probably not the same time(I don't coordinate my life to the minute) but definitively the same place :P And I know that there were requests for Susannah torture, but I can't do more than this without having her killed or scarred for the rest of her life. I hope this suffices you enough, otherwise I might write an alternative chapter later on if I ever feel mad enough at Susannah.